· You Gotta Be Kitten Me

Reader Insert

Author: cheesepizzawinkyface

Summary: "Hey, wake up." Adam says, gently shaking you. You grumble into the pillow and burrow deeper into the covers. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 686

Thank you for the submission!

  · Do You Know What They Say About Eternity?


Author: ergo_existence

Summary: Well I can tell you that I did find it (I even made a first verse just for you) but here’s my chorus. I want you to know that I don’t believe in miracles I was apart of a prophecy: I just wonder how you became infinite

WC: 13,670

Thank you for the submission!

Any new readers? Preferably something pertaining to superheroes but if not that's cool too

Sorry to say there is nothing new in the Reader Insert Superhero front. Here are some lovely other reader though :D

Reader Insert

Reassurance by gussorolex

Summary: The Reader’s friends tease her and Brandon during CAH with mixed results. Brandon/Reader [N]

WC: 521

Untitled by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: Two miserable people at a wedding. Brandon/Reader [N]

WC: 279

You Shall Pass by kelseywritesthings


Summary: After ‘borrowing’ your neighbors internet he comes over to confront you.  Chris/Reader [F]

WC: 2,381

Chris, Chris, Chris and I by ragequitdean

Summary: “Hi, my name is Chris!” The man stood up and held out a hand. You took it and introduced yourself before sitting. “So, um, what brings you to speed dating?” Chris/Reader [F]

WC: 395

Drunken Words are Sober Thoughts by jolheyman

Summary: A night of bevs leads to a confession from Miles. Miles/Reader [N]

WC: 576

Building Blocks by ragequitdean

Summary: “THOSE ARE THE RULES, SONIC!” Oh, not again… “You gotta go fast!” Miles/Reader [N]

WC: 600

♥ Tats

Rvb reader inserts please! :)

Someone asked for Smut ones, so the first two are kinda smutty! Enjoy!

Reader Insert

Kiss It, Make it Better by Mai Blade

Summary: You stared down at the canyon. It was like a box with an open top, and there were two bases, one on either end of the canyon for Red and Blue. Caboose/Reader [F]

WC: 5,442

Dizzy Hurricane by redvsblueimagines

Summary: The bumpy road bounces you up and down inside the Warthog. Normally this wouldn’t faze you. Simmons/Reader [F]

WC: 935

Milk and Cookies by redvsblueimagines

Summary: “See you later, Maine. You did good today.” Agent York’s voice echoed from outside, followed by a low grunt. Maine/Reader [N]

WC: 341

Protective Much by redvsblueimagines

Summary: You always tried to flirt with Grif, but whenever you tried, his superior officer always interrupted with a “Grif! Simmons needs you! Again!” Grif/Reader [F]

WC: 357

A Crush by redvsblueimagines

Summary: “Dude, they like you. Just ask them out already,” North drawls. “But, how can you be sure?” “I have a sibling, Wash. I’m a little bit more than sure,” Washington/Reader [N]

WC: 621


-  Tats

Soulmate 1 Soulmate 2



The Numbers Say Zero by kenezbian 

Summary: Dan and Ray like each other, but their soulmate counters say otherwise.

WC: 1,034


Untitled by remember-the-mole  

Summary: Sometimes, your soulmate sucks. Sometimes, your soulmate would probably be better suited for someone else, but no, the goddamn world said that the angriest asshole on the planet should be paired with the world’s most stubborn egomaniac.

WC: 494



Said in Full by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Geoff knew all of the Achievement Hunter’s full names.

WC: 1,001


Soulmates Versus Love by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Ryan had never really put much faith in the whole soul mate thing.

WC: 948

- The Team


Jack x Reader? Ryan x Reader? or Ryack??


Little Cupcake by emjellybean


Summary: Jack and Ryan are coworkers at a bakery and both like each other. Jack wants to ask him out, but can’t figure out how. Will he be able to do it?

WC: 890

Twig Structures by thisandthensome


Summary: When Ryan was a lad, he met an unusual friend.

WC: 2,040

Just a Little Embarrassed by piercywritesthings

Summary: OTP prompt where one half finds the other singing the classic ballads of the 80’s and 90’s into a brush in a towel after coming out of the shower

WC: 178

From the Outside Looking In by teaandotherstuff

Summary:  Ryan had wondered for weeks why Jack kept making excuses not to go to the beach, or to a pool one of the days that week. It was absolutely blistering with heat, and it was only getting worse. It’d be a nice break, for the two of them, but Jack kept pulling away and insisting they do something else.

WC: 638

You Asked Me Out and I Know Your Orgasm Face by writingcanbehard

Summary: “Nice melons” says a voice beside him, Jack had been holding up to watermelons trying judge which one had been the best and now some guy was beside him asking him. wait…. Haywood?

WC: 243



Literally anything new-ish over 10k?


Too Spooky by vivaciousWordsmith

Summary: After dying in mysterious circumstances, Michael is revived with no memory of his previous life. His search leads him down the path of darkness and monsters, where things do go bump in the night. And he’s one of them.

WC: 17,562 - WIP


Gravity by coolasdicks

Summary: Eighteen year old Michael manages to get himself into a situation where he grows wings. It’s not pretty, but at least he has company.

WC: 20,413

Crowns by Angelology

Summary: When Geoff was a child, he definitely did not expect that a war would break out and devastate their lands when he became King. He also definitely did not expect growing so close to the boys he fought beside during the battles.

WC: 31,608


Defying Expectations by dragonslastarc

Summary: In a world where Alphas, Betas and Omegas rely on their instincts to find their Packs and Mates, Ray struggles to understand what it means to be an Omega. Only when he is courted by not one, but two much desired Alphas does he begin to come into his own. And that’s when his real struggle begins. With the help of his fellow Omegas, he finds himself and manages to help his Pack along the way.

WC: 12,851 - WIP


The Aftermath by mightbeanasshole

Summary: At the urging of his colleagues, Geoff Ramsey leaves his life as a struggling college professor to teach at a posh high school in the middle of nowhere. But on his first day at the new job, Geoff’s biggest mistake is staring at him from the front row of his senior English class—and the kid isn’t about to go away. So what the hell do you do when you’re forced to spend an entire school year teaching the kid you gave a barely legal blowjob to?

WC: 15,678 - WIP


Trace my lips (With the Taste of Your Skin) by chailattemusings

Summary: Ryan Haywood had spent his whole life dating men in his own circle. Sexually open, blatantly gay, and willing to try anything new. After weeks of confusion and miscommunication, Ryan and Gavin fell for each other, and have been happily dating for several months. But Gavin is nothing like Ryan’s past boyfriends, not least because anything labeled ‘kink’ frightens the shit out of him. Ryan wants to introduce Gavin to the more adventurous side of sex; will their relationship survive all the ideas Ryan has in mind?

WC: 14,545 - WIP

- Lun

Hello! I am requesting some old favourites, some good old Mavin or Burnvin from when the fandom was young?


Rain by teaandotherstuff

Summary:  Gavin shivered a little, but smiled when Burnie walked inside with a cup of tea in hand. That same small smile lit up across the older man’s face at the sight of Gavin in his own clothes, far too big for his lean frame but giving him an almost endearing appearance. Gavin didn’t let the look go unnoticed…

WC: 1,210

Lonely by kenezbian02 

Summary: Burnie’s a fucking grumpy bitch and Gavin cheers him up or some shit.

WC: 1,213


Not At Work by damn-dood 

Summary: Gavin has a kink for Michael’s rage voice.

WC: 727

Michael by montes-carpatus 

Summary: He finished his drink when he saw the prettiest boy he has ever laid eyes on.

WC: 710

All This Empty Space that you Create Does Nothing for my Flawless Sense of Style by technicolouredmonochrome 

Summary:  Michael is at a bar drowning his fifth (or was it twentieth?) shot of whiskey.

WC: 1,897


Been in the fandom longer than I intended to be but I am glad to be here, Path


anything with brandon? or maybe miles? those two are too cute s2g

Brandon Miles 1 Brandon Miles 2


Called to Accidently Say ‘I Love You’ by yangxiaowow

Summary: Jordan orders pizza one night, and accidentally ends the phone call saying “I love you” to the pizza guy on the other end.

WC: 850

One Date Can’t Hurt…Right? by polakatthedisco

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06


Summary: When Jordan’s ex has an art show in Austin, Jordan is fully aware he needs to go there with his new boyfriend and show the ex what he’s missing. Only problem is, Jordan doesn’t have a boyfriend. What he does have is a very enthusiastic Brandon, who is more than willing to step in as ‘fake boyfriend’ for one date.

WC: 10,254  - Complete

Untitled by montes-carpatus

Summary: A simple, genderbend AU.

WC: 414

Out on the Town by tinypeckers


Summary: “God, I just wanna kiss you when you dress like that.” - Jordan “Then do it!” - Brandon.

WC: 818

You’re Not Who You Seemed by ragelovelies

Summary: Jordan makes a new friend over his love for his favorite seat.

WC: 621

You’ve Got It Written, All Over Your Face by montes-carpatus

Summary: Leather is hot, but hotter on him.

WC: 1,068

Untitled by kenezbian02

Summary: Brandon groaned as he stepped out of the shower. “You’re not listening to this shit again are you?” he hollered through the door.

WC: 198

I’m Not Jealous by burnie-church

Summary: Everyone at work knew that Brandon was a ladies’ man (or attempted to be), and because Jordan was currently staying with him, he knew it best of all. Too many nights he had come home with someone and proceeded to keep Jordan awake until she left or snuck out, while others he didn’t return until later the next day. A few times he had come in well after midnight, drunk off his ass and smelling of perfume, covered in hickies that he couldn’t seem to hide no matter what he wore. He would wake Jordan up on these nights when he fumbled in the dark for something to dull the ache in his head, not wanting to turn on the lights and always making a ruckus in the process.

WC: 9,815

Just Skin : The Artist by montes-carpatus

Summary: Jordan is an artist and Brandon is his canvas.

WC: 1,142

Slob by towerofrad

Summary: Brandon flipped through the channels on his tiny apartment television. He was lying on the couch, wearing some pajama pants and a dirty t-shirt.

WC: 775

Extreme fluff overload? Preferably AH pairing (including Joelay) but any pairing is fine. Please no RVB or RWBY. Thanks! ^_^


Bedtime Stories by tinypeckers


Summary: When Gavin had first moved to the USA, he’d found it hard to sleep.

WC: 940

Peggle Problems by tinypeckers


Summary:  Gavin is offended that Geoff would think Griffon was a better player than him. So Griffon challenges him to a game.

WC: 860


Mistake by fuckthenaysayers


Summary:  Eating in the same diner every morning and the waitress ALWAYS mixes up our orders so why don’t we just sit at the same table to save her the trouble

WC: 1,352


Fire is Pretty Cool by ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision


Summary: Gavin is rudely awoken to the smoke alarm going off but when he goes to investigate what’s going on, he honestly couldn’t have been less surprised to find what he did in the kitchen.

WC: 1,100



Anything new with Caleb or Jordan pairings?

Sadly I could not find much new stuff for you but I did find a couple that I hope you will like!


I’ll Burn You into the Constellations by Tats


Summary: The stars in the sky don’t shine as bright as you in this moment.

WC: 1,214


smooth-talker by starlight_sugar

Summary: Jordan loses his sonic screwdriver. The guy who finds it is cute. Like, really cute

WC: 993


Like anything Neptune?

Here’s the new stuff I found! Enjoy!



All for Naught by WhisperingOrchard

Summary: Ren cannot sleep, and Neptune tries to ease him out of his rampant thoughts.

WC: 2,241

Rendezvous by LieRen 

Summary: That guy from the library? Yeah, who knew what two words would spiral into. Ren can’t believe his luck.

WC: 1,126


One More Dance by KotoneJunan 

Summary: "I danced with him." "But you only danced with…" Confused, dark eyes looked up at him, pleading that it was a joke. Neptune’s gaze slid away, a hot blush crawling up his cheeks.

WC: 1,196

Your Tail Likes Nerds by FreelancerKiwi 

Summary: YOU SAY SEAMONKEYS PROMPTS? //HELLO// So could you please do something really cute like Sun using his tail to boop Neptune on the hip or even on the nose or something that’d be REALLY CUTE OMG Also bonus points for Neptune taking Sun’s tail and kissing it like the back of a person’s hand (I just really like Sun’s tail okay byeeeeee) *ollies out*

WC: 367

Sun/Neptune (One-Sided)

I Need You So Much Closer by OceannanotOceania 

Summary: In which Neptune is reminded that you can’t always get what you want in life.

WC: 2,107


Any Tina/ray fanfics yet? I'm like super into them as a couple and I'm dying to read anything lol like seriously it could just be Tina laughing at ray for something and is still read it PLZ they're so cute omfg (but side note, I'm totally happy for them and i don't actually know ray or Tina's opinion on fanfic so ignore this if they've expressed a wish for no fanfiction regarding them)

This is the only one I could find, sorry. :(



Saturday by hellotoysoldier

Summary: In which it’s Saturday and Tina is sleepy.

WC: 848

- Quinn

Please some odd Mavin AUs! They are my favorite! Anything with space is particularly wonderful :3 thank you!


If You’re a Mind Reader, Cough Right Now by eagererudite


Summary: AU prompt: Person A is thinking sexually graphic or generally odd thoughts and suddenly panics and thinks “If you’re a mind reader, cough right now.”

Person B coughs.

WC: 704

The Unknown by iamthatmonster 

Summary: Michael doesn’t remember when Gavin started acting strange- in fact, he hadn’t even noticed. But when Gavin spends the night one day and ends up having what looks like a stroke, Michael finds that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

WC: 1,405 WIP

La Vibora by gavinsdiary 

Summary:  sat next to each other on a roller coaster AU

WC: 478

Worth Fighting For by iamthatmonster 

Summary: The minute Michael and Gavin met, as counselors for the same camp, they hated each other. However, being forced to talk to and work with each other can change things. Water can also help.

WC: 3,833

Cycles by knobknocker 

Summary: 'Gavin had no reason to be here and it made him bitter, so bitter it was uncharacteristic of him. Of course, he didn't see a reason why he'd been shipped out to Austin's Mental Institute in the first place to be locked up with the pysco's he saw as he walked threw the hospital, guided by a nurse. As he looked around more he defiantly didn't need to be here and it made his blood boil and his knuckles itch. There was nothing wrong with him, He would go threw his cycle then be back to normal, then do it again, and again with the two of his extra personality's, which he didn't believe he had at all but he believed that he just went threw periods of different emotion.'

WC: 5,086 WIP

T: GoreIllness/TraumaMental Illness 

Grey Walls and Steel Bars by button_duck 

Summary: Michael Jones is a criminal, undercover and secret. Gavin Free is a guard at the jail, bored with his job. Nothing interesting has happened for around six months… until one day, a man is dragged in with his hands cuffed. A bag is tied around his head, and he is fighting the officers. Michael is revealed, a smirk on his face and a laugh ringing through the cell. Gavin is confused and intrigued by this criminal. When all hell breaks loose, and Michael is still tied to the cell bars, Gavin is responsible for both of them. Gavin and Michael are promptly thrown into a chaotic mess of a problem, and Michael drags Gavin into his latest crime.

WC: 434 WIP


Hey there! Not really sure what you meant by weird AUs, so I just picked some that you don’t really see often. Sorry if that wasn’t what you were looking for!


Any rvb reader insert or yorkalina please? :)


Carolina Loses York At The Mall by Reeberry

Summary: It only took her two seconds to notice that York was no longer telling her about the glorious history of the vintage coffee press, but two seconds was enough for him to already be gone in the mass of shoppers behind them.

WC: 512

Untitled by Agentnorthcarolina 


WC: 736

Untitled by Themumblybee

Summary: “Three hours,” said Carolina, folding her arms and staring down at York, who grinned innocently back from the little round table.

WC: 755

We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet by Themumblybee 

Summary: York argues with her for a full ten minutes before he gets in the car. It’s polite, as far as arguing goes.

WC: 1,155


  • Nova