Rvb reader inserts please! :)

Someone asked for Smut ones, so the first two are kinda smutty! Enjoy!

Reader Insert

Kiss It, Make it Better by Mai Blade

Summary: You stared down at the canyon. It was like a box with an open top, and there were two bases, one on either end of the canyon for Red and Blue. Caboose/Reader [F]

WC: 5,442

Dizzy Hurricane by redvsblueimagines

Summary: The bumpy road bounces you up and down inside the Warthog. Normally this wouldn’t faze you. Simmons/Reader [F]

WC: 935

Milk and Cookies by redvsblueimagines

Summary: “See you later, Maine. You did good today.” Agent York’s voice echoed from outside, followed by a low grunt. Maine/Reader [N]

WC: 341

Protective Much by redvsblueimagines

Summary: You always tried to flirt with Grif, but whenever you tried, his superior officer always interrupted with a “Grif! Simmons needs you! Again!” Grif/Reader [F]

WC: 357

A Crush by redvsblueimagines

Summary: “Dude, they like you. Just ask them out already,” North drawls. “But, how can you be sure?” “I have a sibling, Wash. I’m a little bit more than sure,” Washington/Reader [N]

WC: 621


-  Tats

any new michael x ryan smut?

We got two people asking for Myan smut, so here you both go!


Make Him Pay by cynicalgamer

Summary: When Ryan finds out Michael released Edgar, he decides to ‘talk it out’ with the kid. What he has in store, though, no one can predict.

WC: 1,248

T: Dub/Non Con

You Can’t Buy A Piece of Mind by teamcrazydicks

Part 01 02


Summary: Michael’s parents thought it would be a great idea to send him down to Georgia for the summer to be a farm hand, of all things. He had spent the plane ride fuming and wondering if he could die from the heat out of spite. But the second he catches sight of Ryan Haywood – owner of the small acreage and his boss – he thinks that maybe it’s not the heat that’s going to kill him.

WC: 22,692 - WIP

Just A Stretch by chooboozle


Summary: Ryan and Michael have a little engagement.

WC: 8,687

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Hands On Me by jeremy-6401


Summary: Ryan sexts and Michael seethes.

WC: 596


Literally anything new-ish over 10k?


Too Spooky by vivaciousWordsmith

Summary: After dying in mysterious circumstances, Michael is revived with no memory of his previous life. His search leads him down the path of darkness and monsters, where things do go bump in the night. And he’s one of them.

WC: 17,562 - WIP


Gravity by coolasdicks

Summary: Eighteen year old Michael manages to get himself into a situation where he grows wings. It’s not pretty, but at least he has company.

WC: 20,413

Crowns by Angelology

Summary: When Geoff was a child, he definitely did not expect that a war would break out and devastate their lands when he became King. He also definitely did not expect growing so close to the boys he fought beside during the battles.

WC: 31,608


Defying Expectations by dragonslastarc

Summary: In a world where Alphas, Betas and Omegas rely on their instincts to find their Packs and Mates, Ray struggles to understand what it means to be an Omega. Only when he is courted by not one, but two much desired Alphas does he begin to come into his own. And that’s when his real struggle begins. With the help of his fellow Omegas, he finds himself and manages to help his Pack along the way.

WC: 12,851 - WIP


The Aftermath by mightbeanasshole

Summary: At the urging of his colleagues, Geoff Ramsey leaves his life as a struggling college professor to teach at a posh high school in the middle of nowhere. But on his first day at the new job, Geoff’s biggest mistake is staring at him from the front row of his senior English class—and the kid isn’t about to go away. So what the hell do you do when you’re forced to spend an entire school year teaching the kid you gave a barely legal blowjob to?

WC: 15,678 - WIP


Trace my lips (With the Taste of Your Skin) by chailattemusings

Summary: Ryan Haywood had spent his whole life dating men in his own circle. Sexually open, blatantly gay, and willing to try anything new. After weeks of confusion and miscommunication, Ryan and Gavin fell for each other, and have been happily dating for several months. But Gavin is nothing like Ryan’s past boyfriends, not least because anything labeled ‘kink’ frightens the shit out of him. Ryan wants to introduce Gavin to the more adventurous side of sex; will their relationship survive all the ideas Ryan has in mind?

WC: 14,545 - WIP

- Lun

anything with brandon? or maybe miles? those two are too cute s2g

Brandon Miles 1 Brandon Miles 2


Called to Accidently Say ‘I Love You’ by yangxiaowow

Summary: Jordan orders pizza one night, and accidentally ends the phone call saying “I love you” to the pizza guy on the other end.

WC: 850

One Date Can’t Hurt…Right? by polakatthedisco

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06


Summary: When Jordan’s ex has an art show in Austin, Jordan is fully aware he needs to go there with his new boyfriend and show the ex what he’s missing. Only problem is, Jordan doesn’t have a boyfriend. What he does have is a very enthusiastic Brandon, who is more than willing to step in as ‘fake boyfriend’ for one date.

WC: 10,254  - Complete

Untitled by montes-carpatus

Summary: A simple, genderbend AU.

WC: 414

Out on the Town by tinypeckers


Summary: “God, I just wanna kiss you when you dress like that.” - Jordan “Then do it!” - Brandon.

WC: 818

You’re Not Who You Seemed by ragelovelies

Summary: Jordan makes a new friend over his love for his favorite seat.

WC: 621

You’ve Got It Written, All Over Your Face by montes-carpatus

Summary: Leather is hot, but hotter on him.

WC: 1,068

Untitled by kenezbian02

Summary: Brandon groaned as he stepped out of the shower. “You’re not listening to this shit again are you?” he hollered through the door.

WC: 198

I’m Not Jealous by burnie-church

Summary: Everyone at work knew that Brandon was a ladies’ man (or attempted to be), and because Jordan was currently staying with him, he knew it best of all. Too many nights he had come home with someone and proceeded to keep Jordan awake until she left or snuck out, while others he didn’t return until later the next day. A few times he had come in well after midnight, drunk off his ass and smelling of perfume, covered in hickies that he couldn’t seem to hide no matter what he wore. He would wake Jordan up on these nights when he fumbled in the dark for something to dull the ache in his head, not wanting to turn on the lights and always making a ruckus in the process.

WC: 9,815

Just Skin : The Artist by montes-carpatus

Summary: Jordan is an artist and Brandon is his canvas.

WC: 1,142

Slob by towerofrad

Summary: Brandon flipped through the channels on his tiny apartment television. He was lying on the couch, wearing some pajama pants and a dirty t-shirt.

WC: 775

Anyone/anyone daddy kink? Thank you!

I feel like a right arse.

I had everything for this all set to be formatted before I left for my expedition and I came back and it wasn’t done, so I quickly tidied this up for you. Someone in this week (Oct. 16-22) had just ask for daddy kink, so this is for them as well.

So bloody sorry ;n;


I’ll Tie You Up and You Call Me Daddy by imagination-and-fanfiction


Summary: Gavin likes being in front of the camera and when he decides to tease Burnie during his meeting, the older male has an idea about how to punish the Brit during their lunch break

WC: 3,211

Like a Hug, But Tighter by DarkPhilanthropy 

Summary: A special night for Gavin and Burnie, the not-so-secret lovers.

WC: 1,206


Shots and Kisses, Never Misses by chooboozle 


Summary: Michael and Geoff get have a little too much for the celebration - but, it helps because Geoff needs to take care of his “lovely little Lad” anyway, right?

WC: 4,340

Let’s Play the Quiet Game by teammuchrespect 


Summary: It’s been a while since Geoff has had the time to fuck Michael properly and, really, Michael’s been needing some rough sex for a while now.

WC: 2,770


It Takes Courage to Ask by iamthatmonster 

Summary: Gavin is one kinky motherfucker, and Michael knows that better than anyone. One day he requests something of Michael that’s more of a surprise than usual.

WC: 3,099




First Impressions by grif

Summary: The mercenaries first impressions of each other.

WC: 7,781

Here’s My Wishlist, Darling by ergo_existence

Summary: His monologues weren’t the only detracting factor.

So it’s really a puzzle of fate how they meet. And why they stay.

WC: 3,694

House of Wolves by coldwarqueer

Summary: Locus likes to think of himself as a contractor.

He says “contractor” because he is not allowed to say “freelancer” (that name has been patented, apparently) and “mercenary” doesn’t taste good on his tongue.

WC: 3,959

Tar by swehhss

Summary: There’s a few things Locus struggles to say—well, really only ever one.

That’s why he has Felix to take it all out.

WC: 1,059

-Ronnie and Myo

Mad King 1 Mad King 2

Reader Insert

The Kings Demands by gavinsgubbin

Summary: King Ryan wants more entertainment than what’s being performed in front of him and uses you for that. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 2,576

T: Dub/Non Con

Untitled by placesblogfordumbstuff

Summary: The Mad King isn’t as scary as he seems to be. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 1,219



brandon or ben in anything?

Not a whole lot of Ben stuff, nor did I find a lot in the Brandon Department, I’m really sorry.


Snuggle Buddies by tinypeckers


Summary: Blankets.

WC: 786


One Date Can’t Hurt…Right? by PolkaAtTheDisco 

Summary: When Jordan’s ex has an art show in Austin, Jordan is fully aware he needs to go there with his new boyfriend and show the ex what he’s missing. Only problem is, Jordan doesn’t have a boyfriend. What he does have is a very enthusiastic Brandon, who is more than willing to step in as ‘fake boyfriend’ for one date.

WC: 10,254 - Complete


A Deal Is a Deal by XCabooseRTRvb 

Summary: Ben changes some stuff on the website and doesn’t expect this to happen.

WC: 404

T: Self-Harm


Are there any fics involving Matt, Jeremy, or Kdin?

TATS NOTE: I recently made a post on my main account about the ship name for this (because hell yeah I’m jumping on board)and the consensus or at least the majority, are going to go for Keratt.(KdinJeremyMatt)

This fic has mentioned Kdin as the main character but it hasn’t been updated yet and, I’m looking forward to seeing Kdin in this role!


Barbara/Arryn + Burnie/Ashley + Geoff/Griffon

Whispers From the Walls by not_the_real_Vav

Summary: Kdin Jenzen, while walking home from school one day, stumbles upon a strange arch. He doesn’t understand what the strange letters engraved in the stone arch mean but he knows it something important. But it’s over a brick wall? There’s nothing beyond the arch …

or is there?

WC: 634 - WIP

T: Gore

Kdin, Matt and Jeremy should be The Three Musketeers, Path

Do you have any PTSD fics?


Blur by achievementboyfriends

Summary: I was always screaming inside because I had all these experiences pent up from my time in Afghanistan and no one to talk about them to, in fear of scaring them away. Gavin though, he just scoots over to my side of the booth and hugs me once I’m done reminiscing, genuinely hugs me in a way that has me sobbing in the middle of this sickeningly-sweet frozen yogurt shop.

WC: 1,537

T: Mental Illness

Michael/Gavin + Dan/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon + Michael/Lindsay

Free & Jones by Pence

Summary: Free & Jones follows the letters sent between two young men separated by an ocean but joined together by a war they both can only sit by and watch. While both think little of the letters sent between each other, they don’t quite realize just how much they depend on them to continue on and get by each day.

WC: 1,225 - WIP

T: Character Death, Mental Illness


  • Path

AH OT6 coming out to the office?


Insecurities by coolasdicks

Summary: AH OT6 Prompt: “sorry I don’t want to bother you but can you make a fic where lindsay finds out about the relationship and starts fangirling and freaking out and asking about whose bottom, and michael starts freaking out super embarrassed and says nothing. lindsey freaks out and tries asking the other guys and michael freaks out and tries with all his might to keep her away from them so they can’t tell her hes a huge bottom. sorry n////n”

WC: 8,149

AH OT6 + Michael/Gavin

One Thing Leads To Another by Destielinthebunker

Summary: Telling people about your relationship can be hard, especially when you’re also coming out by doing it. Sometimes, however, doing so can lead to something even better.

WC: 878


Sorry if they don’t fit fully - Ronnie

Mad King/Reader (Ryan/Reader) or Mavin AUs?

Try in here too! We also have another post or two coming this batch with some Mavin’s AU.


Reader Insert

Catalyst  by achievemenhunter


Summary: The one where you accidentally start a war. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 3,584

- Tats

Any threesome fic please!


I Love You by tinypeckers


Summary: Gavin has had plenty of chances to say I love you.

WC: 921

T: Character Death

Plan 3G by Stinacat

Summary: It’s not exactly the first time. But it isn’t…not, either.

WC: 2,863


Chilly Swimmies by tinypeckers


Summary: Michael, Gavin, and Lindsay celebrate the last swimmy bevs of the summer.

WC: 1,300


-Jyn uvu

Any GTA AUs?



The Great Sealand Takeover by whalehuntingboyfriends

Summary: When the mysterious and very dangerous ‘Edgar’ starts moving in on Geoff’s territory, he’s not amused. He is even less amused when Edgar targets his boyfriend, Jack - forcing him to team up with mercenaries Michael and Ray to stop him. Things do not go as planned and suddenly they’re all stuck together, on the run and working to bring him down - along with Ryan, the ‘mad mercenary’ who holds a grudge against Edgar, and Gavin, a data analyst with his own secrets.

And of course, because things aren’t already complicated as hell, they just have to start falling for each other.

WC: 72,723 - WIP

I’m Gonna Swing from The Chandelier by RyanTheTwit

Summary: No one can exactly pin point when Gavin started slipping away. Maybe it was when he kept knocking back shots after shots. Maybe it was when the best known gang was down to five, then four, then two. Maybe it was when they found him in the morning. Maybe it was when it was like it started. Together, and apart.

WC: 1,498

T: Character Death


The Desert Queen by CrystalInstinct

Summary: Ruling the northern parts of Los Santos and Blaine County with a gruesome reputation you co-exist with the Fake AH Crew. When a heist goes wrong do you reveal and risk yourself to save your rivals from certain death?

WC: 8,258 - WIP

Readers 1 Readers 2

Reader Insert

The Red Knight by kelseywritesthings

Part 01 02 03 04 05

Summary: King Ryan has bestowed upon you the glorious task of…babysitting The Red Knight and making sure he does not interfere with things in the newly crowned King Gavin’s kingdom. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 24,926 - Complete

Brand New Neighbours AU by luffles424

Summary: There’s a knock at your door and you curse, kicking a pile of boxes on your way to the door. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 239

Lab Partners AU by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: “I’m sorry you got stuck with me for your lab partner.” You sighed as you sat in your new seat next to that guy you didn’t really know. Ray/Reader [N]

WC: 325

Best Friend’s Sister by gussorelex

Summary: ”You’re Michael’s sister.” “I’m twenty-five.” “You’re Michael’s twenty-five year old sister.” Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 897

Baby Ray by ladymogar

Summary: ”Oh, jesus. Who brought the pregnant lady?” Gus complained, looking up from where they were about to film the Podcast. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 1,995

- Qunn