any new self-harm fics?

New Self-Harm 1 New Self-Harm 2


Things My Boyfriends Don’t Know by legalizemavin

Summary: Michael leaves a note.

WC: 858

T: Suicide Eating Disorder

Things Your Boyfriends Now Know by dashofscarlet


Summary: Ryan replies to Michael’s note.

WC: 1,300

T: Eating Disorder


How Worth Is Measured by riffraffit

Summary: howtobeashipper said: Either a Joelay or Geovin angst-y prompt, with one of them dealing with self harm and relapse Gavin is in the bathroom again, and it’s three AM again. He’s regretting not locking the door, but at the same time it’s that he always keeps the door unlocked because, in reality, he wants someone to walk in here and find him.

WC: 1,058

T: Cutting

hello, i was look for a Fallout based fics, Where the world is just a wasteland. i seen few others where it was zombies Apocalypse among other things but nothing where the world was nuked and humanity had to rebuild Thank you very much :3

Fallout 1 Fallout 2

I could only find two fics that closely match the description, so I also picked some that resemble the anon’s request.



After the world by TheGoldenPearl

Summary: When society has fallen, life becomes a struggle for survival. In this snippet of a story idea, tragedy strikes the Achievement Hunters when they come across a gas station.

WC: 972

T: Character Death


Proelium Pro tulle Ty Raexneol

Summary: Seven unlikely renegades set out on a quest to wrest control of Arcadia, their home, from the hands of the merciless tyrant who has run her into the ground. The battle for the Tower of Parliament will be fierce, but these seven, who have known nothing but disease, poverty, hunger, and death at the hands of the Overlord, will stop at nothing to save their country.

WC: 7,606 - WIP

The Decomposition of the World by bjdunkelfuck

Summary: The world has gone to shit over the last several months. The Achievement Hunters seem to be the only not-undead ones left in the general area and have had to shelter up in a goddamn hardware store. Michael and Gavin go out on a raid and it doesn’t go so great.

WC: 2,799

T: Character Death

Working On It by viridian-vav

Summary: A parasite invades the human race, killing its hosts before bringing them back to life to feed it’s hunger. The gang navigate the clusterfuck that becomes the world.

WC: 1,833 - WIP

No Closer to Heaven (Only Closer to Hell) by songsofthesea

Summary: It’s been two decades since the world was ruined by an irreversible virus and the survivors have had to adapt to a life of fighting, recreating and searching for food. With the lack of animals causing some to resort to cannibalism, there are two classes of people in the world: hunters and the hunted. Michael is unwillingly part of the former, whilst some dumb-looking man with an indistinguishable accent and a stupid knack for insulting people by calling them foods is part of the latter. Or, more specifically, Michael’s supposed-to-be prey.

WC: 2,983 - WIP

T: Character Death, Gore

  · A Maelstrom In Reverse


Part 01 02


Author: lieutenantsmithandcaboose

Summary: Just tack mutantism onto the ever-growing list of things humans sucked at accepting. Also add on a huge “fuck you” from Michael Jones to that list while you’re at it. Because nothing in Michael’s life can just stay normal, especially when you throw in a British man who qualified more as an overgrown pigeon than a doctor, a dragon-girl with red hair and her creepy daddy substitute, a drunk head doctor, two overly-superstitious idiots, and a nurse who told way too many puns to be legal. For a while his life had been ruined in the best way possible. And then everything had gone to hell. Like usual. Welcome to RT Labs.

WC: 8,461 - WIP

Thank you for the submission!

Any fics where one of the AH guys has a kid(s)?


Els Bells by glackedandmullered

Summary: Michael and Gavin are happily married and have  a daughter in kindergarten. Their child is hand making Valentines for their class, when they notice that their kid is blushing and putting extra stickers/glitter on one child’s Valentine in particular.

WC: 1,037


Caution: Children at Play by the-gubbins-trench

Summary: An anon asked what it would be like if Gavin’s kids met Michael and Lindsay’s kids… I am not responsible for any of this.

WC: 1,037


any new supernatural stuff?


Start to Sink by spiderjokey


Summary: Michael finds out he’s an empath after a stressful convention goes bad, but a new worry soon develops and suddenly its not just Michael’s health on the line.

WC: 24,035


‘Til the End by luna-miles


Summary: It all started when Michael was five. He couldn’t pinpoint when it started, it… well mainly he just seemed to… pop up

WC: 3,222 

T: Character Death, Illness/Trauma

Colours of my Heart by ahgeoff

Summary: Superpowers AU! The story of Gavin’s first coming to RoosterTeeth, in particular, meeting and becoming friends with the secretive and very very loud Michael, his new co-worker.

WC: 2,565

T: Character Death



have you seen any new deaf/blind/mute AUs?

No. Sorry i couldn’t find any new deaf/blind/mute AUs <3

There is a strong need for more of these!


I know of a couple recents ones that I don’t think are on the blog! - Ave


Unblinded by Love by Kurokatana

Summary: Michael Jones is a young man known for his sweetness and humor…but he’s known even more for his bouts of rage and aggression when faced with problems and confrontations. Being a blind 16 year old in a town full of various types of people, he’s faced with those two things. He ‘sees’ life through a different light when he stumbles upon a fellow classmate for the first time, Gavin Free. The jovial bubbly British youth is for the most part Michael’s opposite, but the lads develop a power relationship when Gavin opens his eyes to a whole new different life.

WC: 3,874 - WIP


I Need It to See by iaveinabox

Part 01 02


Summary: Left within the maps of his mind, he never truly realised how difficult it would be to adjust to new people in a new school. As it turns out, some people can indeed be assholes. But not everyone. Freewood. Blind, High School!AU.

WC: 5,529 - Complete

  · Honeybee


Part 01

Author: fanfiction-and-stuff

Summary: Michael is a special robot who has never experienced life, Gavin is going to show him how to live.

WC: 966 WIP

Thank you for the submission!

any Michael/Joel? talk about an unpopular pairing

I’m sorry, but there doesn’t seem to be any fics with it as a main pairing!

Geoff/Michael Michael/Gavin Michael/Joel

Today’s Barista by kittydiggitydog

Summary: It was just a simple dare by Barbara and lindsay he didn’t think he’d actually GET any numbers.

WC: 930

Michael/Gavin Michael/Ray Geoff/Michael Michael/Joel Michael/Jack

Michael Everlasting by shempenis

Part 01 02

Summary: Immortal!Michael for one, Timetraveler!Gavin for two!

WC: 8,736 - Complete

T: Character Death

-Bee <3

Do you have any bondage of any ship

Here ya go anon.

Gavin/Ryan + Michael/Lindsay

Ties by alittlebitgayandmore


Summary: It’s Michael and Lindsay’s wedding, and Gavin couldn’t be happier for them, but Ryan looks damn good in a suit and when the gent suggests they find somewhere more private, he’d be damned if he denied.

WC: 2,991


Porn by fuckthenaysayers

Part 01 02 03

Summary: He also loved the fiery personality the man had, often putting up a fight and playfully resisting until men much bigger dominated him properly, not relenting until Michael would cry out their names. He’d heard rumors that the man was only doing porn on the side, his main job being an model, but he didn’t think it was true until now. When the man glanced over, Gavin looked down at his camera, cheeks flushing pink in embarrassment, hoping no one had noticed his obvious staring.

WC: 4,774 - Complete

Something New by binbou-kun

Summary: Gavin and Michael try something new to spice up their sex life.

WC: 1,626


Friction by achievemenhunter

Summary: Michael Jones did not get jealous.This was a fact, and he’d probably punch anyone that ever tried to tell him differently.

WC: 3,683

- Gettin’ frisky, Ra

To the Anon who was looking for any fics with cam or phone sex, raindrops-and-bastille helpfully prodded us in the right direction (thanks!), and then I found a couple more!


Phone by fuckthenaysayers

Part 01 02 03 04


Summary:  “When you first called me every other word out your mouth was a stutter and you pretty much had a panic attack when you almost told me your actual name.”

WC: 4,365 - Complete


Take Me (Across the Ocean) by RageHappyAH

Summary: Gavin goes back to England for a couple weeks and Michael misses him. One night when Michael sends Gavin a very sexy picture via text, things get a little naughty.

WC: 741


Fulfill My Fantasies by invertedrainbow

Summary: With Ray’s manager giving him less hours than normal in his job, he had no choice but find an alternative. Enter Gavin and his ridiculous idea for him to be a phone sex operator. He ended up taking it anyway out of desperation. All is well, until he gets a call from a guy named Joel at 2 in the morning…

WC: 3,063

- Ave

For the Anon who was looking for a fic where Joel was a bad guy and he and Gavin jumped from a roof, enderglow and kateitron pointed us in the right direction! Thanks guys!

Michael/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay + Joel/Gavin (One-Sided)

To Be Free by letsplaytheend

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Epilogue

Summary: A rich Gavin Free from a prestigious rich family becomes the property of the RT Saints, in a maneuver to extort millions from his family.  Will Gavin ever return to his old way of life, or will he find something else in his experiences?

WC: 65,964 - Complete

T: Character Death, Gore, Illness/Trauma

- Ave

Any new smut?


To Lay Your Heart on Motel Sheets by ohitsjustsage


Summary: Geoff and Gavin have a weekend long one night stand.

WC: 2,464


The Unicorn is my Bitch (and I’m Gavin’s) by LinksWassup


Summary: Michael agreed to play clop in a livestream because he’s a fucking masochist. And Gavin just likes Michael when he’s angry.

WC: 2,038


It’s the End of the World as we Know it (and I Feel Fine) by ohyousinners


Summary: “They fear you,” Michael tells him. “Prodigal son, the chosen one, the fucking ace. But I don’t.”

WC: 1,583


New Trick by raytatay


Summary: Gavin’s done some researching.

WC: 735


Any fics, new or old, with dirty talk or sexting? :)

Smut 1 Smut 2


Phone by fuckthenaysayers

Summary: “When you first called me every other word out your mouth was a stutter and you pretty much had a panic attack when you almost told me your actual name.”

WC: 4,365 - Complete


Tonight I’m a Give It To You Harder by pajumus

Summary: Gavin is just about to be interviewed with Burnie on some LA talk show when Michael begins to send him some very interesting text messages.

WC: 1,262

On Display, For All To See by quackingfish

Summary: Michael’s gone back to Jersey to visit her parents, and she ends up having kinky phone sex with Gavin.

WC: 1,610

Trilingual by spn4evr

Summary: Michael makes a deal with Gavin. Gavin can top but only if he talks dirty in Italian and German.

WC: 1,294

Favourite Stories 1 Favourite Stories 2 Favourite Stories 3 Favourite Stories 4



5 Does Not Equal Six by jackinthatpattillo

Part 01 02

Summary: Jack can’t stay here. He doesn’t belong and the boys don’t need him. They won’t need him. He needs to leave before they realize that though- because he’s not sure he can deal with the fall out if he stays.

WC: 3,751 Complete


Between Kings by thisandthensome


Summary: What better way for one King to unwind then spend some special time with his fellow royalty?

WC: 1,370

For the “5 Does Not Equal 6” series, there also the other’s POV as well as a little aftermath fic, so in total 8 “parts” to this series.



The Robin to your Batman (The Louis Lane to your Superman) by technicolouredmonochrome


Summary:  When he’s not busy saving people in alleyways, he works in a small, unassuming coffee shop three blocks from their headquarters. He’s got the whole secret-identity thing down to an art form, donning thick, black-rimmed glasses and dressing so forgettably that no one really pays him any mind, except for the occasional lady that makes some half-hearted attempt at flirting with him while waiting for their coffee.

WC: 5,015


Kisses From Strangers by skree


Summary: A photographer in search of spontaneous intimacy points his viewfinder at two less-than-suspecting RT employees loose in the city of lights and sound.

WC: 1,821



This Was Definitely a Bad Idea by tinypeckers

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22


Summary: Prompt: queasy + study group + inhaler

WC: 43,591 - Complete

T: Substance Abuse

HsAu mavin smut????


New Beginnings by Aripants

Summary: A teenage Michael moves to England and in his attempt to adapt to the new environment he befriends a very rebellious Gavin Free.

WC: 5,442 Discontinued

Not-so Bad Ideas by twinkray

Summary: When do friends-with-benefits relationships ever go as planned?

WC: 6,285

Short on Time by My_Black_Crimson_Rose6

Summary: Living at home was hard. Living at home in high school and having a relationship plain sucked. It made having sex next to impossible at times. So of course when Geoff, Griffon and Millie go out for the day Gavin naturally invites his boyfriend over for a good romp.

WC: 2,165

Sleepover by allonsymckenzie

Summary: Michael crawled into bed after a couple of hours of random videos from Netflix had helped him to sleep. But he wasn’t expecting the weight on his side to be so nagging while he tried to sleep. From prompt: “Michael and Gavin are having a sleepover and Michael is awoken by moaning from Gavin in his sleep and he’s about to punch him to shut up when he starts moaning Michael’s name.”

WC: 1,862

These were the only ones I could find that were smut, but hope you enjoy them!