Rayxreader smut?

This is everything new in regards to anything remotely smutty with Ray and readers. You can see the others here. Enjoy. We are still working out sorting the readers out more (sorry)

Reader Insert

Bad Day by kelseywritesthings

Summary: The day started out so good, then you had a bad day at work. Michael/Reader/Ray [F]

WC: 3619

Untitled by atopachievement

Summary: You’d been given as a coronation gift to the newest King of Achievement City; they called him the Red King. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 300

- Tats

Sexytimes Joelay


Showers (of Love) by Amari

Summary: Ray decided that taking a Shower at 2am was the best time to take a shower.

WC: 11,269

New Horizons by luffles424 

Summary: Joel wants to try something new.

WC: 2,929

Devour me Whole by skree 


Summary: There’s this horrible misconception about blowjobs that paints the giver as a blushing, submissive lover catering to the recipient like it was their saving grace, and Ray had never challenged that – in part, because he gave them, and he truly, madly, deeply loved doing it.

WC: 3,462 

Salt Skin (And Chlorine Hair)  by skree


Summary: A late-night-turned-early-morning rendezvous between two very different people stems from a suggestion to go for a swim, because for whatever reason, the idea wasn’t unappealing.

WC: 3,642

Phone’s Aren’t Just for Texting by imagination-and-fanfiction 

Summary: Joel liked talking on the phone with Ray rather than texting.

WC: 1,173

He Burns Hot by friendlydischarge 

Summary: Joel was aware he had strange fixations.

WC: 4,902

-Jyn <3 All the Sexytime Joelay

  · A New Companion



Author: foreverragehappy

Summary: “Puppies are adorable.”


“Ya. We should get one.”

“….That would require putting in the effort to keep a being other than ourselves healthy and, more importantly, alive, even when on the brink of death due to heavy workloads. Are you sure you’re capable of that?”

“…Probably. Well, I mean, I’ve never had a pet, but YOLO, right?”

WC: 2966

Thank you for the submission!

  · Bondage


Part 1 2 3

Author: fuckthenaysayers

Summary: “Y-Yeah.” he whispered back when he realized he hadn’t responded yet, and he could hear a quiet laugh and feel the man’s heat fade as Gavin sat up again. “If you want to stop, just say it at any time. Otherwise, I’ll continue how I like.” Michael swallowed and nodded, letting the other man know he understood. There was silence now, Michael left to freak out in his head about what was going on. He didn’t really have a problem with getting tied up, he thought it was pretty kinky but that was about it. But to not be able to see Gavin, and to fully relinquish control like this was what was hard to deal with.

WC: 4843 - Complete

Thank you for the submission!

Are there any fics where Gavin is very submissive towards Michael?

Nothing that new but look here and here


Sneak a Peak by totallycheesey

Summary: Gavin knew Michael was watching.

WC: 2123

- Grace

Perhaps a Mavin with King!Gavin and Michael has to do EVERYTHING Gavin tells him to do *wink~wink*

Sorry I could only find two.


A Night With the King by redfergus803

Summary: Michael wasn’t entirely sure how he had ended up in such a position. In fact, if you might have told him about it just a day ago, he would have laughed right in your face. He hated the King-no, despised him. So how did he end up in His Majesty’s bed?

WC: 3316

The Gentle King’s Holiday by theburningbread

Summary: King Gavin and his royal knight Mogar spend the day wandering the castle, spending time with all of its inhabitants as the castle is decorated for the holidays.

WC: 3474

- Ronnie.

Any new Raychael? Smut or fluff, doesn't matter to much c:


Crossfire by imaginedecember

Summary: Ray was just lonely. If he kept repeating that to himself, then everything would be alright. Until he met the stranger he was supposed to kiss.

WC: 2417

Bathroom Stall by rtfanfics

Summary: The single bathroom was broken so Ray has to jerk off in the stalls. And is caught.

WC: 2171

Fasten Your Seatbelts by brattyloser via ragehappyvalentine

Summary: Michael and Ray work at an amusement park. After it closes down for the night, Michael convinces Ray to sneak in with him because there are few things quite as romantic as running around an empty amusement park after dark.

WC: 4630

Where Is Your Boy? by kenezbian02

Summary: Ray and Dan have mixed feelings about Michael and Gavin, respectively. Kinda inspired by Fall Out Boy’s “Where Is Your Boy” but not a songfic.

WC: 1343

- Tats and Pan

are there any mavin fics with bottom michael? any mavinsay fics?

Not Mavin per-say but here! I enjoyed it c:

Here are a few!


Heat by coolasdicks

Summary: The guys find out that some cats do indeed go through ‘heat’.

WC: 5173


Smutty Smutness by pewdiepubes

Summary: In which Michael wants to join.

WC: 1325

Three’s Company by ariphyll

Summary: Polygamous couples aren’t the norm in society, and Gavin knew that when he started dating Michael and Lindsay. He just wasn’t sure if it was still the right choice.

WC: 2213

- The Team

Any other reader insert smut fics that aren't from gavinsgubbin? Please and thank you!

To be honest, aside from everything we have on the blog, I haven’t seen many new smut readers that we don’t have already that aren’t gavinsgubbin. I found some Ryan’s though eue

Reader Insert

I Dont Like This Movie by ryanhaywoodimagines

Summary: Ryan distracts you from a particularly horrible movie. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 1988

Untitled by ryanhaywoodimagines

Summary: It’s the King’s birthday, and you are one of the maidens that are presented to him as a “gift”. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 1659

- Tats eue

Any werewolf stuff?

Nothing new :(


The Human in You by thepackswantsthed

Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 

Summary: In which Geoff is the alpha and Ryan is the human who makes sure everyone is okay.

WC: 8274 - Complete


Do you kill at night? by TheMostPsychotic

Summary: Gavin, a young werewolf under the tutelage and protection of the Ramsey pack, accidentally bites a human coworker. It’s bad enough that he fucked up so badly, even worse that he did it to his Michael, but worst of all is that Michael’s body doesn’t quite respond like he should. Gavin takes responsibility.

WC: 4128 - WIP

T: Gore

Shifting by SanneARBY

Summary: The lads are playing some minecraft and as usual they are bringing it up on Gavin. Gavin however can’t handle it anymore and drastically changes.

WC: 892


Instinct by tats

Summary: The one thing that any and every animal on this planet cannot ignore is their instinct. It pushes them forward.

WC: 1219


- So-tired-of-the-lack-of-werewolf-fics Lun

Do you have any orgasm denial fics? or perhaps watersports.


Hot Mess by thisandthensome via ragehappysecretsanta


Summary: When Ryan woke up that morning, he knew it was going to be one of those days.

WC: 4804

- Tats

any king gavin???


To The Non-Believer by gavy-no-free

Summary: Gavin had been crowned king, succeeding the Mad King and shocking everyone.

WC: 1,088


Crowned Fool by chaoticpeace10

Summary: Blood dripped from the tip of his diamond blade as he slightly moved through the blood covered halls. The halls that had once been grand, covered in paintings or tapestries, depending on the king that sat on the throne at the time. He wasn’t sure if ‘king’ was a proper word to describe the rulers of the kingdom of Achievement City though… not anymore…

WC: 5,168

T: Character Death, Abuse


A King Arises by alittlebitgayandmore

Summary: Gavin, the jester turned king, was highly underestimated. However, his ruthless behaviour and bloodlust took everyone by surprise. Then again, he learned from the best.

WC: 1,846

T: Gore

-Jyn (and Help from Tats and the Community)

Is there any king of Gavin being tag teamed or gangbang or something floating around? Doesn't matter the pairings.


Achievement Unlocked: Ray Joined the Party by rawrimamidget

Summary: Go get Gavin and Michael for lunch, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

WC: 2591

Team Lads Action News Team by bunceglackbooshglowbip

Summary: Gavin the voyeuristic cameraman. Ray the reporter who likes to be heard. Michael the producer who makes sure that somehow they don’t get fired. They’re probably the best and worst part of the RAHT News morning line-up.

WC: 1555

10/10 Would Bang Again by tinypeckers

Summary: Michael and Gavin introduce Ray into their little game.

WC: 2169

Selfish by thatssorayvin

Summary: ”Erm well. It’s basically a mavin bdsm relationship & they invite ray to watch. And Michael ties gav up w.e and he starts kissing ray and gavin wants attention so gavin tries to plead so Michael glares at him and tells gav to shut up and gavin’s all ‘yes sir’ and erm yes.” -tinypeckers

WC: 1200

- Nova

Any prison AU? Preferably with Ryan and/or Ray c:


The Prisoner Named Free by Emfrgo

Summary: Gavin Free, a British citizen, is locked up in an American prison in the heart of Texas. He’s scared. And angry. And he knows he doesn’t fit in. He wants to go home. He plans on doing his time and getting the hell out of there, but he accidentally finds a family in his cellmates.

WC: 4370 - Discontinued

Michael/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon + Ray/Joel

The Caged Bird Doesn’t Always Sing by Rainistorm 

Summary: When Gavin gets caught in a bank robbery, he’s sent to one of the toughest prisons in Texas, where he’ll become part of the Achieve men gang, a group of men led by Geoff Ramsey that rule the prison. He’ll deal with crooked prison guards, unruly inmates, and even find love in the brawn of the men, Michael Jones.

But with the hard life of prison, can they all make it out alive?

WC: 9382 - WIP

do have any long Raychael fics? Like, over at least 4000 words? I don't care if it's smut, or angst, or fluff, I just need it, please! Thank youu, lovelies <3


Degrees of Madness by stephluvvsyou

Part 1 2

Summary: “At least tell me,” Ray remarked, using a knee to nudge his Xbox upwards to get a better grip on it, “Are you going to be okay?”

It took Michael a moment to answer; but the ginger haired boy had rolled his eyes upon the fact that the Puerto Rican didn’t seem in a hurry to leave until he got a response. He propped his chin in his hand, “I’ll be fine, Ray.”

WC: 13243 - Complete

T: Illness/Trauma


Teamwork by miihaun

Summary: “Dude Team Lads man, we take care of our own.”

WC: 3315