are there any juggey pegging fics out there? can't find one and i need one like air to breathe. thanks!!


Some Things Just Make Sense (And One of those Is You and I) by quackingfish

Summary: "Juggey . Pegging. That’s it. That’s the prompt. If you want to include choking…I wouldn’t be…totally…against it…"

WC: 1,307

Take Down by bunceglackbooshglaowbip

Summary: A suggestion, then a bet, then a fulfillment. Though to be fair, it was pretty much the same way everything in their relationship happened.

WC: 5,086

Michael/Lindsay + Geoff/Griffon/Gavin

Morbid Curiosity and Voyeurism by Masked Player

Summary: Lindsay finds out that Geoff and Griffon keep Gavin around as their boy toy. Griffon invites Lindsay over for a playdate to watch. Lindsay tells Michael all about it, which sparks his curiosity in what sex with Geoff Ramsey and Gavin Free is like.

WC: 4,272 - WIP

- Tabs

  · Yearn to Learn


Author: Isyys

Summary: Yang fantasizes about her favorite professor in class, and she takes a once in a lifetime opportunity.

WC: 7,140

Thank you for the submission!

I ask that you provide me with kinky Ray. and you know I don't care what kind of anything. just... kinky ray.


From An Exchange to a Relationship by apeskyhedgehog

Summary: Joel has wealth and lots of it and even with all that wealth he still keeps close to his boy, Ray. He loves his boy and would do anything for the nineteen year old. When he comes home to find Ray not only asleep but, completely naked in their bed, Joel soon finds out that Ray has been disobeying him.

WC: 3,727

Showers (of Love) by remember-the-mole

Summary: Ray decided that taking a Shower at 2 am was the best time to take a shower.

WC: 11,293


Disobedient Puppies Get Punished by Chooboozle

Summary: Ray is legally deemed to be the pet of Ryan Haywood, although he isn’t fond of the whole “being owned” idea. Ryan then shows him what it is like whenever pets are rude and disrespectful to their master.

WC: 5,185

Jailbait by Chooboozle

Summary: Ray Narvaez Jr. is a rookie at Polunsky Texas Institute; otherwise known as deathrow. Ryan Haywood is the more notorious serial killer that is residing there and one day, Ray has to check up on him.

WC: 4,231

T: Dub/Non Con

-Victoria :)

There's this one spy series involving Gavin being like a triple agent and betraying everyone but I can't remember what it was called. I know it's like an ahot6 or at the very least it's Ryan/Gavin/Ray.

Michael/Gavin/Ray + AH OT6

You Put The ‘Ass’ in Assassin by iamtheoneinthehole

Summary: Ray was one of the world’s most skilled assassins, so when he’d heard that Roosterteeth were sending one of their agents to ‘take care’ of him, he’d foolishly believed he was ready for anything they could possibly throw at him… But then again, Ray could never anticipated the loveable idiot that was Gavin David Free.

WC: 7,808 - WIP


Situation by achievemenhunter

Summary: Agent Haywood was often frowned upon or critiqued for his unusual methods, but no one in the Agency could argue - he got results.

WC: 19,410 - WIP

Ryan/Ray/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

With My Little Eye by bunceglackbooshglaowbip

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Summary: Hack the terminals. Get in and out undetected. And whatever you do, don’t run into any of those damn mercs.

WC: 58,418 - WIP

T: Character Death


So sorry that I couldn’t find the specific fic you requested, but I did find some spy!Gavin AUs!


- Tabs and Tea

Teacher x Student

Found some Freewood Teacher/Student for you!! <3



Teacher’s Pet by Rainistorm

Summary: Ryan is a fresh, new teacher, and he’s both nervous and excited for his first class ever. Things get more complicated when a rude, sarcastic student named Gavin takes a liking to him, and Ryan can’t help but notice how attractive he is.

WC: 4,167 - Complete

Untitled by jamesbabewood

Summary: Gavin’s eyes shot up at the sound, now paying full attention to his teacher at the front of the room. A blush crept up on his face when he saw the man who’d be teaching him all year.

WC: 1,355


Can Ryan replace my University professors this semester? - Path

Joel centric fics?

Joel Fics 1 Joel Fics 2


Outlast the Night by teaandotherstuff

Summary: It took far too long to get it organised. There weren’t many authentic haunted houses or asylums in Austin, surprisingly, most of them created off the back of someone wanting to earn a quick buck. Apparently people lapped up the idea of the supernatural, and getting scared shitless.

That was the real kicker.

WC: 3,334


Dear Joel by CJAcrologic

Summary: Prompt: Character A is an important executive who travels around the world and is never home. Character B is the new boy/girlfriend and sends letters/emails to A while they’re away

Dear Joel,

Hey, it’s Ray, I mean, you can probably tell because it’s my handwriting and sent from our return address, but… Lemme start over.

WC: 1,805

Angels and Demons by Exterminatorviolence

Summary: Prompt fill for: Joel is an old powerful angel and Ray is a fledgling demon. As a joke, Ray has to seduce and woo Joel, unknowing of his status, he agrees. Joel finds Ray amusing and goes along with it. (They fall in love with each other unknowingly).

AKA: AU where Ray has too woo Joel, and thinks that sex is the best way to do it.

WC: 3,455WIP

Can you do Yang/Neptune?

Weiss/Ruby + Yang/Neptune

Sporting and Sportsmanship by lyingmap

Summary: Weiss Schnee, star of the Mistral University Maidens handball team, has an accident on the court with Ruby Rose, a new player for the Vale College Vixens. Sparks look pretty as they fly, but they also start fires.

WC: 9,793 - WIP

Yang/Neptune + None

Sometimes, You Just Need A Little More Gun by PeoplexLikexGrapes

Summary: Remnant is threatened by a new type of Grimm. Will our heroes be able to fight this new threat? In their bad-ass robot Titans they stand a chance against this rising evil. But there are tough times ahead. Will all our heroes be able to see the end of this terror?

WC: 8,615 - WIP


The Gun Show: Shots Fired by Caterson_The_mortal

Summary: Yang Xiao Long. Sun Wukong. Neptune Vasilias. What do they have in common: their good looks, their sense of humor, the fact that they (and Blake) live together? The answer is that all three of them have some fucking sweet guns.

WC: 1,716

- Ronnie (Tara and Aly helped)

I heard that requests were open so I would really love some smutty WashxNorthxYork fics. the smuttier the better plz <3


So Full of Pride by sellswordking

Summary: Life was full of stressors, like family, work, and everyday irritations that could drive a guy out of his mind if he wasn’t careful.

WC: 2,560 - WIP

Movie Night - Take Two by Churbooseanon

Summary: Washington was one of seven. One of five. One of less. Yet there was York and North, always there to support him no matter how bad it got. How could he not come to care for them?

WC: 12,439

How One Became Three by Ceredonia

Summary: Broken into three parts, each from one point of view—York, Wash, North.

Porn, some plot. Playing with first-person perspective.

WC: 12,076

With a Hand Between Your Thighs by desiredeffect

Summary: Apparently the UNSC had been getting creative with experimentation ever since the Sarcophagus incident.

WC: 5,001

- Nova and Tats

any super rough smuts? preferably freewood or mavin!


I’m a Screamer (Baby Make Me Mute) by bookworm1805

Summary: The rules are simple: do what Michael says until he can’t say anything at all.

WC: 3,231

Short on Time by My_Black_Crimson_Rose6

Summary: Living at home was hard. Living at home in high school and having a relationship plain sucked. It made having sex next to impossible at times. So of course when Geoff, Griffon and Millie go out for the day Gavin naturally invites his boyfriend over for a good romp.

WC: 2,165 

Michael/Ray + AH OT6

Watch Me  by coolasdicks

Summary: Michael is incredibly frustrating, even on a good day. In which Ray works out his frustrations in bed, in a way that Michael comes to crave.

WC: 4,415


The Mask by achievemenhunter

Summary: Gavin has worked for Geoff’s crew for years now, procuring and creating the explosives that were used for the gang’s bigger jobs. In all that time, he’s learned next to nothing about the crew’s mysterious hitman, Ryan Haywood - not even what his face looks like, because for whatever unsettling reason, the man wears a skull mask at all times.

Most people would respect the privacy of someone in their line of business that chose not to show their face - especially someone with as high a body count as Ryan - but, well… Gavin’s always been too curious for his own good.

WC: 4,072


- Victoria

Have any Mad king AUs sprouted up?


How the Mad King Became by hope1090


Summary: The story of how Ryan became The Mad King and what followed after.

WC: 5,176 - WIP


Misplaced by achievemenhunter

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07


Summary: Ryan had always found the whole ‘Mad King’ persona that had been pushed onto him rather amusing. But when he finds himself trapped in a world where everyone expects him to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty monarch, the joke somewhat loses its humour.

WC: 17,556 - WIP

T: Character Death


Any new male reader inserts? Also any fanfictions with an asexual member?

I’m sorry, we still have no male reader fics! For asexual fics, you can start with this awesome list that was in the tags.

Asexual 1 Asexual 2


Boundaries by teamachievementhunters

Summary: Ray loved his boys. He really did; they were all wonderful and different in their own way and the way they showed how much they loved him made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

WC: 1,581

Sometimes by blackkristin

Summary: 99 times out of 100, Ryan won’t have sex when the other guys do.

WC: 1,241


Love or Salvation by orphan_account

Summary: Chris Demarais is not broken. There’s nothing wrong with him, he knows that. He hears it all the time, that he just hasn’t found his soulmate. He believes it, even.

WC: 843

Any bottom Grif grimmons fics?


I Can Do This….Maybe? by mybulletproofromance 

Summary: Grimmons First Time, what more can I say?

WC: 1,082

Untitled by ryanthevagabond 

Summary: First Time Grimmons with Bottom!Grif

WC: 1,084

Fighting the Heat by LithiumCrystal 

Summary: It’s been real hot in Blood Gulch recently

WC: 5,861

Untitled by st-franz

Summary: When Grif bottoms, he’s a power bottom.

WC: 671

- Quinn

So we keep getting the same ask a few times a month about watersports. I happen across this today so here! They mention that watersports is/will be a thing but idk.- Tats


Solo Cups, and Transatlantic Flights by assholecandymagic

Summary: In his semi-permanent, kind of, not really, home in Austin, Texas; Gavin Free learns to deal with his sexuality, the Ramsey’s near-alcoholism, the pains of distance, and how two loving people can make things feel better.

WC: 2,094WIP

underage? it can be teen/adult or teen/teen !!

We filled out a Underage!Gavin request a few weeks ago: here it is if you want to check out more underage fics.



Coming of Age: Give Me Your Lips And With One Kiss We Begin by montes-carpatus


Summary: Sex Education leaves out emotional attachments.

WC: 2,176


You Were a Kindness by imaginedecember 

Summary: Ray memorized combinations and techniques in order to conquer games but JJ was a game that he had never dealt with before. JJ was different than anything he was used to. Keep mashing buttons, he told himself.

WC: 9,914


Untitled by alligotwasthiscrappyhat 

Summary: “You cannot fail this class, Ray.”

WC: 1,342


First Time by gavin-expensive 

Summary: "You want some help?"

WC: 395

Your Coming of Age and Teen Love Expert, Path

Any smut? Reader smuts? I cant see any reader tags for some reason):! Please and thank you! :D

Reader Insert

Trading Places by jennarebeccaxx

Summary: Why should you wait until tomorrow to see Gavin again? You had a key to his apartment…why not just surprise him with a nightcap? Gavin/Reader [F]

WC: 2,434

Light Reading by kelseywritesthings

Summary: JJ catches you reading something a little…erotic in bed, so he makes you read it out loud. JJ/Reader [F]

WC: 1,685

Heat Wave by kelseywritesthings

Summary: Hot sweaty sex. Some of it in the shower. Joel/Reader/Ray [F]

WC: 2,913

Lovin’ and Touchin’ by rt-readerinsers

Summary: You can’t remember the last time Joel touched you, and you want that to change.  Joel/Reader [F]

WC: 1,217

Mogar is Ready! by kelseywritesthings

Summary: After a night of bevs, Michael is eager to get you home. Michael/Reader [F]

WC: 1,519