New Mavin Au's? Or if none then a dash of some old unpopular pairing fics please :)

Mavin AU 1 Mavin AU 2

Well I found a lot of Mavin AU’s on Ao3 for you! Hope you like what I found~



A Place to Call Home by Maffasaur

Summary: Michael Jones is a lonely teenager in a world where everything had always been going wrong for him. Maybe this home would be different, especially after the British boy moves in.

WC: 8,181 - WIP

T: Abuse, Child Abuse, Cutting, Mental Illness, Self-Harm

Crowns, Not Halos by SnowCoveredObsidian

Summary: Michael had a dream once. A dream of a voice that told him his wings would grow to be magnificent, the envy of many. That it would take the words of one and the actions of another. Too bad that dream gave him the middle finger and he woke up with wings so tiny he swore they were made of cotton balls.

WC: 13,659 - WIP

Let’s Play SBURB by skys

Summary: This game isn’t what they expected.

WC: 4,073 - WIP

Are there any new trans*, genderfluid or genderqueer stories? Thanks!


Harbour My Dark Secret by stupidrtblog

Summary: An Alternate Universe where Gavin Free was born Gabrielle Free, but knows that he was always meant to be Gavin Free, a boy, not a woman. Eighteen years later, he is cleared to go to America - where he meets Geoff and Griffon Ramsey. Not long after, he meets one Michael Jones and one Ray Narvaez Jr, two people who change his life forever - one for the better, the other for worse.

WC: 17,541 - WIP

It Was a Thousand to One and a Million to Two [Time to Go Down in Flames and I’m Takin’ You] by MichaelKun

Summary: They weren’t really meant to meet in the first place, but it was difficult when Michael had a loud voice next to an open window with Gavin strolling past it. But, god, it would become their world’s most appreciated coincidence.

WC: 12,080 - WIP


It Just Doesn’t Seem Like a Night Out with No One Sizing You Up by jackwidows

Summary: Ray Narvaez Jr. has felt out of it since they were young. Nothing ever seemed right- girl, boy, none of the labels fit. Until one night, Ray stumbled upon a new word: Nonbinary. That’s when everything changed.

WC: 8,300 - Complete

-Bee <3

Fics with sexual tension, any pairing is fine!

These are fics I knew had some kind of tension between them, some end up in actual smut!


Real Ale Fireman’s #4 Blonde Ale by montes-carpatus

Summary: Burnie peeled off the label of his beer bottle as slowly as possible, hoping to ease his mind from his raging sexual frustration.

WC: 666


Bet On It by PAPERSK1N 

Summary: A single dumb bet revolving around one, arguably harmless comment. “Gavin, you’re not fucking seductive”

WC: 4,600 - Complete

If You Give it a Name by Jai 

Summary: “Knocking about with someone, seeing movies, having bevs? If that’s all it was, then I’d be dating Michael, wouldn’t I?”

WC: 18,795


There’s Chemistry in the Biology Department by ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision 

Summary: To begin with, Ryan had soured at the very idea of having a colleague. But then he met, and consequently fell in love with, Gavin Free, who almost quite literally turned his world upside down.

WC: 3,382


You Cocksucker by nightxpine 

Summary: Geoff and Ryan settle their differences, although not in the most…conventional of ways.

WC: 1,062

Sexual Tension makes the world go round~, Path

Any new minecraft aus without mad king?

Some of these aren’t “new”, sorry…


Creeper Boy by hastagmavin

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14


Summary: While lost in the woods outside of Achievement City, Michael stumbles upon an odd boy dressed up like a creeper.

WC: 39,646 - Complete

The Creeper’s Crush by usernamesarentcool

Part 01 02

Summary: An AU where Gavin is the creeper king.

WC: 2,482 - Discontinued

Ryan/Gavin (One-Sided)

Don’t Die by Im_so_lovin_your_stuff

Summary: Gavin has a strange connection with creeper’s, and other monsters in game. The guys don’t know this and Gavin walks up to an Enderman and Ryan gets worried, he hasnt told Gavin hoe he feels.

WC: 909


To Tame an Ocelot by thisandthensome


Summary:  In which Geoff get’s visited at night by a pretty unconventional thief.

WC: 3,140


Anything at all that will make me cry...

Sad Fics 1 Sad Fics 2

Barbara/Lindsay (One-Sided) + Michael/Lindsay

A Little Too Late by RosalinaCyra

Summary: Barbara’s a little too late.

WC: 1,610 - Complete

T: Character Death

Geoff/Jack/Ryan + RyanBurnieAshley

Hurt by somespontaneouswriting

Summary: Ryan was a lucky guy, and he knew that.

WC: 1,840


Confessions From Another Room by apeskyhedgehog

Summary: In this dim, mold consumed room Geoff can only blame himself why he and Michael are here. He just hopes the red head is a live but, when he sees him, he knows that Michael would be better off dead.

WC: 2,050

T: Character Death


Achievement Unlocked: Adopt A British Kid by Kurokatana

Summary: Geoff is driving home from work one stormy afternoon, when he notices a small figure cowering in the alley.

WC: 15,156 - WIP

Any new sick!Gavin?

Here are a couple of new ones!


Infinity by soullessfollower98

Summary: Terminal and depressed, Gavin Free wants to be alone. He’s determined not to hurt more people than he has to. But when he meets Michael Jones, he starts to reconsider that decision.

WC: 4,041 - WIP

T: Illness/Trauma


Mondayitis by Moonlessriver

Summary: Gavin’s not feeling too great, the Achievement Hunter office is not the best environment for recovery. Luckily Ryan’s there to save the day.

WC: 1,556

- Ave

  · Team Nice Dynamite’s Macrowave Adventure

Michael/Lindsay Meg/Lindsay + Michael/Gavin

Author: cherryrosetart

Summary: Michael and Gavin find and use the Macrowave Time Machine. Based off the RT Short Macrowave Time Machine.

WC: 1,481

Thank you for the submission

  · If Only in My Dreams

Michael/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

Author: cherryrosetart

Summary: Gavin Free just turned sixteen and is plagued with dreams that leave him wet in the pants when he wakes up.

WC: 17,081

Thank you for the submission!

Any new mavin? Preferably au's c:


Don’t Forget to Breathe by ohmavin

Summary: At first, Gavin is alone. Then he isn’t. Then he hates that he isn’t alone — then he doesn’t. His entire life goes from being a walking punching bag, to slowly falling for the one person to ever stand up for him. And all this is, is just a light summary of how he came to meet the love of his life at the tender age of seventeen.

WC: 7,362

T: Abuse

I Know You’re Somewhere Out There by ashthing
Summary: Everyone has a soul mate and on their eighteenth birthday their soul mate’s name will appear somewhere on their body. Gavin wakes up on his eighteenth birthday to find Michael’s name on the back of his hand, but as the years pass, he doesn’t think he will ever find him.


Falling into Place by ohmavin

Summary: Michael and Gavin meeting for the first time after carrying a long distance relationship for almost two years.

WC: 3,124

I Don’t Care What He Looks Like by littleconan

Summary: Soulmate AU based off the song 6’2. Where when you turn 18 you go to a store and choose a special charm that will help you find your person.

WC: 2,652

Teenage Dirtbag by michaeljxnes

Summary: Michael and Gavin have very, very little in common. Gavin’s popular. Michael isn’t. But sadly, that doesn’t stop Michael from liking the British dork.

WC: 1,489

Snakes and Lions by maximilliandelirium

Summary: A temperamental Gryffindor and an annoying Slytherin walk into a Herbology classroom…

WC: 3,493


Any new mental disorder fics? If not, any highschool bully fics?

Mental 1 Mental 2


Of Monsters and Madness by xspiritofthemapleleaf

Summary: There was a condition Ryan had, that he never really considered an ailment. He simply heard voices, that was all. But in the end, they never affected his actions, so he had nothing to worry about; that is, until he started listening to them.

WC: 3,517


Recover by riffraffit

Summary: Michael Jones is sent to the Austin mental hospital for his uncontrollable bouts of anger that begin to scare his mother. When he arrives, he’s predictably angry and upset— but when he meets other people stuck here in the same predicament, his stubborn mindset is the only thing keeping him from getting better.

WC: 8,864 - WIP

Release by lovemichael

Summary: Michael has always been insecure, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his relationship. But maybe recently he’s started looking in the mirror a lot more… maybe he’s started to take his boyfriends’ teasing words more seriously… maybe he starts to let negative thoughts slowly creep in and consume his mind… and maybe his way of coping isn’t very healthy at all.

WC: 8,663

T: Self-Harm


This Side Of Paradise by astrognosy

Summary: Ray Narvaez Jr. had always been a strange child. He didn’t have friends, and his tendency for longer sleeves in his tween years had begun to worry his mother. Of course, his constant denials of anything being wrong seemed like the truth to her; that was, until she found him half unconscious in a pool of his own blood. There had to be a change, and it seemed that Paradise High School for the Mentally Unstable was the perfect solution. But Ray always finds a complication, and it seems that this time around it was going to be a young boy named Gavin Free.

WC: 4,130 - WIP

T: Self-Harm

Hello dears! Any new minecraft AUs?

Minecraft 1 Minecraft 2


Meeting Their Ends by Tidalbells3146

Summary: Gavin, Ray, and Michael meet their unfortunate ends by some of the lands most terrifying mobs.

WC: 2,347 - Complete

T: Character Death

Mob Mentality by notabadkidjustamisfit

Summary: Creepers are mindless time bombs — except for one. Michael is in love/hate with a green idiot, Ray and Ryan are teasing it (in the bedroom), and the rest of the Achievement Hunters swear that guys used to like girls.

WC: 2,671 - Discontinued


Free Creeper by orphan_account

Summary: While hunting in the woods around Achievement City, Michael encounters what he first thought was a Creeper which turned out to be a man. Now he has to deal with him, and all of the destruction he is most likely going to cause.

WC: 876 - Discontinued

I love what y'all do! If I may ask for some streets!Michael? Or streets!anyone, really, that'd be great!

Street AU 1 Street AU 2


Of Shots and Bloody Noses by lieutenantsmithandcaboose

Summary: Michael’s ears twitched, swiveling slightly to follow the distant sound of pattering footsteps.

WC: 1,394

Untitled by candidlydispleased

Summary: Michael Jones never wanted a life this way, he never thought that he would have to fight for even the bare necessities but here he was.

WC: 1,311


Switchblade by epermeraldichotomy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08


Summary: Jersey is a super dangerous place (because it really is) full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. When he meets the AH crew, he learns that there might actually be more to life than just surviving.

WC: 35,312 - WIP

T: Child Abuse, Substance Abuse

New AU 1 New AU 2


Undermined Vanity by montes-carpatus

01 02

Summary: Young Mr. Gavin Burns, meets Mr. James Ryan Haywood, a wealthy and arrogant man whom Gavin wants nothing to do with him due to his pride. Though, through his actions, Mr. Haywood might prove his prejudice wrong. A Pride and Prejudice AU.

WC: 8,361 - WIP

Michael/RayGeoff/Michael +Ryan/Ray

Pseudokissing by chooboozle


Summary: Ray isn’t really ready to ask Ryan out yet, so he has Michael to help him out.

WC: 1,091



Have you got many new abuse/manipulation fics? Any paring :D thank you

Abuse 1 Abuse 2


Wednesdays by writingcanbehard

Summary: Wednesdays were never good days.

WC: 3,007


Train Rides to Nowhere by abitdim

Summary: Ray is a druggie bum and Joel likes adventure. Everyone has something to run from, right?

WC: 932 - WIP

T: Substance Abuse

Can we get some RT Hybrid AU, or Some Baby AU ? If not, then some really fluffy readers cause I've been itching for more <3 (Thank you lovelies!!)


Accidents Happen by EnsignCelery

Summary: The cat hybrid had been annoyed for awhile, his ears twitching at the squeaking noises the mouse had been making, but had cheered up significantly when he found that he was fast enough to catch the newest little addition to their office.

WC: 715

A Childlike Christmas by TheMaskedViola

Summary: It’s Christmas with the lads! Will Geoff and Jack be able to keep their sanity while watching their little troublemakers?

WC: 2,119

Michael/Gavin + Gavin/Kdin 

Broken Pieces of a Bad Dream by DirectLeverage

Summary: Gavin is an twenty six year old man that is now taking care of an six year old Michael. Michael has a nightmare that he quite doesn’t understand and Gavin relives it.

WC: 3,327 - Complete


The Animal Inside by agileassasin

Summary: After a meteor shower brings a strange mutagen to Earth, people begin developing animal characteristics. While others panic, one company tries to keep things normal—well, normal as they can be.

WC: 8,305 - WIP

Reader Insert

Disconnected by Deannachu

Summary: Being surrounded by electronics of all kinds almost six days out of the week was exhausting, even threatening my well-being when I began experiencing anxiety attacks; luckily, Ray had just the right idea to help us both disconnect from it all. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 2,873

Office Romance by acciolove

Summary: “Don’t even say it.” You warn her. “You like him baaaaack.” She sang a little too loudly, making a few heads in the room turn. You simply buried your head in your hands before getting back to work. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 1,856