favourite readers of the mods (anyone x reader) please <333 i would love to see which readers you guys found amazing

Mod Readers 1 Mod Readers 2


Again, anything by either  h-jonesy or kelseywritesthings !


Reader Insert

Break In by atopachievement

Part 01 02 03 04 04.5 05 06 07

Summary: Your apartment was robbed and you got clobbered in the process. Ray lives below you and is one of your good friends so he takes care of you. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 20,095 - Complete


You Gotta Be Kitten Me by iamsunflaash

Summary: "Hey, wake up." Adam says, gently shaking you. You grumble into the pillow and burrow deeper into the covers. Adam/Reader  [F]

WC: 686

Jealousy by ladymogar

Summary: reader and adam are good friends, and they’re kinda verging on relationship and girls keep coming up and asking for pictures, and reader’s fine with it, because it’s part of the job right? but one girl steps over the line in some way, and Reader is jealous but doesn’t want to look stupid, but eventually breaks and tells how much she likes him Adam/Reader  [F]

WC: 2,421


First Date by gussorolex

Summary: The Reader goes on their first date with Adam. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,092

You Gotta be Kitten Me by iamsunflaash  

Summary: Adam decides to gift you a kitten. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 686


The first fic I read in this fandom!

Is This How It Starts by gumpielittlegeck  

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Summary: Gavin meets a girl at RTX and is smitten with her. Generic, sure. But it’s cutesy. Gavin/Reader [F]

WC: 9,440  - Discontinued

Sad Fics 1 Sad Fics 2


Numbers by Deannachu

Summary: Based loosely off of the book “Numb3rs” by Rachel Ward, Michael has the ability to see the exact date that someone is going to die in their eyes. He avoids relationships with people he knows are going to die young, but when he unexpectedly falls for Gavin Free, everything changes.

WC: 5,061

T: Character Death

Say Something by kindofakat

Summary: Gavin is dead and Michael is left leaving hopeless voicemails.

WC: 2,801

T: Character Death

Ray/Gavin (One-Sided)

Your Heart’s A Fickle Thing (But It Belongs To Me) by geekyartchick

Summary: “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

WC: 1,140

Ryan/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

Free Love by Sammiannnz

Summary: When Ryan’s in a car accident, Gavin’s called into the hospital and things just go from bad to worse until Gavin’s left picking up the pieces.

WC: 6,336

T: Character Death

Let the flood of tears commence. - Tea.


Do you have any fics involving vampires? If not, any OT3 fics with freewood + 1 other AH member would be great <3

OT3 Freewood 1 OT3 Freewood 2

I don’t think there are any recent vampire fics, at least I can’t seem to find any! It’s a bit old, but you can check out our masterlist here. However, for OT3 Freewood+1 I can help you out there!


Slow Start to Making a New Friend by bloopsiedaisy

Summary: "Meg, I seriously don’t think this is such a good idea."

WC: 1,342

Charmed by lieutenantkaidanalenko

Summary: "So how did it go?"

WC: 1,484

Lured by lieutenantkaidanalenko

Summary: "Talk about hanging out with Ryan after work, huh?"

WC: 1,563

street michael? preferably longer ot6 fics? if you can't find street michael then just long ot6 fics w/ no hybrids, zombie au, etc. thank u ily all


Helter Skelter by larziepan

Part 01 

Summary: When it came to the office, Michael considered his past a “need to know” and there weren’t many people who needed to know.

WC: 822 - WIP


Switchblade by ephemeraldichotomy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Summary: AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. When he meets the AH crew, he learns that there might actually be more to life than just surviving.

WC: 35,312 - WIP

The Right Road by ragesappy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Summary: AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. However, when the AH gang gets themselves in trouble, Michael’s life gets completely turned on its head.

WC: 22,130 - Complete


A Second Chance at Hope by letsplaytheend


Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Summary: Once hope is dashed, it is a hard trait to recover.  Though with second chances anything is possible. Oh, and a big ol’ teddy bear named Burnie Burns helps too.

WC: 38,064 - Complete

- Ra

are there any juggey pegging fics out there? can't find one and i need one like air to breathe. thanks!!


Some Things Just Make Sense (And One of those Is You and I) by quackingfish

Summary: "Juggey . Pegging. That’s it. That’s the prompt. If you want to include choking…I wouldn’t be…totally…against it…"

WC: 1,307

Take Down by bunceglackbooshglaowbip

Summary: A suggestion, then a bet, then a fulfillment. Though to be fair, it was pretty much the same way everything in their relationship happened.

WC: 5,086

Michael/Lindsay + Geoff/Griffon/Gavin

Morbid Curiosity and Voyeurism by Masked Player

Summary: Lindsay finds out that Geoff and Griffon keep Gavin around as their boy toy. Griffon invites Lindsay over for a playdate to watch. Lindsay tells Michael all about it, which sparks his curiosity in what sex with Geoff Ramsey and Gavin Free is like.

WC: 4,272 - WIP

- Tabs

Any GIlby/Reader (M or F) or Reader/AHOT6? (Or any new readers at all, really, I am happy with anything)

Reader Insert

New Hardware by kelseywritesthings

Summary: It’s been a while since you and Adam have seen each other face to face, and in that time you have picked up some interesting new piercings. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 2,548

Jealousy by ladymogar

Summary: Reader and Adam are good friends, and they’re kinda verging on relationship and girls keep coming up and asking for pictures, and reader’s fine with it, because it’s part of the job right? But one girl steps over the line in some way, and Reader is jealous but doesn’t want to look stupid, but eventually breaks and tells how much she likes him. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 2,421

Girl, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me Crazy by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: GilbyRanger: Morning (Y/N): Why do you do that? GilbyRanger: Do what… (Y/N): Send me Skype messages even though we’re in the same office. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,043

Waiting for This by rt-readerinserts

Summary: You spend a day with Adam, being lazy and snuggling. Adam/Reader [N]

WC: 917

First Date by gussorolex

Summary: The Reader goes on their first date with Adam. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,092

Jealousy by gussorolex

Summary: The reader flirts with Joel, and Adam gets jealous. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 659

Love Me Again by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: Parties with the Rooster Teeth staff were always the best. Full of alcohol, close friends and no one who really judge you. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,229

This Was Much Better by chaos0rder

Summary: RTX did tend to take it’s toll on you and the boys but today was ridiculous. AH/Reader [N]

WC: 789

-Jyn and The A Team

Hey, I was wondering if there is any new Joelxreader or AdamxReader? :)

Reader Insert

Tricky Beans by kelseywritesthings

Summary: Some of the members of AH are going on vacation, so of course you did the nice thing and volunteered some time to see if you could go through old unreleased videos and see what you could put out for them. You just weren’t entirely aware of how much time you’d have to put in. Thank god for coffee and jelly beans. Joel/Reader [N]

WC: 1,827

Under Pressure by jolheyman

Summary: You’re stressed beyond belief, and Joel is there to comfort you. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 903

Lazy Morning by jolheyman

Summary: You and Joel have no intention of getting out of bed today, so you just lay there cuddling. Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 449

You Can’t Stop Us by rt-readerinserts

Summary: You travel to your parent’s house to let them know that you’re in a polyamorous relationship. Joel/Reader/Adam [F]

WC: 1,073

- ♥ Tats and Ave

  · If Only in My Dreams

Michael/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

Author: cherryrosetart

Summary: Gavin Free just turned sixteen and is plagued with dreams that leave him wet in the pants when he wakes up.

WC: 17,081

Thank you for the submission!

any new femslash? literally any pairing? fluff? smut? girly things? <3

Here’s what I got! Enjoy!


One More Night by reallysweetsass

Summary: The silence from before had descended again, and it followed Barbara like a heavy black cloud all the way to the door until she rested her hand on the door knob and threw a ray of light at it. “I love you, Lindsay.”

WC: 3,010

Thanksgiving Goddess by funris

Summary: Women are goddesses in every aspect of their lives. When they pick their nose in the bathroom, when they wake up in the morning and awkwardly wipe drool away from the corner of their mouth, they are beings of Ultimate Grace and Propriety. Except, y’know. When they really, really aren’t.



Girl Crush by kittyanonymity

Summary: Lindsay couldn’t remember the last time she’d had such a huge girl crush. Not one like this anyway. 

WC: 1,798


Rather Be by skeletonavenue

Summary: When I am with you, there’s no place I’d rather be.

WC: 1,989

Contact Explosive (The Figure of Sensitivity) by ReasonableDaemonette

Summary: Some people think Yang is immune to pain. Others have seen Yang use the pain. Blake knows Yang relishes the pain.

WC: 1,844

- Heather

Any new mavin? Preferably au's c:


Don’t Forget to Breathe by ohmavin

Summary: At first, Gavin is alone. Then he isn’t. Then he hates that he isn’t alone — then he doesn’t. His entire life goes from being a walking punching bag, to slowly falling for the one person to ever stand up for him. And all this is, is just a light summary of how he came to meet the love of his life at the tender age of seventeen.

WC: 7,362

T: Abuse

I Know You’re Somewhere Out There by ashthing
Summary: Everyone has a soul mate and on their eighteenth birthday their soul mate’s name will appear somewhere on their body. Gavin wakes up on his eighteenth birthday to find Michael’s name on the back of his hand, but as the years pass, he doesn’t think he will ever find him.


Falling into Place by ohmavin

Summary: Michael and Gavin meeting for the first time after carrying a long distance relationship for almost two years.

WC: 3,124

I Don’t Care What He Looks Like by littleconan

Summary: Soulmate AU based off the song 6’2. Where when you turn 18 you go to a store and choose a special charm that will help you find your person.

WC: 2,652

Teenage Dirtbag by michaeljxnes

Summary: Michael and Gavin have very, very little in common. Gavin’s popular. Michael isn’t. But sadly, that doesn’t stop Michael from liking the British dork.

WC: 1,489

Snakes and Lions by maximilliandelirium

Summary: A temperamental Gryffindor and an annoying Slytherin walk into a Herbology classroom…

WC: 3,493


Got any AH Assassin's Creed fics? No ship, if it is possible. Thank you!!


Achievement Hunter’s Creed by Nicknakmess

Summary: John Pettit is a master assassin within the city of Boston, Massachusetts. And once friction begins between the colonists and the British empire, he realizes he’ll need more than just himself to take down such a force. Not only have tensions begun to rise, but a trouble from John’s past may also be bubbling to the surface. Based on if the AH guys were in the AC3 world.

WC: 36, 339 - Discontinued

Reader Insert

Forever by randomerey

Summary: They say that when you find your soul mate, nothing can go wrong.

They say that when you find your soul mate, everything is perfect.

They say that when you find your soulmate, it feels like you were broken and just got fixed.

They say you can only have one.

They lied. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 655 - Discontinued

- Ronnie

Teacher x Student

Found some Freewood Teacher/Student for you!! <3



Teacher’s Pet by Rainistorm

Summary: Ryan is a fresh, new teacher, and he’s both nervous and excited for his first class ever. Things get more complicated when a rude, sarcastic student named Gavin takes a liking to him, and Ryan can’t help but notice how attractive he is.

WC: 4,167 - Complete

Untitled by jamesbabewood

Summary: Gavin’s eyes shot up at the sound, now paying full attention to his teacher at the front of the room. A blush crept up on his face when he saw the man who’d be teaching him all year.

WC: 1,355


Can Ryan replace my University professors this semester? - Path

Any Joel/Adam?

Joel/Adam (One-Sided)

Turn off the Lights by grayhaddock

Summary: After spending the day with Jack at the track and meeting Vettel, Joel had invited Adam back to his place.

WC: 586


Outlast the Night by teaandotherstuff 

Summary: It took far too long to get it organised. There weren’t many authentic haunted houses or asylums in Austin, surprisingly, most of them created off the back of someone wanting to earn a quick buck. Apparently people lapped up the idea of the supernatural, and getting scared shitless.

That was the real kicker.

WC: 3,334

T: Gore

Nap Buddies by micoolandvav 

Summary:  Joel and Adam aren’t so prepared for the lack of sleep that their horror game Let’s Play’s bring them, so they solve it with naps.

WC: 1,341

The Fort by mlchaeijones 

Summary:  Joel and Adam build a pillow fort together. Total fluff. I’ll link to the tweets later. Real creative title, I know.

WC: 992

- Jyn

Any new AU's uvu ty, big fan btw <3

New AU 1 New AU 2


Prey by collective-screaming


Summary: Since the Hybrid Change Ray can’t help but be wary of predator hybrids, and Jack can’t help but make things worse.

WC: 2,324


I Don’t Like Coffee (But I Do Like the Barista) by iamthatmonster

Summary: On a random college off day, Barbara decides to drag Gavin around with her. Their first stop is a coffee shop, and Gavin accidentally falls for the barista.

WC: 2,634

Surviving Space by thegilgamesh

Summary: Space au where Michael and Gavin are a unit, they explore new planets, sometimes answer distress calls and find themselves in odd situations.

WC: 983

Miles fic that ISNT lunacross?

Miles 1 Miles 2

Here you go!


Maybe, Just Maybe (Okay Definitely) by OakTreeDruid

Summary: Between work on RWBY and RVB Miles can’t afford being unable to focus. So maybe, just maybe (okay definitely) he takes more Adderall than is recommended. But it’s okay because he needs it to focus.

WC: 2,477

T: Substance Abuse


Bane of my Existence by jazzy03

Summary: Miles wears his Bane mask and Gavin thinks he’s a big dork.

WC: 468


One for the Books by SparklesWrites

Summary: Jones? Miles never called Michael, Jones unless it was something serious.

WC: 1,620