Anything long? At least 10,000+ words. I've already read everything you have under that tag!

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Fang Online by letsplaytheend

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10


Summary: Michael Jones finds himself trapped within the virtual reality massively multi-player online role playing game called “Fang Online”. Where death in the game results in death in your real life… He and his friends must clear all 100 floors to free themselves from the virtual prison, or be forever bound in their world. But… Does Michael really want to leave? (Sword Art Online Inspired)

WC: 66,375 - Complete


Of Superheroes and Achievement Reporters by justsomebrit

Part 01 02


Summary: Michael had been fresh out of college when he’d headed for Austin, Texas. The offer of an internship at the DailyBite had been too good to ignore. It hadn’t taken long for him to prove himself either, his first byline was an exclusive on EA’s future plans for SimCity and its always online mode. When the gaming public had gotten wind of it, the community had blown up and it was on his second day at the paper that Michael had gotten to meet the infamous Burnie Burns…

WC: 16,927 - Complete

Out of Water, I am Nothing by castiels—grace

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16


Summary: Michael Jones was the shit in the world of surfing. Undoubtedly unbeatable. So who the fuck was Gavin Free?

WC: 15,192 - Complete

Things Michael Does Well by aiienzo

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06


Summary: He may have forced his concentration on his first drink a bit too heavily, as he missed the exact moment Gavin’s hands found their way from the sofa to his hips, but the warmth that spread through his body at the contact wasn’t so easy to put out of his mind.

WC: 20,234 - Complete

You’re an Ass, But I Still Love You by J_Free

Summary: In which Gavin is mute and definitely in love, Michael is definitely an asshole and Barbara is going to kill him.

WC: 10,630 - Complete

Any Minecraft au's that aren't king au's?

Here’s a small selection:


Misunderstood by ryan-haywood

Part 01 02

Summary: He wasn’t supposed to love a monster

WC: 3500 - Complete


All for Him by agentoaklahomasragehappiness

Summary: Gavin dragged the injured man with him out of the small cave, pulled him in for a short but meaningful kiss and pushed him towards Geoff and the others, whispering a quiet ‘Run’ before he took off screaming for the creepers to follow…

WC: 1005

Drowning by ahmavin

Summary: They took what the water gave them.

WC: 3260


Any fics where everyone/anyone is protective over Gavin?

I could only find this one.


Handle With Care by Riviin

Summary: Gavin Free did not like to think of his situation as an unstable household. He didn’t like to tell people that his father beat him, or his mother was an alcoholic. He didn’t like to admit that he only had two friends, one of them being his own brother. He did not like to admit that, when his brother ran away from home and his mother drunk herself into a stupor, his father beat him nearly to death. After waking up in the hospital, connected to tubes and beeping machines, with his father weeping on his bedside, he wanted to ignore the entire situation.

WC: 13,323 - Complete

T: Illness/Trauma


There was this one fanfic I read a while ago, and I can't find it anywhere! There was Michael, Gavin, and Ray in a band. Ray played piano, Gavin played drums and sang and Michael sang and I think played guitar too. And Gavin fell for Michael and wrote all these songs for him and it was super obvious, and the gents were their mentors, and yeah. Thanks!

I believe this is the fic you’re looking for ^-^


You Are The Music In Me by thewhoopingblob

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

Summary: It all started with a call from Michael’s agent from ass-o-clock in the morning.

With his traditional brand of morning grumbles and swears, he answered the phone, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and rolling off his bed. “What’s up, Andy? Please don’t tell me I have a last-minute gig today. I’m fucking tired.”

WC: 14,453 - WIP


  · Stuff from Tats


Today is my birthday (23 now WOO!) I thought I’d share with everyone a BUNCH of my favourite stuff. This includes fics and some links to great art. So, I hope you all enjoy my selection and have a great day.  


Capture by teaandotherstuff


Summary: The first time Michael sees him, it’s when he develops the photographs… When Michael gets home, shutting himself in the spare room after opting to take and develop them the old-fashioned way, he finally sees the man’s features blur into life, speckled in liquid and dowsed in red light. Even then - the very first time he sees his picture - Michael is captivated.

WC: 1889

Just a Glance by ahmavin

Summary: Michael takes the same bus every day to go to his job at the Roosterteeth office, but one day a handsome man with light brown hair and a British accent get’s on the bus and Michael instantly wants to know more about him.

WC: 8423

So one of very few Joelay’s I like is Say Something by ahwuu

I really enjoyed Keeping Him Sane by ahmavin

Identity by roostergays holy hell, one of the best transgendered fics I’ve read yet.

If you like Marching Bands, videogameboyfriends has a really good one!

She’s going to hate me, but Tea’s 8-bit crack fic is just…not words.

Literally all of these sads. (Plus these)

Ave has a good fic called You Shoot, I’ll Reload. It’s a nice handicapped AU.

Cork Bridge by stumphies is a good one too!

The Similarities Between Love and Video Games by vavism is good too.

Of Superheroes and Achievement Reporters by justsomebrit is soooooooooooooooooooooo good!

I Found Love in the Stars While You Found Heartbreak in the Paint by montes-carpatus and Parlez-en à moi en français / Talk to me in French. Both equally amazing. Go read them.

A Place for My Head by addicted-to-ragehappy is a great Ryack fic. Hell, just go to the tag. Read it all.


♥ Tats

  · "No se dice, pero se sabe".


Author: FumblingFirefly

Summary: Michael lists to himself all the things he likes the most about Gavin and his feelings towards him. But the best part is that he doesn’t have to say it out loud… because his boyfriend already knows 

WC: 658

Thank you for the submission!

  · Crisis of Boy

Michael/Gavin + Michael/Lindsay (One-Sided )

Author: poppygolucky

Summary: You are not quite sure what dreams and reality are to you anymore.

WC: 1005

Thank you for the submission!

  · The helpless and the holders


Author: BloodstainedBlonde

Summary: Michael had always known about Gavin’s OCD.

He’d always had it, and it had always been severe, and Michael had always loved him regardless.

He’d wait through a million light switch flickers because they needed to be done, listen to a million repeats of words just been said because they didn’t sound right and stand through a million retried kisses because the angle wasn’t aligned perfectly.

Because Gavin always said ‘I love you’ afterwards.

And almost as if he had his own compulsive disorder, Michael always said it back.

WC: 3623

T: Cutting, Illness/Trauma, Self-Harm

Thank you for the submission!

  · Waiting


Author: silverglassrain

Summary: There will never be another man like Gavin Free, and never again will Michael find a love so intense, or fervent, or terrifying.

WC: 1,456

T: Character Death

Thank you for the submission!

Do you have any fics that are very meaningful? Not character death or self-harm, but fics that evoke a lot of emotion?

This one was actually kinda hard to fill, because meaningful to me, or Ave or Path, is different to what it is to you. I hope these are okay.


To Pierce Your Soul by thisandthensome


Summary: In which the speakers speak and Dan’s waiting goes to a loss.

T: Illness/Trauma

Dan/Gavin (One-Sided)

505 by montes-carpatus

Summary: Now boarding Group 3 on United Airlines flight 505 to London Heathrow Airport.

WC: 1,475


Conflict and Denial by ohmavin

Part 1 2

Summary: Michael doesn’t care about Gavin. Michel can’t care about Gavin.

WC: 6,842 - Complete


You Left, and the World Followed Suit by teaandotherstuff

Summary: He clutched to the younger tightly, leaning into him and leaving Ray no choice but to settle against the wall until he’d calmed down.

WC: 1,278


Flight Cancelled by you-have-a-winter-heart (via. ragehappysecretsanta)


Summary: Flight Cancelled
Flight Cancelled
Flight Cancelled
Flight Cancelled
Flight Cancelled Flight Cancelled Flifhjdfkfdnvkjnvjkf….
No matter how many times he looked at the screen, the words wouldn’t change.

WC: 14,544

- The Team

Anything mad king au? Preferably reader fics?

I couldn’t find any reader fics, I’m sorry!!!!


Mad King Ryan by hopelessbookgeek

Summary: One was fighting for family, one for the good of the realm, one for glory, and one for a place in the world. Only one was fighting for the love of the game. “Why,” the last said, “I am going to kill the king.” A Game of Thrones AU based on the Mad King Ryan let’s plays.

WC: 6480 - WIP

Crowned Fool by chaoticpeace10


Summary: The Mad King has summoned the three ex kings and the two uncrowned to participate in his second “games” after his … less than favorable return. Who will uncrown the Mad King and overcome his bloody reign?

WC: 5123

T: Character Death


A King Arises by alittlebitgayandmore


Summary: Gavin, the jester turned king, was highly underestimated. However, his ruthless behaviour and bloodlust took everyone by surprise. Then again, he learned from the best.

WC: 1,846

T: Character Death

Ryan/Ray + Michael/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon + Jack/Caiti

Let Me Lay Waste To Thee by Authoress

Summary: Hell is empty—all the devils are here

It seemed to Caleb that the darkness lurking below and within the kingdoms, just out of view, was determined to possess the throne and destroy everything they held dear. He had thought that his hard-won peace would last.

But then again, he had dangerously underestimated the four rising kings.

Blood begets blood, and the crown sings for it—can you resist?

WC: 23012 - Discontinued

T: Character Death, Gore


Any Juggey smut? If not, any smut in general?

Hello lovely anon! This was all I could find, but I threw in a couple extra.


Man of his word by teambrownmanwrites

Summary: Michael kept good to his promises.

WC: 2063


No More Losing The War by ah_fiction

Summary: This whole ‘Mavin’ thing starts to be a bit too much for Lindsay but luckily she has Michael there to reassure her.

WC: 1010


As I Say by mitunas-tentabulge

Summary: “’But if you gotta cum, Michael, you can only do it when I say you’re allowed. Understood?’”

WC: 1377


Dress Up Games by raytatay

Summary: It’s Halloween, and Ryan surprised Gavin with his costume choice… none other than Scottish Steve, kilt and all.

WC: 4652 - Complete

- Miss Hat

supernatural AUs? like the tv show please!

Dude, I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a single one. Sorry :(


Ave’s Note:


O Little Angel of the Lord by iaveinabox

Summary: The first time he saw her she was angry. Furious even, standing in the centre of a circle of demons with her head held high and her angel blade grasped tightly in her right hand. SPN!AU

WC: 2,012


I’m An Angel You Bloody Pleb by ah_fiction 

Summary: Hunters Michael and Ray encounter a strange, rather awkward man when he collapses outside their hotel one night. He claims to be an Angel. Demons and ghosts and monsters they can handle, but an Angel?

WC: 1,038 - WIP

Super-Wot-Now? by ficcyshit 

Summary: The ironic thing was…Michael had fully anticipated dying.

WC: 648 - Discontinued

T: Character Death, Gore

Do you have any abuse fics or like a hurt and comfort type of fic? It can be any pairing.

Yes. This is my calling.


The Five Stages of an Ill Man by alittlebitgayandmore

Summary: He never told them about it, mostly because he hated to speak about it, but when Stage One begins, fierce and unforgiving, Ryan knows he can’t keep his special routine hidden forever.

WC: 5,569

T: Child Abuse, Cutting, Eating Disorder, Self-Harm, Suicide,

Hide by madcowedgar

Summary: He just didn’t want to remind himself of the past

WC: 1,001

T: Abuse, Dub/Non Con

Give the Bruises Out Like Gifts by coolasdicks

Summary: maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate

WC: 18,670

T: Child Abuse, Illness/Trauma, Substance Abuse


I’m An Animal by alittlebitgayandmore

Summary: It started out with a cute little short.

WC: 4,033

T: Substance Abuse, Suicide

You’re Beautiful by alittlebitgayandmore

Summary: Michael looks in the mirror and is disgusted with his body. He will do anything to fit his standards, at any cost.

WC: 2,176

T:  Eating Disorder

Michael/Gavin +Dan/Gavin

A Kiss Full of Promises by butitsalsodumb

Summary: Gavin has a secret, but what happens when Michael finds out?

WC: 2,312

T: Abuse, Dub/Non Con

- Pan

  · Hebron


Author: denisejulianne

Summary : Michael finds himself scrolling around on his cracked phone, until he finds the playlist. It’s the only playlist he listens to now; and even though he doesn’t like the music on it, he knew Gavin hated it…and that’s why he was listening to it. As the music fills his ears he runs his thumb over the crack in his phone and sighs at the story that connects it. Why does everything remind him of Gavin?

WC: 2328

Thank you for the submission!