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Numbers by Deannachu

Summary: Based loosely off of the book “Numb3rs” by Rachel Ward, Michael has the ability to see the exact date that someone is going to die in their eyes. He avoids relationships with people he knows are going to die young, but when he unexpectedly falls for Gavin Free, everything changes.

WC: 5,061

T: Character Death

Say Something by kindofakat

Summary: Gavin is dead and Michael is left leaving hopeless voicemails.

WC: 2,801

T: Character Death

Ray/Gavin (One-Sided)

Your Heart’s A Fickle Thing (But It Belongs To Me) by geekyartchick

Summary: “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

WC: 1,140

Ryan/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

Free Love by Sammiannnz

Summary: When Ryan’s in a car accident, Gavin’s called into the hospital and things just go from bad to worse until Gavin’s left picking up the pieces.

WC: 6,336

T: Character Death

Let the flood of tears commence. - Tea.


Any GIlby/Reader (M or F) or Reader/AHOT6? (Or any new readers at all, really, I am happy with anything)

Reader Insert

New Hardware by kelseywritesthings

Summary: It’s been a while since you and Adam have seen each other face to face, and in that time you have picked up some interesting new piercings. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 2,548

Jealousy by ladymogar

Summary: Reader and Adam are good friends, and they’re kinda verging on relationship and girls keep coming up and asking for pictures, and reader’s fine with it, because it’s part of the job right? But one girl steps over the line in some way, and Reader is jealous but doesn’t want to look stupid, but eventually breaks and tells how much she likes him. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 2,421

Girl, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me Crazy by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: GilbyRanger: Morning (Y/N): Why do you do that? GilbyRanger: Do what… (Y/N): Send me Skype messages even though we’re in the same office. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,043

Waiting for This by rt-readerinserts

Summary: You spend a day with Adam, being lazy and snuggling. Adam/Reader [N]

WC: 917

First Date by gussorolex

Summary: The Reader goes on their first date with Adam. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,092

Jealousy by gussorolex

Summary: The reader flirts with Joel, and Adam gets jealous. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 659

Love Me Again by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: Parties with the Rooster Teeth staff were always the best. Full of alcohol, close friends and no one who really judge you. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,229

This Was Much Better by chaos0rder

Summary: RTX did tend to take it’s toll on you and the boys but today was ridiculous. AH/Reader [N]

WC: 789

-Jyn and The A Team

Can I request some new Locus/Felix?


Exile, Vilify by coldwarqueer

Summary: "Do you ever wonder why we’re here?" "No, Felix. I never wonder. I only wonder why you won’t ever shut up." Felix often wondered. Felix wondered why he was sitting, captured, in a dingy cell with a man he simultaneously enjoyed and detested, why he was sitting on his hands without even a blade to sharpen, and most of
WC: 17,575 - WIP

Go To Sleep by apeskyhedgehog

Summary: When Felix gets tired he becomes whiny and irritated at everything which only makes Locus even more irritated at the mercenary. After a night of sharing plans from their armies as Locus relaxes outside before he has to leave for the day, all he can hear is Felix’s voice pierce through the morning air.

WC: 2,252

Jamais Vu by agtRaleigh

Summary: The virus that started it all spread quickly, crippling the entire world - but humanity persisted and civilization continues. So why, exactly, would you choose to go into states abandoned by the government? Why put yourself into danger? The simple answer is for a paycheck. The longer answer involves shady companies, even shadier men, and the endangerment of everyone.

WC: 31,320 - WIP

Ode To Felix by ergo_existence

Summary: But the cat
wants nothing more than to be a cat,
and every cat is pure cat
from its whiskers to its tail,
from sixth sense to squirming rat,
from nighttime to its golden eyes.

WC: 33,858 - WIP

- Ronnie

  · Falling Towards The Sky


Author: ryanhaywire

Summary: “Michael, my boy!” Gavin coos, quite literally skipping over. He kicks the body on his way past without sympathy. “That was bloody top! Although, I would have liked to join you.” The brief frown on his face is dark, the bloodstained grin that follows perfectly matching Michael’s. People across the street are pointing. Jack loves his boys, he really does, but sometimes he wonders. (This time, the heist feels different. Jack has no idea what’s coming.)

WC: 1,318

T: Character Death, Gore

Thank you for the submission!

I am looking for just some really awesome Burnoel.


Burnie Is A Bottom by Feathers

Summary: There was that stupid fucking look on his face, every time Joel saw it, he kinda wanted to punch him.

WC: 4,837

Relentless by teaandotherstuff

Summary: A gentle hiss and hum filled the night air…

WC: 193

T: Character Death

Road Trip by deucalion

Summary: "You’re the most stubborn guy I’ve ever met." Joel gave an irritated sigh. "And I know Gus."

WC: 502

That Tiny Little Shop by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: "I’m telling you Burns. That’s what you have to invest in. Then you can move on to bigger things than that tiny little shop you’ve got." Joel said, his eyes bright with passion.

WC: 864

All I Ever Wanted by skree


Summary: People always told them they bickered like an old married couple, so it just made sense.

WC: 4,476

- Crying because this one of my OTPs, Laurie

There's this one spy series involving Gavin being like a triple agent and betraying everyone but I can't remember what it was called. I know it's like an ahot6 or at the very least it's Ryan/Gavin/Ray.

Michael/Gavin/Ray + AH OT6

You Put The ‘Ass’ in Assassin by iamtheoneinthehole

Summary: Ray was one of the world’s most skilled assassins, so when he’d heard that Roosterteeth were sending one of their agents to ‘take care’ of him, he’d foolishly believed he was ready for anything they could possibly throw at him… But then again, Ray could never anticipated the loveable idiot that was Gavin David Free.

WC: 7,808 - WIP


Situation by achievemenhunter

Summary: Agent Haywood was often frowned upon or critiqued for his unusual methods, but no one in the Agency could argue - he got results.

WC: 19,410 - WIP

Ryan/Ray/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

With My Little Eye by bunceglackbooshglaowbip

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Summary: Hack the terminals. Get in and out undetected. And whatever you do, don’t run into any of those damn mercs.

WC: 58,418 - WIP

T: Character Death


So sorry that I couldn’t find the specific fic you requested, but I did find some spy!Gavin AUs!


- Tabs and Tea

Hello dears! Any new minecraft AUs?

Minecraft 1 Minecraft 2


Meeting Their Ends by Tidalbells3146

Summary: Gavin, Ray, and Michael meet their unfortunate ends by some of the lands most terrifying mobs.

WC: 2,347 - Complete

T: Character Death

Mob Mentality by notabadkidjustamisfit

Summary: Creepers are mindless time bombs — except for one. Michael is in love/hate with a green idiot, Ray and Ryan are teasing it (in the bedroom), and the rest of the Achievement Hunters swear that guys used to like girls.

WC: 2,671 - Discontinued


Free Creeper by orphan_account

Summary: While hunting in the woods around Achievement City, Michael encounters what he first thought was a Creeper which turned out to be a man. Now he has to deal with him, and all of the destruction he is most likely going to cause.

WC: 876 - Discontinued

I love what y'all do! If I may ask for some streets!Michael? Or streets!anyone, really, that'd be great!

Street AU 1 Street AU 2


Of Shots and Bloody Noses by lieutenantsmithandcaboose

Summary: Michael’s ears twitched, swiveling slightly to follow the distant sound of pattering footsteps.

WC: 1,394

Untitled by candidlydispleased

Summary: Michael Jones never wanted a life this way, he never thought that he would have to fight for even the bare necessities but here he was.

WC: 1,311


Switchblade by epermeraldichotomy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08


Summary: Jersey is a super dangerous place (because it really is) full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. When he meets the AH crew, he learns that there might actually be more to life than just surviving.

WC: 35,312 - WIP

T: Child Abuse, Substance Abuse

Have you got many new abuse/manipulation fics? Any paring :D thank you

Abuse 1 Abuse 2


Wednesdays by writingcanbehard

Summary: Wednesdays were never good days.

WC: 3,007


Train Rides to Nowhere by abitdim

Summary: Ray is a druggie bum and Joel likes adventure. Everyone has something to run from, right?

WC: 932 - WIP

T: Substance Abuse

Such Sads 1 Such Sads 2


The Hot Summer Air by Thebearandthemaidenfair

Summary: A shot rang through the hot summer air, followed by a soft thud. Then everything was quiet.

WC: 317

T: Character Death

Ryan/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay

We’ll Meet Again (Where The Stars Collide) by teaandotherstuff

Summary:  A couple whose star’s had collided watched from afar with their hands entwined, and though one should have felt regret, they felt nothing but peace.

WC: 966

T: Character DeathMental IllnessSuicide

- Tats and Friend


Gavin OT6 1 Gavin OT6 2


The Monsters at the End of This Book by iamtheoneinthehole

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10


Summary: Hi I’m Gavin Free and this is gonna sound bloody weird but… you’re my favorite characters, book characters I mean, though I suppose you wouldn’t know about that but anyway look… I know how your story ends… And I want to change it.  

WC: 47,102 - WIP

T: Character Death

Ouch! by learntonevertrustnanners


Summary: Gavin and Burnie get into a car wreck and Geoff and the boys don’t know how badly hurt they are, in the end they have to take care of poor little Gavvy

WC: 1,836

- Ave

Gavin Sads 1 Gavin Sads 2


Team Nice Dynamite Forever by outcasts-writing


Summary: “You fucking idiot!” The insults, the comments, the jabs. “Are you fucking retarded? It’s over there, you stupid fat fuck!” After so long, they start to hurt.

WC: 1,064

T: Cutting, Mental Illness, Self-Harm

Who Knew by fallenstar126

Summary: “Gavin?” Michaels voice broke the gentle silence that had settled between the two of them as they lay in the dark, staring up at the twinkling stars that were only slightly obstructed by the clouds.

WC: 884

T: Character Death, Mental Illness, Self-Harm, Suicide


Don’t Sleep Forever by lovelynarvaez


Summary:  Ryan has been in a coma and Gavin doesn’t know how to deal.

WC: 1,135

T: Mental Illness, Suicide

Only One by gavin-gruchy

Summary: Ryan makes Gavin nervous. And it’s not just a “oh haha idk what to say” kind of nervous. It’s a “I want him to fuck me so hard right here and right now you’re so hot and cute” kind of nervous.

WC: 2,094

T: Mental Illness, Self-Harm, Substance Abuse

- Enjoy the angst, teaandotherstuff.

Have any Mad king AUs sprouted up?


How the Mad King Became by hope1090


Summary: The story of how Ryan became The Mad King and what followed after.

WC: 5,176 - WIP


Misplaced by achievemenhunter

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07


Summary: Ryan had always found the whole ‘Mad King’ persona that had been pushed onto him rather amusing. But when he finds himself trapped in a world where everyone expects him to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty monarch, the joke somewhat loses its humour.

WC: 17,556 - WIP

T: Character Death


Zombie/Apocalypse 1 Zombie/Apocalypse 2


The Decomposition of the World by bjdunkelfuck

Summary: The world has gone to shit over the last several months. The Achievement Hunters seem to be the only not-undead ones left in the general area and have had to shelter up in a goddamn hardware store. Michael and Gavin go out on a raid and it doesn’t go so great.

WC: 2,799

T: Character Death, Gore

Michael/Gavin + Barbara/Lindsay + Geoff/Caleb

Running Out of Time by Krewella + viridian-vav

Summary: Michael woke to gunfire. He started, body jerking upwards instinctually, right hand on the butt of his revolver and the other gripping the pocket knife strapped to his thigh. The rush of his fight instincts roared through his veins like wildfire before they fizzled.

WC: 2,834 - WIP

Ryan/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay

There is No War, If You’re Already Dead by monstre_rouge0

Summary: When a about ten infected shuffled their way into the open area of the parking lot and they each gripped their weapons ready for a fight, Ryan realized that this was his life now. He doesn’t install pools anymore, he doesn’t do landscaping. No one was going to call him to go over and dig a hole for a pool no one would even use. It was going to be a little difficult adjusting to the drastic change from the life he had before this, but he didn’t have much of a choice. He and the others he’d met just a couple of days ago. For some reason, he knew they’d get through this just fine.

WC: 2,436 - WIP

T: Character Death, Gore

- Path

Ryan Centric OT6 1 Ryan Centric OT6 2


Save the Program by madcowedgar

Summary: Ryan knew he was being overly dramatic; losing footage was certainly not the end of the world and all he had to do was suffer a late night for his own mistake. His own dumb as shit wrong click of a button, and in his panic he may have deleted his recycle bin he had meant to click the damn restore button. Ryan knew he was an idiot, knew this was all his fault and he had no right to complain.

WC: 876

5 Times Ryan  Fixes His Boys, and 1 Time They Fix Him by ahcraiganthony

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06


Summary: (Robots AU) Sometimes Ryan regrets becoming a mechanic for Achievement Hunter, especially when he enters a relationship with five of his coworkers, all of them robotic in one way or another. Usually everything is fine, with the exception of the few rough weeks. When Ryan has to work overtime to keep his boys in working condition, he finds himself in need of some repairs.

13,130 - Complete

Sulfur by dashofscarlet

Part 01


Summary: In a dystopian future, robotics advance to a point where they can enhance and alter the capabilities of the human body, resulting in a war that ripped apart society as we know it. Ryan is an highly renowned, yet illegal robotics mechanic and technician and his life couldn’t be any more interesting. Especially when five men in particular require his services…

WC: 7,711 - WIP

Hope you like these!