favorite soulmate au's?????? i have a desperate need lmao

Soulmate 1 Soulmate 2


Reader Insert

The Big Dipper by montes-carpatus

Summary: It was on your hip, where no one could see. Ryan/Reader [N]

WC: 373



Ink Isn’t The Only Thing That Bleeds by Hoodedscarlet

Summary:Soul mates’.

The person who’s very being mirrored another’s in every way. That completed theirs in a way that nobody else’s could. When a person is young, black ink appears on the wrist of their dominant hand, which shifts and changes until on the morning of a person’s sixteenth birthday the name of the person they’re destined to be with is written in cursive on the inside of their wrist.  And Michael despises all of it.

WC: 13,376 - Complete

T: AbuseSelf-Harm


The Ribbon On My Wrist by serenadinsirens

Summary: If soulmates are bullshit, then crushes have got to be the actual shit of bullshit. Like, crushes are the literal shisnos of the real world. And it is actually ruining my life.

WC: 4,737



Toy Box by Hoodedscarlet

Summary: Every kid knows that if you’re bored you play with your favorite toys, and if you’re scared at night, you just hug your favorite toy and they’ll keep you safe. They’ll keep the bad dreams away. But what if they do so more… literally? For Gavin Free, that happens to be the case.

WC: 9,848 - Complete

Meant to Be [If I Don’t Die First] by thepackwantsthed

Part 01 02


Summary: In world of soulmates and tattoos, Geoff Ramsey protects the people he loves even though he’s never met them.

WC: 9,678 - Complete

Jack x Reader? Ryan x Reader? or Ryack??


Little Cupcake by emjellybean


Summary: Jack and Ryan are coworkers at a bakery and both like each other. Jack wants to ask him out, but can’t figure out how. Will he be able to do it?

WC: 890

Twig Structures by thisandthensome


Summary: When Ryan was a lad, he met an unusual friend.

WC: 2,040

Just a Little Embarrassed by piercywritesthings

Summary: OTP prompt where one half finds the other singing the classic ballads of the 80’s and 90’s into a brush in a towel after coming out of the shower

WC: 178

From the Outside Looking In by teaandotherstuff

Summary:  Ryan had wondered for weeks why Jack kept making excuses not to go to the beach, or to a pool one of the days that week. It was absolutely blistering with heat, and it was only getting worse. It’d be a nice break, for the two of them, but Jack kept pulling away and insisting they do something else.

WC: 638

You Asked Me Out and I Know Your Orgasm Face by writingcanbehard

Summary: “Nice melons” says a voice beside him, Jack had been holding up to watermelons trying judge which one had been the best and now some guy was beside him asking him. wait…. Haywood?

WC: 243



Hey, got any Jack/Gavin for me to read? If not, Jack/anyone would be great (preferably no OT6) <3


Braided Beards by tinypeckers


Summary:Gavin wants to braid his boyfriend’s beard.

WC: 1,128

Whirlwind by edgar-is-coming-in

Summary:When he thought people weren’t looking, Jack stared down at his lap.

WC: 399


Twig Structures by thisandthensome


Summary: When Ryan was a lad, he met an unusual friend.

WC: 2,040

- Someone from the team who didn’t sign their work.

Mad king anything? Jack anything?

Mad king



Murder to Excellence by thehornsofmischeif

Summary: King Ryan, known through the land as ‘The Mad King’, has built a huge kingdom for himself, thanks to a blade and a body count too high to fathom. Not many dare defy him, but those who do drown in their own blood faster than they can scream. For Gavin, it’s all he’s ever known. But he is nothing like the king. With two new faces gaining power through the land, the monarchy is threatened, and Gavin has to make a choice: be true to himself, or turn into his father?

WC: 4,489 - WIP

T: Character Death, Gore

Revenge of a King by ConsequentialGamer

Summary: Mogar and the Rose King plan to dethrone the Mad King.

WC: 1,165

T: Character Death,

Ryan/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay

Centuries by knobknocker

Summary: Ryan’s sanity slip’s threw his hand’s like liquid and soon all he knows is that he wants to be remembered for centuries and the blood lust burning the back of his throat.

WC: 1,795

T: Character Death, Dub/Non Con, Suicide


Roses by iamtheoneinthehole

Summary: Ray had always liked roses. There was something so intricate about the flowers, so ornate, yet with their beauty came a harshness, a perfect balance between radiance and ruin, between what was beautiful and what was deadly.

WC: 5,206

T: Character Death




Jack’s Den by Chooboozle

Summary: Jack wakes up alone, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Once he finds out that Geoff and him are all alone, he can’t help but feel like the “good old days”.

WC: 2,222


Little Cupcake by emjellybean

Summary: Jack and Ryan are coworkers at a bakery and both like each other. Jack wants to ask him out, but can’t figure out how. Will he be able to do it?

WC: 890


Got any fics where Jack gets angry? If not, any Jack-centric ship fics would be nice <3

I sadly couldn’t find a lot - if not any - angry Jack.



Steak In The Fridge by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: He’s not obese. Jack knows that, and he knows that having the fat he does is perfectly healthy.

WC: 1,047

T: Eating Disorder

Playing an Instrument Can Be Sexy by caffineassassian

Summary: Jack loves playing Jazz with his tenor sax, but a comment from one of his boys makes him keep it a secret from them.

WC: 1,079

Sorry I Couldn’t Be There by tower-of-gents

Summary: Jack wasn’t lounging in his regular spot, in between Ryan and Ray. He wasn’t bringing Gavin off the floor and onto his lap. He wasn’t adding his laughter at the jokes that were said. And it seemed to be a bit more chaotic without Jack’s calming tone.

WC: 1,104

Smegpot Boyfriends by madcowedgar

Summary: Jack didn’t want to complain, he didn’t want to be an annoyance and he certainly didn’t want to rock the already slightly overcrowded, slightly unstable, boat they were on.

WC: 1,830


Your Arms Are My Castle by tinypeckers

Summary: Jack’s had a really bad day and Ryan is there to remedy it.

WC: 955


New Ryack and Ramwood?


Sweet Heat by majoringinsarcasm

Summary: It happens sometimes. The tension becomes too much, rises to a boil and overflows.

WC: 1,650


Drunken Color by bmvagawood

Summary: Geoff expected maybe to be woken up by a sigh of “not again” and a pillow thrown at his face.

WC: 1,715

You Cocksucker by nightxpine

Summary: Geoff and Ryan settle their differences, although not in the most…conventional of ways. Based on Geoff’s gta heist, though with a lot less death

WC: 1,061


Pick Me Up (With Shitty Pick Up Lines) by pikaflute24

Summary: Ryan hated life.

WC: 1,462

Takin the Long Way Home by ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision


Summary: Ryan and Jack get lost on their way to a dinner party.

WC: 632

Here ya go!


Anything with Ryan as a bottom? The smuttier, the better! :)

Well, I could only manage to find one for ya.


Got it Memorized? by thisandthensome

Summary: An alternative ending for What’s in a Name? With Ryan misbehaving, Jack decides he needs to be punished.

WC: 1,452


Any Jack x Reader? or Ryan? or Ryack?

Reader Insert

Here She Is by lads-action-news

Summary: "I dunno, Jack. This is kinda serious…I mean, introducing me to your friends?" You shifted uneasily on the couch, hands hiding in between your knees. Jack/Reader [F]

WC: 575


Soulmates Versus Love by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Ryan had never really put much faith in the whole soul mate thing.

WC: 948

Sadie by kelseywritesthings 

Summary: Ryan finds an uninvited guest in the backyard, which leads to an unexpected question.

WC: 1,787

Insomniac Heart by starofthenight 

Summary: Jack has insomnia, and Ryan can’t help but say awake with him.

WC: 433

The Last Lover by OmegaFetaDeltaAlpha, RageHappyRoses 

Summary: Everyone is immortal and every few years one person is born mortal. If they are to fall in love, they’ll share the curse. Ryan happened to be mortal.

WC: 3,163 WIP


I’m afraid there aren’t many Jack/Reader inserts out there but I’ll be on the lookout for any new ones I come across!


Favourite Stories 1 Favourite Stories 2 Favourite Stories 3 Favourite Stories 4



5 Does Not Equal Six by jackinthatpattillo

Part 01 02

Summary: Jack can’t stay here. He doesn’t belong and the boys don’t need him. They won’t need him. He needs to leave before they realize that though- because he’s not sure he can deal with the fall out if he stays.

WC: 3,751 Complete


Between Kings by thisandthensome


Summary: What better way for one King to unwind then spend some special time with his fellow royalty?

WC: 1,370

For the “5 Does Not Equal 6” series, there also the other’s POV as well as a little aftermath fic, so in total 8 “parts” to this series.



The Robin to your Batman (The Louis Lane to your Superman) by technicolouredmonochrome


Summary:  When he’s not busy saving people in alleyways, he works in a small, unassuming coffee shop three blocks from their headquarters. He’s got the whole secret-identity thing down to an art form, donning thick, black-rimmed glasses and dressing so forgettably that no one really pays him any mind, except for the occasional lady that makes some half-hearted attempt at flirting with him while waiting for their coffee.

WC: 5,015


Kisses From Strangers by skree


Summary: A photographer in search of spontaneous intimacy points his viewfinder at two less-than-suspecting RT employees loose in the city of lights and sound.

WC: 1,821



This Was Definitely a Bad Idea by tinypeckers

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


Summary: Prompt: queasy + study group + inhaler

WC: 43,591 - Complete

T: Substance Abuse

  · He Had Ideas That Would Make The Devil Scream

Ryan/Jack Ryan/Gavin

Author: Pajumus

Summary: Jack and Ryan are nothing special -really.
They’re friends with benefits, except it’s more benefits and less friends, but then Ryan starts getting close to one of his students, putting his job and reputation on the line, and everything changes…

WC: 1,869 - WIP

Thank you for the submission!

whats some of the saddest character death you got?

Death 1 Death 2

Don’t get us started on sad character death fics….


One Dies When It Moves Away by glackedandmullered


Summary: You feel it from the moment you’re first aware of being human.

WC: 794

Barbara/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay

Life is a Cruel Master by iaveinabox


Summary: One minute they were joking around, the next the actions of one stranger tore him from their lives. She never expected it to hurt so much. Companion piece to sowrongbutsowrite’s Death Is a Fair Mistress. Barbvin. Sorta.

WC: 3,115


Answered by teaandotherstuff


Summary: “It took Gavin what seemed like a day to register that some of them were crying. It took him a mere second to see just how scared Michael looked. That look alone horrified him more than anything.”

WC: 979

Unfinished Business by tarquin

Summary: Unfinished Business, that’s what they call it when spirits come back.

WC: 3,437

what are some of the less than popular pairings? Nothing fro the hottest ships, but something more, quaint?

Unpopular 1 Unpopular 2

-cracks knuckles-  I’ll be your designated unpopular ship guide today. This is just a small introduction to all the smaller ships in the fandom.



Odds Are They’ll Fall in Love by jetblacknova

Summary: Chaos in the streets. Sirens wail and people scream.

WC: 416


Out On The Town by tinypeckers


Summary:  ”God, I just wanna kiss you when you dress like that.”

WC: 818


Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re HIgh? by montes-carpatus


Summary: Ray watched his cell phone buzz on the night table. Watching the light for his voicemail light up. Maybe he wasn’t under the influence this time. He was wrong.

WC: 1,996

T: Substance Abuse


The Perfect Reason by bunceglackbooshglaowbip

Summary: So it turns out talking about something while drunk is different from doing something while sober.

WC: 1,686


All I Ever Wanted by skree


Summary: People always told them they bickered like an old married couple, so it just made sense.

WC: 4,479

Um, hello there, kind people. I was hoping for some romancing of the Mister Pattillo, by any/all of the AH guys? Lots of fluff and sweet things, maybe some smut, if you're feeling generous? Perhaps some mentions of his off grumpy moments and his tattoo? Just whatever works for you. It would be much appreciated. Thank you.


There Are People Who Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth. Apparently, None of Them Have Been In Your Arms. by tinypeckers


Summary: Gavin wants to be the big spoon for once.

WC: 654


Ink by thisandthensome

Summary: A journey of Geoff and his obsessions; Tattoos and one Jack Pattillo.

WC: 5022


James by gavinsdiary

Summary: He was only a friend, but the marking said otherwise.

WC: 1,018

The Pieces by thisandthensome


Summary: Ryan noticed.

WC: 715

T: Self-Harm

The Arcade by caffeineassassin

Summary: Time-Out holds a lot of memories for the two. It’s about to help them make more.

WC: 1,078


Happy and fluffy Jack is best Jack. - Path and Pan

I know they're probably rare if there are, but are there any Bottom!Ryan fics? Any pairing.

Ryan bottoming is one of mine and Tats’ shared guilty pleasures.


Just Skin Cold Coffee by montes-carpatus

Summary: Love was like cold coffee. It sent shivers down your spine but you welcomed it to your lips in the morning.

WC: 954


Good or Bad, Just Make a Decision by mogarsmadking

Summary: Ryan’s sick, Gavin and Michael want to make him feel better.

WC: 3750


No Real Explanation by thisandthensome

Summary: Everything was deathly silent if it wasn’t for his own shuddering breaths escaping and reaching his ears. The aches in Ryan’s back from being pushed up against a wall for so long was but a minor burn. All that mattered was that Jack’s fingers kept running across his neck and down his clothed chest, ghosting along the hem of his shirt with practised and eased motions.

WC: 1655


Hot Mess by thisandthensome

Summary: When Ryan woke up that morning, he knew it was going to be one of those days.

WC: 4805

~ Ra

A fic where the boys weren't born in the Minecraft world, but pulled in due to something and now have to survive?


Couldn’t Leave My Boi by reichenbach_riots

Summary: The men at Achievement Hunter receive a curious package and decide to do what the Achievement Hunter men do and do the risky thing. Ending up in Minecraft, the men must figure out a way home.


Jack/Caiti + Grif/Simmons

Immersion by waywardwatson

Summary:The mission went wrong. It went wrong before they could truly fuck it up. Now they were two men down with a hijacked double loose and their team divided. All under the span of ten minutes.


WC: 16,656 -WIP


Foreword by ficcyshit

Summary: What do you do when you’re trapped in a digital world that is designed to destroy you, while isolated from any help? The answer is you don’t. You can only deal.

WC: 1,073

T: Illness/Trauma


maybe not a fanfiction, but a comic:

Roosterblock is an amazing comic with extra fanfiction thrown into the mix. (really the reason I got into tumblr, as a matter of fact). I highly recommend it.