Any smut? Reader smuts? I cant see any reader tags for some reason):! Please and thank you! :D

Reader Insert

Trading Places by jennarebeccaxx

Summary: Why should you wait until tomorrow to see Gavin again? You had a key to his apartment…why not just surprise him with a nightcap? Gavin/Reader [F]

WC: 2,434

Light Reading by kelseywritesthings

Summary: JJ catches you reading something a little…erotic in bed, so he makes you read it out loud. JJ/Reader [F]

WC: 1,685

Heat Wave by kelseywritesthings

Summary: Hot sweaty sex. Some of it in the shower. Joel/Reader/Ray [F]

WC: 2,913

Lovin’ and Touchin’ by rt-readerinsers

Summary: You can’t remember the last time Joel touched you, and you want that to change.  Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1,217

Mogar is Ready! by kelseywritesthings

Summary: After a night of bevs, Michael is eager to get you home. Michael/Reader [F]

WC: 1,519



any new self-harm fics?

New Self-Harm 1 New Self-Harm 2


Things My Boyfriends Don’t Know by legalizemavin

Summary: Michael leaves a note.

WC: 858

T: Suicide Eating Disorder

Things Your Boyfriends Now Know by dashofscarlet


Summary: Ryan replies to Michael’s note.

WC: 1,300

T: Eating Disorder


How Worth Is Measured by riffraffit

Summary: howtobeashipper said: Either a Joelay or Geovin angst-y prompt, with one of them dealing with self harm and relapse Gavin is in the bathroom again, and it’s three AM again. He’s regretting not locking the door, but at the same time it’s that he always keeps the door unlocked because, in reality, he wants someone to walk in here and find him.

WC: 1,058

T: Cutting

Fallout 1 Fallout 2


War Will End Us by teamladsactionnudes


Summary: The craze of the apocalypse and end of the world was all everyone cared about, for two years. If not more. Everyone was preparing, getting shelters set up. Building and buying weapons once they got their armored license.

WC: 1,056 - WIP

On My Side by ilcocoabean

Summary: She knew the exact way to proceed and achieve the best results for hunters under her care. And most of all she knew jobs were to be completed at all costs, having expected nothing less from her hunters as well.

WC: 3,581


The Monsters Without by Carukia

Summary: CEDA was calling it the Green Flu. The public was calling it the Infection. Years from now, Gavin won’t remember it as either. He’ll just remember it as the time his entire world went to hell.

WC: 9,437 - WIP

T: Character Death


  · Cops and Robbers


Authors: ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision and beatthosedirtyblues

Summary: When an ex-crew member stumbles into the police office and snitches on the notorious killer Michael Jones, officers Ramsey, Pattillo and Haywood are on the case to put the killer behind bars. But Michael, Gavin and Ray have a completely different plan. The case is hot and the bodies have just gone cold.

WC: 13,929 - Complete

T: Character Death, Suicide

Thank you for the submission!

  · Murderer's Row

Church/Tucker + Church/Tex + Doc/O’Malley + Grif/Simmons + Lopez/Sheila

Author: Violent-Medic

Summary: Prison AU. After killing his roommate in self-defence, Donut is sentenced to life at Valhalla Penitentiary. Surrounded by conmen, blackmailers, murderers and the occasional psycho, it’s going to be hard to live long enough to achieve parole…

WC: 519,632WIP

TAbuseCharacter Death, Dub/Non Con, Illness/Trauma

Thank you for the submission!

RvB Felix fics? Any pairing, preferably smut


Redundancy by deductionhunters

Summary: Felix’s work is paid off with a single bullet.

WC: 374

T: Character Death

Morning Routine by freelancerarizona

Summary: He wakes up early every morning.

WC: 557

When Asked Later Neither Could Admit It Had All Started From A Simple Mistake by tired-angry-robot

Summary: When asked later, neither of them could admit it had all started from a simple mistake.

WC: 483


Cup of Sugar by doctor—grey

Summary: Felix swore as he dropped the sugar in his sink, totally on purpose. Felix never made mistakes. Nope, never. Not even accidentally tripping over his own feet while baking a cake and dumping his sugar everywhere. He had totally meant to do that.

WC: 1,122

- Nova

any new supernatural stuff?


Start to Sink by spiderjokey


Summary: Michael finds out he’s an empath after a stressful convention goes bad, but a new worry soon develops and suddenly its not just Michael’s health on the line.

WC: 24,035


‘Til the End by luna-miles


Summary: It all started when Michael was five. He couldn’t pinpoint when it started, it… well mainly he just seemed to… pop up

WC: 3,222 

T: Character Death, Illness/Trauma

Colours of my Heart by ahgeoff

Summary: Superpowers AU! The story of Gavin’s first coming to RoosterTeeth, in particular, meeting and becoming friends with the secretive and very very loud Michael, his new co-worker.

WC: 2,565

T: Character Death



  · Free


Author: the-first-prince-oinkins

Summary: Blood was split, and for the final time because of the mad, yet the ground would see one more man’s blood, one more life ended.

WC: 2,116

T: Character Death

Thank you for the submission!

Any stalker fics with someone from the ah crew? If not, then any new pychoteeth with them? (did i spell that right? probs not opps)

Couldn’t find any stalker fics but I found some interesting new Psycho!teeth fics.



Confessions from Another Room by imagination-and-fanfiction


Summary: In this dim, mold consumed room Geoff can only blame himself why he and Michael are here. He just hopes the red head is a live but, when he sees him, he knows that Michael would be better off dead.

WC: 2,050

T: Character Death, Gore

Michael/Jack + Ryan/Ray

Forced Care by caffeineassassin

Summary: If Michael knew what life had in store for him today, he would have locked himself up in his home and never come out.

WC: 3,159

T: Abuse

Always found Psycho!Teeth a very interesting but hard to read AU, Path  

Is there anything featuring Ryan having insomnia? I've heard there are some fics but have a hard time finding them. Any pairing or AU or whatever is fine. :)

I love Insomniac!Ryan fics but there are so few :(


Silence by TeaAndDarkness

Summary: He did not want to be caught. It was an accident. Those stupid men, so blind. They could not see before it was so late.

WC: 33,959

T: Eating Disorder, Illness/Trauma, Self-Harm

Sleepless by glackedandmullered


Summary: Written for Prompts on Tumblr. Featuring Insomniac Ryan.

WC: 1,006

FFI. by somespontaneouswriting


Summary: For the first time in what it felt like years, Ryan was falling asleep. He smiled to himself and fell into Morpheus’ arms.

WC: 5,577

T: Character Death, Illness/Trauma


Love Cures A Sleepless Mind by black_twosugars

Summary: Ryan suffers from insomnia. Luckily he’s got a boyfriend as amazing as Gavin to sacrifice his own sleep to stay up with Ryan and keep him company even though he was insanely tired himself.

WC: 1,081

Chamomile Tea by keepmovingforward

Summary: Ryan hasn’t slept in three days. His insomnia has suddenly become a bit worse than usual. Gavin tries to help out.

WC: 4,045

Miles Away by Sammiannnz

Summary: Freewood inspired fic. Ryan-centric. Gavin goes home to Britain for Christmas, leaving his boyfriend of 6 months alone at home. What he doesn’t realise is that Ryan can’t sleep properly without him, and worries constantly. Skype calls and texts are all very well when they’re constant, but when they aren’t…Ryan can’t help but worry.

WC: 5,286

T: Illness/Trauma

- Quinn

Streets 1 Streets 2


Still Learning by glackedandmullered

Summary: Food had never been something Michael could pass up.

WC: 3,000

Untitled by leioll

Summary: Michael had been out downtown dozens of times before, it was fine.

WC: 359

The Price of Life by lyriafrost

Summary: “Jesus, Michael, keep eating like that and you’ll end up eating us out of house and home.”

WC: 2,416

The Meaning of Ink by lyriafrost

Summary: But seriously, I can’t be the only guy in this house who has tattoos or even wants to get any.

WC: 2,127


A Long Way From Home by iaveinabox

Summary: Gavin almost looked like a normal kid

WC: 890

The Smallest Observations Can Go A Long Way by iaveinabox

Summary: Geoff considered himself to be an observant man, even if he did not particularly look like one.

WC: 768

-Pan (with special guest appearance by Ave)


  · The Mad King's Farewell


Author: nonsibisedsuis 

Summary: Prince Ryan is to be crowned for the second time as King of Achievement City, but the local villages are calling for the monarchy to investigate the string of disappearances that plagues the island. Ryan knows what is taking the villagers, but he must figure out a way to end it and consolidate his power.

WC: 1,008

TCharacter Death

Thank you for the submission!

  · Twenty-Five Pages On John Donne


Author: ergo_existence 

Summary: There are a collection of things Wash has kept over the years: some of them have been trinkets, then there were those burnt memories: he can never shake the feeling of the sun in April, nor can he forget the way the oak tree looked. Some things, however, he simply chose to forget and others he forgot mistakenly.

WC: 20,542 - WIP

T: Character Death

Thank you for the submission!

any Michael/Joel? talk about an unpopular pairing

I’m sorry, but there doesn’t seem to be any fics with it as a main pairing!

Geoff/Michael Michael/Gavin Michael/Joel

Today’s Barista by kittydiggitydog

Summary: It was just a simple dare by Barbara and lindsay he didn’t think he’d actually GET any numbers.

WC: 930

Michael/Gavin Michael/Ray Geoff/Michael Michael/Joel Michael/Jack

Michael Everlasting by shempenis

Part 01 02

Summary: Immortal!Michael for one, Timetraveler!Gavin for two!

WC: 8,736 - Complete

T: Character Death

-Bee <3

Do you have any bondage of any ship

Here ya go anon.

Gavin/Ryan + Michael/Lindsay

Ties by alittlebitgayandmore


Summary: It’s Michael and Lindsay’s wedding, and Gavin couldn’t be happier for them, but Ryan looks damn good in a suit and when the gent suggests they find somewhere more private, he’d be damned if he denied.

WC: 2,991


Porn by fuckthenaysayers

Part 01 02 03

Summary: He also loved the fiery personality the man had, often putting up a fight and playfully resisting until men much bigger dominated him properly, not relenting until Michael would cry out their names. He’d heard rumors that the man was only doing porn on the side, his main job being an model, but he didn’t think it was true until now. When the man glanced over, Gavin looked down at his camera, cheeks flushing pink in embarrassment, hoping no one had noticed his obvious staring.

WC: 4,774 - Complete

Something New by binbou-kun

Summary: Gavin and Michael try something new to spice up their sex life.

WC: 1,626


Friction by achievemenhunter

Summary: Michael Jones did not get jealous.This was a fact, and he’d probably punch anyone that ever tried to tell him differently.

WC: 3,683

- Gettin’ frisky, Ra