Have any Mad king AUs sprouted up?


How the Mad King Became by hope1090


Summary: The story of how Ryan became The Mad King and what followed after.

WC: 5,176 - WIP


Misplaced by achievemenhunter

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07


Summary: Ryan had always found the whole ‘Mad King’ persona that had been pushed onto him rather amusing. But when he finds himself trapped in a world where everyone expects him to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty monarch, the joke somewhat loses its humour.

WC: 17,556 - WIP

T: Character Death


Any new male reader inserts? Also any fanfictions with an asexual member?

I’m sorry, we still have no male reader fics! For asexual fics, you can start with this awesome list that was in the tags.

Asexual 1 Asexual 2


Boundaries by teamachievementhunters

Summary: Ray loved his boys. He really did; they were all wonderful and different in their own way and the way they showed how much they loved him made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

WC: 1,581

Sometimes by blackkristin

Summary: 99 times out of 100, Ryan won’t have sex when the other guys do.

WC: 1,241


Love or Salvation by orphan_account

Summary: Chris Demarais is not broken. There’s nothing wrong with him, he knows that. He hears it all the time, that he just hasn’t found his soulmate. He believes it, even.

WC: 843

Any bottom Grif grimmons fics?


I Can Do This….Maybe? by mybulletproofromance 

Summary: Grimmons First Time, what more can I say?

WC: 1,082

Untitled by ryanthevagabond 

Summary: First Time Grimmons with Bottom!Grif

WC: 1,084

Fighting the Heat by LithiumCrystal 

Summary: It’s been real hot in Blood Gulch recently

WC: 5,861

Untitled by st-franz

Summary: When Grif bottoms, he’s a power bottom.

WC: 671

- Quinn

So we keep getting the same ask a few times a month about watersports. I happen across this today so here! They mention that watersports is/will be a thing but idk.- Tats


Solo Cups, and Transatlantic Flights by assholecandymagic

Summary: In his semi-permanent, kind of, not really, home in Austin, Texas; Gavin Free learns to deal with his sexuality, the Ramsey’s near-alcoholism, the pains of distance, and how two loving people can make things feel better.

WC: 2,094WIP

underage? it can be teen/adult or teen/teen !!

We filled out a Underage!Gavin request a few weeks ago: here it is if you want to check out more underage fics.



Coming of Age: Give Me Your Lips And With One Kiss We Begin by montes-carpatus


Summary: Sex Education leaves out emotional attachments.

WC: 2,176


You Were a Kindness by imaginedecember 

Summary: Ray memorized combinations and techniques in order to conquer games but JJ was a game that he had never dealt with before. JJ was different than anything he was used to. Keep mashing buttons, he told himself.

WC: 9,914


Untitled by alligotwasthiscrappyhat 

Summary: “You cannot fail this class, Ray.”

WC: 1,342


First Time by gavin-expensive 

Summary: "You want some help?"

WC: 395

Your Coming of Age and Teen Love Expert, Path

Any smut? Reader smuts? I cant see any reader tags for some reason):! Please and thank you! :D

Reader Insert

Trading Places by jennarebeccaxx

Summary: Why should you wait until tomorrow to see Gavin again? You had a key to his apartment…why not just surprise him with a nightcap? Gavin/Reader [F]

WC: 2,434

Light Reading by kelseywritesthings

Summary: JJ catches you reading something a little…erotic in bed, so he makes you read it out loud. JJ/Reader [F]

WC: 1,685

Heat Wave by kelseywritesthings

Summary: Hot sweaty sex. Some of it in the shower. Joel/Reader/Ray [F]

WC: 2,913

Lovin’ and Touchin’ by rt-readerinsers

Summary: You can’t remember the last time Joel touched you, and you want that to change.  Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1,217

Mogar is Ready! by kelseywritesthings

Summary: After a night of bevs, Michael is eager to get you home. Michael/Reader [F]

WC: 1,519



Any new reader inserts? The ones with out names already? Even male ones

Reader Insert

Grad Night - The Ride Home by matthewhellamy

Summary:  It had been an exhausting but festive night. You and Ray were ready to fall asleep, but what’s a few more minutes of affection? Ray/Reader [N]

WC: 291

Weekend Shenanigans by gavin-expensive 

Summary: "Want to try something new?" Ryan/Reader [N]

WC: 1,515

The Day Of Problems by rt-readerinserts 

Summary: You’ve had a rough day at work and Ryan notices and tries to help you. Ryan/Reader [N]

WC: 633


  · Lips Are For Biting Here



Author: ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision

Summary: Gavin brings up the suggestion that they should try something new and more risqué in their sex life. Ryan and Jack are more than happy to oblige.

WC: 5,113

Thank you for the submission!

Any RTX-related fics, please?


The Panel by imagination-and-fanfiction


Summary: Gavin’s in trouble, he has been for a while. Burnie decides that on that day of the Achievement Hunter panel that he’ll take advantage of the punishment that Gavin is long over due for

WC: 2,869


If my Heart was a House, You’d Be Home by montes-carpatus

Summary: Home wasn’t England.

WC: 289


Ryan the Confused Guy by ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision

Summary: Gavin teases Ryan and is blatantly suggestive during RTX. Ryan notices, but still doesn’t understand. Gavin decides to remedy this.

WC: 1,696

Untitled by ryanthevagabond

Summary: Ryan was trying to keep the smile on his face for the fans, trying being the key word, but during the Achievement Hunter panel it was clear something was off.

WC: 309

The Best Sleeping Pill by illputyouallinthehole


Summary: It’s RTX weekend, fun but hectic, but Ryan and Gavin steal as many private moments together as they can.

WC: 805



If it isn't too much trouble, some Red vs Blue Smut please? :D thank you.


Fluffy Sugar Lace by ScissorSheep

Summary: Donut Puts on his best lingerie, complete with a fluffy lightish red collar. Doc is impressed and aroused. Sex ensues… fluffy sex.

WC: 1,126


Progeny by ScissorSheep

Summary: Locus and Felix have an argument which leads to more arguing which busts into a who can outwit the other. The results… Beautiful mind blowing sex. Your welcome.

WC: 3,620

T: Dub/Non Con


I Hate You… Let’s Fuck by Mybulletproofromance

Summary: Felix and Tucker hate each other….They really really do.

WC: 830


Oh No, My Shorts Are Slipping by apeskyhedgehog

Summary: Tucker and Wash are more or less acquaintances, bumping into each other from time to time, making small talk before going on their way. Wash doesn’t know much about the other man but, he knows for sure that he likes him. When York surprises him on his birthday with a (male) stripper, things get a bit more complicated.

WC: 9,569

- Ronnie

Any new Lunacross? I've been DYING for my fix...

Lunacross 1 Lunacross 2


If You Leave by IWriteLove

Summary: He didn’t trust anyone, not since what had happened. He had barely trusted anyone his whole life… So why, why was he letting his brown eyed, brown haired optimist so close when he was just going to die or leave him like everyone else?

WC: 9,859 -WIP

Handsome and the Minotaur by shinjutori and alligotwasthiscrappyhat

Part 01 02


Summary: There was a story of a house, a mansion, hidden somewhere in the depths of the woods outside Austin. In this house there dwells a terrifying creature, a beast which is neither human nor animal that no man dares venture into the cursed wood to see.That story is just considered a fairy tale at best by many, at worse a stupid rumor to prevent kids from getting kidnapped or murdered. However like all tales there is some fact to the legend…

WC: 3,641 -WIP

Tentacles by alligotwasthiscrappyhat


Summary: For Anon who wanted “Lunacross tentadicks”

WC: 848

Animal Instincts by lunacrossed-lovers


Summary: Person A is a hybrid in a world that hates his kind and person B thinks that they hybrid is cute, despite how many people disapprove.

WC: 1,590

Hey, Have You Seen The…? Oh. by alligotwasthiscrappyhat

Summary: Kerry doesn’t want to talk about it, but Miles tries to fix it (with sex)

WC: 708

dirtiest dirty dirt you can find. the smuttiest smut. the lemonist lemon.


Watching by fuckthenaysayers

Summary: Ray called out softly, the trio turning to look at him, all grinning a bit devilishly. Gavin motioned for him to come over. “Geoff and Michael decided to have a little fun on their own, so we’re watching and enjoying the show.”

WC: 1,542


Let Me Do You Like an Animal by RageHappyRoses 

Summary: A collection of kinks for separate RT/AH Pairings.

WC: 5,464


Beg for it by tugavin 

Summary: Joel wants Ray to beg, but he’s also very impatient.

WC: 1,599


underage! gavin x geoff or burnie...

Bringing back some old Underage!Gavin fics so we can bundle them up in one post,



Sacrilege, Sacrilege. by beenmawedvagabond

Summary: To anyone else, a thirty-three year old and a sixteen year old hanging out together was creepy and weird and disgusting, but to Gavin, it was the chance of a lifetime. He had no idea how many times this convention would exist past this weekend, and he wanted to spend every waking moment he could in Burnie’s presence - maybe even see if he could convince him to bring him over to America for a summer. Gavin had big dreams, to say the least.

WC: 4,915

The First Time They Met by pedoshaming 


Summary: It’s not until she stops in front of you and starts babbling about how excited she is to finally meet you that you realize she is actually a he.

WC: 3,278


Bad Boy by dontwalktomordor

Summary: Gavin was always a bit of a trouble maker

WC: 1,091

Forgive Me Father, For I have Sinned by rtfanfics 

Summary: Gavin had been going to Catholic schools all of his educational life and he had hated them for about that same amount of time. The entire thing was idiotic. Everyone had to wear stupid uniforms and you could barely tell someone apart from another unless you knew the back of their head. And the services were incredibly boring. Who wants to sit down every day and read from the Bible and sing? Not Gavin.

WC: 2,196

Underage!Gavin fics remind me of Lolita, Path

  · Beg For It


Author: tugavin

Summary: Joel wants Ray to beg, but he’s also very impatient.

WC: 1,599

Thank you for the submission!

Any fics, new or old, with dirty talk or sexting? :)

Smut 1 Smut 2


Phone by fuckthenaysayers

Summary: “When you first called me every other word out your mouth was a stutter and you pretty much had a panic attack when you almost told me your actual name.”

WC: 4,365 - Complete


Tonight I’m a Give It To You Harder by pajumus

Summary: Gavin is just about to be interviewed with Burnie on some LA talk show when Michael begins to send him some very interesting text messages.

WC: 1,262

On Display, For All To See by quackingfish

Summary: Michael’s gone back to Jersey to visit her parents, and she ends up having kinky phone sex with Gavin.

WC: 1,610

Trilingual by spn4evr

Summary: Michael makes a deal with Gavin. Gavin can top but only if he talks dirty in Italian and German.

WC: 1,294