Ryan Centric OT6 1 Ryan Centric OT6 2


Save the Program by madcowedgar

Summary: Ryan knew he was being overly dramatic; losing footage was certainly not the end of the world and all he had to do was suffer a late night for his own mistake. His own dumb as shit wrong click of a button, and in his panic he may have deleted his recycle bin he had meant to click the damn restore button. Ryan knew he was an idiot, knew this was all his fault and he had no right to complain.

WC: 876

5 Times Ryan  Fixes His Boys, and 1 Time They Fix Him by ahcraiganthony

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06


Summary: (Robots AU) Sometimes Ryan regrets becoming a mechanic for Achievement Hunter, especially when he enters a relationship with five of his coworkers, all of them robotic in one way or another. Usually everything is fine, with the exception of the few rough weeks. When Ryan has to work overtime to keep his boys in working condition, he finds himself in need of some repairs.

13,130 - Complete

Sulfur by dashofscarlet

Part 01


Summary: In a dystopian future, robotics advance to a point where they can enhance and alter the capabilities of the human body, resulting in a war that ripped apart society as we know it. Ryan is an highly renowned, yet illegal robotics mechanic and technician and his life couldn’t be any more interesting. Especially when five men in particular require his services…

WC: 7,711 - WIP

Hope you like these!


Babies 1  Babies 2


Driveway Lemonade Stands by thepackwantsthed

Summary:  Silence reigned for a long while. Geoff was glaring openly at Jack while Jack stared at the counter top with watery eyes and Ryan kept his lips pursed as he stared at the sky. Ray glanced between the three, trying to figure out which issue to deal with first.

WC: 1,256

Ray/Joel Geoff/Griffon

By the Content by letsplaytheend

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

Summary: The people who matter the most will judge you appropriately.

WC: 23,896 - WIP

T: Character DeathChild AbuseGore

Here ya go anon!! I hope these are to your liking!


Dominant Gavin? Any pairing will do :)


When It’s Too Much by mlchaeijones


Summary: Gavin goes a little too far with the dom play, and Michael uses a safe word for the first time.

WC: 1,184


Pretty Little Masochist by achievemenhunter

Summary: There’s nothing Michael and Gavin love more than making someone come undone, baring their very essence until they can’t take any more and break completely. They pride themselves in pulling apart what makes up a person’s identity, in making them confess their deepest secrets.

Ryan’s secret is a little different from others.

WC: 4,419

T: Dub/Non Con, Gore


Daddy Dearest by rainistorm

Summary: In which Gavin wants to be dominant and Ryan has a daddy fetish.

WC: 2,623


  · Learning To Live In The Present (And Other Acquired Habits)

Dan/Gavin + AH OT6

Author: lieutenantsmithandcaboose

Summary: Gavin supposed he could have found a way to keep track of time on the strange, empty space station, but when you’re floating purposelessly through space in a hunk of metal with nothing but an overly maternal android as company, time tends to become meaningless.
A lot of things tend to become meaningless.

WC: 10,578

T: Character Death, Suicide

Thank you for the submission!

are there any new soulmate aus??


Sunshine by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Gavin had only had two blissful years of colour.

WC: 1,245

T: Character Death


Your Pain is My Gain by mavinfanfiction

Summary: Michael’s whole life he’s felt random pain, and all that meant was his soulmate was fucking clumsy.

WC: 1,115

Color My Life by heytheregisela

Summary: The world worked in two colors and two colors only; black and white.

WC: 11,186 - WIP

iBelong With You by hashtagmavin


Summary: The entire world is pissing themselves like excited dogs over a new cell-phone app that claims it can “find your one true love.” Gavin thinks it’s stupid, but that doesn’t stop him from downloading it anyway.

WC: 5,204


Untitled by remember-the-mole

Summary: Sometimes, your soulmate sucks. Sometimes, your soulmate would probably be better suited for someone else, but no, the goddamn world said that the angriest asshole on the planet should be paired with the world’s most stubborn egomaniac.

WC: 494


- Path and Tats

Anything with Jack? •3•


Untitled by gavinfreever

Summary: Jack was the biggest in the group, no doubt. The man could eat a mountain of food and still go for seconds. Strength and a friendly face was an odd combination, but it was Jack. So Gavin had to break him. Starve him. Remove that facade and bring out a beast.

WC: 574

T: Abuse, Character Death

Your Mean Boss by sherlocked_avenger

Summary: Geoff’s not in the best mood today.

WC: 3,789


Along Their Skin-Jack by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Jack didn’t actually have any soul sentences. He was born as a smooth blank slate, and he had never thought it weird.

WC: 1,300


Mr. Accent by EnsignCelery 

Summary: The last thing Jack expected to hear right before closing time was a couple of men with the most tantalizing British accents he’d ever heard arguing over the menu.

WC: 1,055


any new suicide fics? any pairing is good. thank you!


And There’s Nothing That Can Keep Me From You by ohgodwhatisthis

Summary: They could do it. As long as they were together. They were Michael and Gavin.

WC: 2,009

T: Substance Abuse

Words to the Open Air by JessiMeow

Summary: Michael Jones knows Gavin’s gone for good, but can’t seem to stop texting the boy who he’d cared about so much. And yet, after all this time, feelings surface and Michael finds himself drowning in his own emotions.

WC: 773 -WIP

T: Substance Abuse


Our Common Goal was Waiting for the World to End by AdurnaSkulblaka

Summary: The moment Ryan hears Ray’s scream, he knows it’s over.

WC: 1,577

T: Character Death


any violent relationship fics? not abuse, a relationship where they have a double sided fight and theyre healthier for it ive seen ~2 but no others :(

Here are a few fics that involve miscommunication and fighting, some are pretty angsty.



Wait for Me by montes-carpatus


Summary: Words meant more to the lover that sang in movements than touches to the honest man.

WC: 1,293


Love Off Audio by imaginedecember 

Summary: Insecure was not a word that Ray would use to describe himself. Besides, he hated labels. Labels made him face reality. And, really, he liked the silence better. But at the end of the day, silence and video games could never measure up to how much he fucking loved Michael Jones.

WC: 2,122

Untitled by bored-bored-boredofitall 

Summary: Ray would glare at Michael and Michael would stare at the screen with his hands gripping his controller so tight everyone thought it would break.

WC: 1,000


Weather Storm (It’s Raining In My Heart) by  montes-carpatus


Summary: They came crashing together like a hurricane hitting land, violent and destructive.

WC: 1,022

2 AM by tac0verlord 

Summary: Couples fight from time to time; it’s natural. But sometimes the mistrust goes too far, and people break promises. That’s when substances become like a savior to the broken. And Ray’s no saint - not when everything falls apart.

WC: 1,293

T: Substance Abuse 

Listen to your love, Path

Any smut? Reader smuts? I cant see any reader tags for some reason):! Please and thank you! :D

Reader Insert

Trading Places by jennarebeccaxx

Summary: Why should you wait until tomorrow to see Gavin again? You had a key to his apartment…why not just surprise him with a nightcap? Gavin/Reader [F]

WC: 2,434

Light Reading by kelseywritesthings

Summary: JJ catches you reading something a little…erotic in bed, so he makes you read it out loud. JJ/Reader [F]

WC: 1,685

Heat Wave by kelseywritesthings

Summary: Hot sweaty sex. Some of it in the shower. Joel/Reader/Ray [F]

WC: 2,913

Lovin’ and Touchin’ by rt-readerinsers

Summary: You can’t remember the last time Joel touched you, and you want that to change.  Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1,217

Mogar is Ready! by kelseywritesthings

Summary: After a night of bevs, Michael is eager to get you home. Michael/Reader [F]

WC: 1,519



any new self-harm fics?

New Self-Harm 1 New Self-Harm 2


Things My Boyfriends Don’t Know by legalizemavin

Summary: Michael leaves a note.

WC: 858

T: Suicide Eating Disorder

Things Your Boyfriends Now Know by dashofscarlet


Summary: Ryan replies to Michael’s note.

WC: 1,300

T: Eating Disorder


How Worth Is Measured by riffraffit

Summary: howtobeashipper said: Either a Joelay or Geovin angst-y prompt, with one of them dealing with self harm and relapse Gavin is in the bathroom again, and it’s three AM again. He’s regretting not locking the door, but at the same time it’s that he always keeps the door unlocked because, in reality, he wants someone to walk in here and find him.

WC: 1,058

T: Cutting

Fallout 1 Fallout 2


War Will End Us by teamladsactionnudes


Summary: The craze of the apocalypse and end of the world was all everyone cared about, for two years. If not more. Everyone was preparing, getting shelters set up. Building and buying weapons once they got their armored license.

WC: 1,056 - WIP

On My Side by ilcocoabean

Summary: She knew the exact way to proceed and achieve the best results for hunters under her care. And most of all she knew jobs were to be completed at all costs, having expected nothing less from her hunters as well.

WC: 3,581


The Monsters Without by Carukia

Part: 1 2 

Summary: CEDA was calling it the Green Flu. The public was calling it the Infection. Years from now, Gavin won’t remember it as either. He’ll just remember it as the time his entire world went to hell.

WC: 9,437 - WIP

T: Character Death


  · Cops and Robbers


Authors: ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision and beatthosedirtyblues

Summary: When an ex-crew member stumbles into the police office and snitches on the notorious killer Michael Jones, officers Ramsey, Pattillo and Haywood are on the case to put the killer behind bars. But Michael, Gavin and Ray have a completely different plan. The case is hot and the bodies have just gone cold.

WC: 13,929 - Complete

T: Character Death, Suicide

Thank you for the submission!

  · Murderer's Row

Church/Tucker + Church/Tex + Doc/O’Malley + Grif/Simmons + Lopez/Sheila

Author: Violent-Medic

Summary: Prison AU. After killing his roommate in self-defence, Donut is sentenced to life at Valhalla Penitentiary. Surrounded by conmen, blackmailers, murderers and the occasional psycho, it’s going to be hard to live long enough to achieve parole…

WC: 519,632WIP

TAbuseCharacter Death, Dub/Non Con, Illness/Trauma

Thank you for the submission!

RvB Felix fics? Any pairing, preferably smut


Redundancy by deductionhunters

Summary: Felix’s work is paid off with a single bullet.

WC: 374

T: Character Death

Morning Routine by freelancerarizona

Summary: He wakes up early every morning.

WC: 557

When Asked Later Neither Could Admit It Had All Started From A Simple Mistake by tired-angry-robot

Summary: When asked later, neither of them could admit it had all started from a simple mistake.

WC: 483


Cup of Sugar by doctor—grey

Summary: Felix swore as he dropped the sugar in his sink, totally on purpose. Felix never made mistakes. Nope, never. Not even accidentally tripping over his own feet while baking a cake and dumping his sugar everywhere. He had totally meant to do that.

WC: 1,122

- Nova

any new supernatural stuff?


Start to Sink by spiderjokey


Summary: Michael finds out he’s an empath after a stressful convention goes bad, but a new worry soon develops and suddenly its not just Michael’s health on the line.

WC: 24,035


‘Til the End by luna-miles


Summary: It all started when Michael was five. He couldn’t pinpoint when it started, it… well mainly he just seemed to… pop up

WC: 3,222 

T: Character Death, Illness/Trauma

Colours of my Heart by ahgeoff

Summary: Superpowers AU! The story of Gavin’s first coming to RoosterTeeth, in particular, meeting and becoming friends with the secretive and very very loud Michael, his new co-worker.

WC: 2,565

T: Character Death