Have you got many new abuse/manipulation fics? Any paring :D thank you

Abuse 1 Abuse 2


Wednesdays by writingcanbehard

Summary: Wednesdays were never good days.

WC: 3,007


Train Rides to Nowhere by abitdim

Summary: Ray is a druggie bum and Joel likes adventure. Everyone has something to run from, right?

WC: 932 - WIP

T: Substance Abuse

Can we get some RT Hybrid AU, or Some Baby AU ? If not, then some really fluffy readers cause I've been itching for more <3 (Thank you lovelies!!)


Accidents Happen by EnsignCelery

Summary: The cat hybrid had been annoyed for awhile, his ears twitching at the squeaking noises the mouse had been making, but had cheered up significantly when he found that he was fast enough to catch the newest little addition to their office.

WC: 715

A Childlike Christmas by TheMaskedViola

Summary: It’s Christmas with the lads! Will Geoff and Jack be able to keep their sanity while watching their little troublemakers?

WC: 2,119

Michael/Gavin + Gavin/Kdin 

Broken Pieces of a Bad Dream by DirectLeverage

Summary: Gavin is an twenty six year old man that is now taking care of an six year old Michael. Michael has a nightmare that he quite doesn’t understand and Gavin relives it.

WC: 3,327 - Complete


The Animal Inside by agileassasin

Summary: After a meteor shower brings a strange mutagen to Earth, people begin developing animal characteristics. While others panic, one company tries to keep things normal—well, normal as they can be.

WC: 8,305 - WIP

Reader Insert

Disconnected by Deannachu

Summary: Being surrounded by electronics of all kinds almost six days out of the week was exhausting, even threatening my well-being when I began experiencing anxiety attacks; luckily, Ray had just the right idea to help us both disconnect from it all. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 2,873

Office Romance by acciolove

Summary: “Don’t even say it.” You warn her. “You like him baaaaack.” She sang a little too loudly, making a few heads in the room turn. You simply buried your head in your hands before getting back to work. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 1,856


Any Gavin centric , self harm or suicide fics?

Gavin Sads 1 Gavin Sads 2


A Means to the End by gershwinthecow

Summary: Gavin had always wanted to die. From when he was twelve, he had thought that heaven or hell would be better than where he was then. That the world would be better with one less fucktard to look over. And their teasing, their words of play fun, had only confirmed what Gavin had felt. So, he found a way to end it all.

WC: 570

T: Cutting, Self-Harm, Suicide

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got by tiikeria

Summary:  Finding what you’ve got, sometimes, means finding it alone.

WC: 454

T: Character Death, Self-Harm, Suicide


Determined and Demanding by acciolove

Summary: Gavin just wanted to feel a little less numb.

WC: 6,038 - Discontinued

T: Cutting, Mental Illness, Self-Harm, Suicide

Scars by chassangel

Summary: Sadness is a leech. One moment and it’s latched on. It begins to drain you. It drains you from the moment of a tragedy, small or big, and continues to grow. It grows until it can constrict around your chest, squeezing until you cannot breathe. You cannot move without thinking about it.

WC: 2,293 - Complete

T: Cutting, Mental Illness, Self-Harm, Suicide

any super rough smuts? preferably freewood or mavin!


I’m a Screamer (Baby Make Me Mute) by bookworm1805

Summary: The rules are simple: do what Michael says until he can’t say anything at all.

WC: 3,231

Short on Time by My_Black_Crimson_Rose6

Summary: Living at home was hard. Living at home in high school and having a relationship plain sucked. It made having sex next to impossible at times. So of course when Geoff, Griffon and Millie go out for the day Gavin naturally invites his boyfriend over for a good romp.

WC: 2,165 

Michael/Ray + AH OT6

Watch Me  by coolasdicks

Summary: Michael is incredibly frustrating, even on a good day. In which Ray works out his frustrations in bed, in a way that Michael comes to crave.

WC: 4,415


The Mask by achievemenhunter

Summary: Gavin has worked for Geoff’s crew for years now, procuring and creating the explosives that were used for the gang’s bigger jobs. In all that time, he’s learned next to nothing about the crew’s mysterious hitman, Ryan Haywood - not even what his face looks like, because for whatever unsettling reason, the man wears a skull mask at all times.

Most people would respect the privacy of someone in their line of business that chose not to show their face - especially someone with as high a body count as Ryan - but, well… Gavin’s always been too curious for his own good.

WC: 4,072


- Victoria

Any new Zombie/Apocalypse AU things?

Zombie/Apocalypse 1 Zombie/Apocalypse 2

Dan/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay + Michael/Ray

Remnants of Humanity by imaginivity

Summary: Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Ryan have survived this far, an entire month since their lives turned to shit, so they can obviously keep this going, right? Of course, with no set-in-stone plan in mind, encountering questionable people along their travels, and plenty of death and infection surrounding them, survival won’t exactly be easy. Then again, it never had been.

WC: 14,200 - WIP


If You Leave by IWriteLove

Summary: He didn’t trust anyone, not since what had happened. He had barely trusted anyone his whole life… So why, why was he letting his brown eyed, brown haired optimist so close when he was just going to die or leave him like everyone else?

9,859 - WIP

Any new male reader inserts? Also any fanfictions with an asexual member?

I’m sorry, we still have no male reader fics! For asexual fics, you can start with this awesome list that was in the tags.

Asexual 1 Asexual 2


Boundaries by teamachievementhunters

Summary: Ray loved his boys. He really did; they were all wonderful and different in their own way and the way they showed how much they loved him made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

WC: 1,581

Sometimes by blackkristin

Summary: 99 times out of 100, Ryan won’t have sex when the other guys do.

WC: 1,241


Love or Salvation by orphan_account

Summary: Chris Demarais is not broken. There’s nothing wrong with him, he knows that. He hears it all the time, that he just hasn’t found his soulmate. He believes it, even.

WC: 843

Camping AU anything and everything.


Untitled by glackedandmullered

Summary: It had been such a fucking stupid idea. Let’s go camping, Jack said. It’ll be fun, he said.

WC: 1,500


I Can Tell You by fullunadulteratedart

Part 01 02 03 04 05

Summary: There are so many things that are left unsaid, joked around but never really touched upon. Just a small step outside of the ordinary is all it takes for the barriers to break down. And it takes extraordinary circumstances to bring people together.

WC: 16,177 - Complete

What’s Really Important by addison98 

Summary: Have you ever woken up at 5’ o clock in the morning, with a headache, your boxers so tight from that perfect dream you were having, and some idiot pounding on your door? Well that’s exactly what was happening to Mr. Michael Jones.

WC: 774 - WIP

Tights With a Side Marshmallows by slowdowndear via ragehappysecretsanta

Summary: Everyone decided to take a camping trip for the Christmas break at Rooster Teeth, by everyone I mean everyone.

WC: 5,072


Save Room (For A Moment to be With Me) by Karkalicous413

Summary: Ray decided last minute to go on the company four night camping trip. As a result, he has no where to sleep. Joel Heyman to the rescue. After the initial awkwardness of the first night, things get pretty heated pretty fast.

WC: 12,256 - WIP


- Friend and Chi

Found another watersports fic. HERE YOU GO


Flesh by IWasteTooMuchTime

Summary: It started out innocent enough, Gavin was a stubborn shit that didn’t want to go pee, and Michael was just an innocent bystander.

WC: 2,133WIP

- Tats

Dominant Gavin? Any pairing will do :)


When It’s Too Much by mlchaeijones


Summary: Gavin goes a little too far with the dom play, and Michael uses a safe word for the first time.

WC: 1,184


Pretty Little Masochist by achievemenhunter

Summary: There’s nothing Michael and Gavin love more than making someone come undone, baring their very essence until they can’t take any more and break completely. They pride themselves in pulling apart what makes up a person’s identity, in making them confess their deepest secrets.

Ryan’s secret is a little different from others.

WC: 4,419

T: Dub/Non Con, Gore


Daddy Dearest by rainistorm

Summary: In which Gavin wants to be dominant and Ryan has a daddy fetish.

WC: 2,623


are there any new soulmate aus??


Sunshine by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: Gavin had only had two blissful years of colour.

WC: 1,245

T: Character Death


Your Pain is My Gain by mavinfanfiction

Summary: Michael’s whole life he’s felt random pain, and all that meant was his soulmate was fucking clumsy.

WC: 1,115

Color My Life by heytheregisela

Summary: The world worked in two colors and two colors only; black and white.

WC: 11,186 - WIP

iBelong With You by hashtagmavin


Summary: The entire world is pissing themselves like excited dogs over a new cell-phone app that claims it can “find your one true love.” Gavin thinks it’s stupid, but that doesn’t stop him from downloading it anyway.

WC: 5,204


Untitled by remember-the-mole

Summary: Sometimes, your soulmate sucks. Sometimes, your soulmate would probably be better suited for someone else, but no, the goddamn world said that the angriest asshole on the planet should be paired with the world’s most stubborn egomaniac.

WC: 494


- Path and Tats

h/c freewood that ISNT appropriating mental illness... (ie depression/anxiety)

Freewood seems to be the full of angst and fluff, so finding non-mental illness h/c fics was surprisingly difficult!

Michael/Gavin (One-Sided) + Ryan/Gavin (One-Sided)

Notice Me by kisalovesyou

Part 01 02


Summary: Gavin was always with Michael. Always with his boi. And Ryan can’t stand it.

WC: 1,688 - WIP


Heartless by teaandotherstuff

Summary: “Yeah, well, I’m working on it.”

WC: 740

That Which is Left Unsaid by iaveinabox

Summary: Ordinarily he never found it difficult to stay in control.

WC: 586

- Ave


please god more trans fics,,,,,

Hello Anon! You can find the trans fics we’ve got on the blog here - but there are a couple of new ones that’ve popped up since!


Kilts and Man-Dresses by MyLittleMogar

Summary: Gavin has been stressing out over finally becoming a hybrid for months, scared that his own body will betray him. When it’s finally his turn its time to come face to face with the man in the mirror.

WC: 2,673

Geoff/Michael + Michael/Lindsay

If Heaven Wants to Take Us They Can Try by quackingfish

Summary: Geoff introduces Gavin to Michael, and then Gavin convinces her to throw a Big Trans Sleepover (TM).

WC: 1,698


Head Down for the Summer by WishingOnWhishaw

Summary: Austin’s heat is unforgiving, but Gavin doesn’t want to care. He wears another layer beneath his T-shirt that makes him twice as hot and restricts his chest, but that’s not as bad as the thought of someone seeing him without it. He’d rather this, even if he goes a little out of his mind.

WC: 1,856

- Ave

presentation swapping? it can be trans but it doesnt have to be, thanks!


Seeing Through Someone Else’s Eyes, Peeing Through Someone Else’s Dick by mycatsaninja47

Summary: Gavin Free assumed that he was safely asleep in his crappy hotel room. He needed a break, and he thought he was getting one.

According to Michael, he apparently wasn’t.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" was the first thing that Gavin heard. But something was wrong, he knew that voice..

It was his own voice.

WC: 955


Rubies Up Your Sleeve by jolach

Summary: It’s bloody rude, is what it is, leaving a girl in this condition.

WC: 2,808


More Like You by AgentOklahoma

Summary: This couldn’t be happening. Of course not, there was no way it could have been true. It had to be some sort of prank from the guys at the office. A really elaborate and believable prank but it had to be a prank, nonetheless. But as Michael Jones reached up and ran his right hand through his shaggy light brown hair, his left running over his slight face and fiddling with his slightly too big nose, green eyes staring back at him in the mirror, he knew he was screwed.

WC: 6,812 - Complete

Four Times Gavin was Awkwardly Affectionate, and the One Time Mickey Noticed by FalabaWitch

Summary: Years later, when the incident of their first meeting was brought back up, and Gavin said he had been flirting, Mickey realized what the hell he was winking about, and pushed him off his chair during their Minecraft lets play. The others were just laughing hysterically, and pointed out the Gavin may be the worst Flirter in the history of people flirting. Which explained why Mickey was clueless for a long time after the first incident.

WC: 4,059

Let’s Be Alone Together by sofarsoperfect

Summary: "I call big spoon," Gavin whispered, climbing in beside Michaela. Michaela smiled fondly at her best friend.

"Aren’t you always," Michaela reminded her.

WC: 611

Hickeys by fuckthenaysayers

Summary: Michelle likes to leave love marks on Gabby, until the other starts showing them off at work.

WC: 1,239

Four-Letter Prayers by orphan_account

Summary: “So, considering you’re Mikey’s best friend, I think it’s time we had a talk.” Ray plopped into the seat across from Lindsay in the break room and stared pointedly at her.

Lindsay sat very still, and very quiet for a few moments, unable to gauge the situation. “I…” She gaped unintelligently then furrowed her brow. “Alright, what’s the plan?”

WC: 5,288



any new self-harm fics?

New Self-Harm 1 New Self-Harm 2


Things My Boyfriends Don’t Know by legalizemavin

Summary: Michael leaves a note.

WC: 858

T: Suicide Eating Disorder

Things Your Boyfriends Now Know by dashofscarlet


Summary: Ryan replies to Michael’s note.

WC: 1,300

T: Eating Disorder


How Worth Is Measured by riffraffit

Summary: howtobeashipper said: Either a Joelay or Geovin angst-y prompt, with one of them dealing with self harm and relapse Gavin is in the bathroom again, and it’s three AM again. He’s regretting not locking the door, but at the same time it’s that he always keeps the door unlocked because, in reality, he wants someone to walk in here and find him.

WC: 1,058

T: Cutting

hello, i was look for a Fallout based fics, Where the world is just a wasteland. i seen few others where it was zombies Apocalypse among other things but nothing where the world was nuked and humanity had to rebuild Thank you very much :3

Fallout 1 Fallout 2

I could only find two fics that closely match the description, so I also picked some that resemble the anon’s request.



After the world by TheGoldenPearl

Summary: When society has fallen, life becomes a struggle for survival. In this snippet of a story idea, tragedy strikes the Achievement Hunters when they come across a gas station.

WC: 972

T: Character Death


Proelium Pro tulle by Raexneol

Summary: Seven unlikely renegades set out on a quest to wrest control of Arcadia, their home, from the hands of the merciless tyrant who has run her into the ground. The battle for the Tower of Parliament will be fierce, but these seven, who have known nothing but disease, poverty, hunger, and death at the hands of the Overlord, will stop at nothing to save their country.

WC: 7,606 - Discontinued

The Decomposition of the World by bjdunkelfuck

Summary: The world has gone to shit over the last several months. The Achievement Hunters seem to be the only not-undead ones left in the general area and have had to shelter up in a goddamn hardware store. Michael and Gavin go out on a raid and it doesn’t go so great.

WC: 2,799

T: Character Death

Working On It by viridian-vav

Summary: A parasite invades the human race, killing its hosts before bringing them back to life to feed it’s hunger. The gang navigate the clusterfuck that becomes the world.

WC: 1,833 - WIP

No Closer to Heaven (Only Closer to Hell) by songsofthesea

Summary: It’s been two decades since the world was ruined by an irreversible virus and the survivors have had to adapt to a life of fighting, recreating and searching for food. With the lack of animals causing some to resort to cannibalism, there are two classes of people in the world: hunters and the hunted. Michael is unwillingly part of the former, whilst some dumb-looking man with an indistinguishable accent and a stupid knack for insulting people by calling them foods is part of the latter. Or, more specifically, Michael’s supposed-to-be prey.

WC: 2,983 - WIP

T: Character Death, Gore