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Excuse My Garter by jennarebeccaxx

Summary: “Actually, nothing but filth.” Geoff slammed your hips upwards and down onto the counter before you understood you’d even been lifted in the first place. Barely feeling the ice cold marble on your thighs you shivered more at the feeling of Geoff’s nails digging into your sides while Ryan moved closer to the two of you. Ryan/Reader/Geoff [F]

WC: 5,122

Super Orgasm by NARS by handsomewhitedad

Summary: After running late and leaving Geoff’s place with your makeup unfinished, you continue at the office while Geoff watches. Geoff/Reader [F]

WC: 2,502


Two Giant Teddy Bears by h-jonesy

Summary: Being between your two boys was like being hugged by two teddy bears. Ryan/Reader/Jack [N]

WC: 587

Stressed by madcowedgar

Summary: You work for rooster teeth, help out with achievement hunter, and date six guys. It’s only reasonable that you’d feel a little overwhelmed. AH/Reader [F]

WC: 1,111


I don’t read readers that much, so these are the ones that I really enjoyed.

Untitled by thewonderfulplacesmymindgoes

Summary: Recording with Geoff was always different for you. Geoff/Reader [F]

WC: 332

- The Team (That reads reader inserts)

Anything at all that will make me cry...

Sad Fics 1 Sad Fics 2

Barbara/Lindsay (One-Sided) + Michael/Lindsay

A Little Too Late by RosalinaCyra

Summary: Barbara’s a little too late.

WC: 1,610 - Complete

T: Character Death

Geoff/Jack/Ryan + RyanBurnieAshley

Hurt by somespontaneouswriting

Summary: Ryan was a lucky guy, and he knew that.

WC: 1,840


Confessions From Another Room by apeskyhedgehog

Summary: In this dim, mold consumed room Geoff can only blame himself why he and Michael are here. He just hopes the red head is a live but, when he sees him, he knows that Michael would be better off dead.

WC: 2,050

T: Character Death


Achievement Unlocked: Adopt A British Kid by Kurokatana

Summary: Geoff is driving home from work one stormy afternoon, when he notices a small figure cowering in the alley.

WC: 15,156 - WIP

Do you have any fics involving vampires? If not, any OT3 fics with freewood + 1 other AH member would be great <3

OT3 Freewood 1 OT3 Freewood 2

I don’t think there are any recent vampire fics, at least I can’t seem to find any! It’s a bit old, but you can check out our masterlist here. However, for OT3 Freewood+1 I can help you out there!


Slow Start to Making a New Friend by bloopsiedaisy

Summary: "Meg, I seriously don’t think this is such a good idea."

WC: 1,342

Charmed by lieutenantkaidanalenko

Summary: "So how did it go?"

WC: 1,484

Lured by lieutenantkaidanalenko

Summary: "Talk about hanging out with Ryan after work, huh?"

WC: 1,563

street michael? preferably longer ot6 fics? if you can't find street michael then just long ot6 fics w/ no hybrids, zombie au, etc. thank u ily all


Helter Skelter by larziepan

Part 01 

Summary: When it came to the office, Michael considered his past a “need to know” and there weren’t many people who needed to know.

WC: 822 - WIP


Switchblade by ephemeraldichotomy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Summary: AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. When he meets the AH crew, he learns that there might actually be more to life than just surviving.

WC: 35,312 - WIP

The Right Road by ragesappy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Summary: AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. However, when the AH gang gets themselves in trouble, Michael’s life gets completely turned on its head.

WC: 22,130 - Complete


A Second Chance at Hope by letsplaytheend


Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Summary: Once hope is dashed, it is a hard trait to recover.  Though with second chances anything is possible. Oh, and a big ol’ teddy bear named Burnie Burns helps too.

WC: 38,064 - Complete

- Ra

Anything new with Ellis, Kdin or Blaine?

I assume you mean Adam Ellis, owner of one of the most magnificent beards on the planet? You’ve come to the right place. (No new kdin or blaine that hasn’t been posted yet so here’s some Adam goodness :3 )


You have to fight by kenezbian

Summary: Adam Ellis stumbles upon a Fight Club in the basement of a shitty bar.

WC: 2,335


Pogonophilia by Isaac_Kran

Summary: It’s time for another Rt Recap, and Adam is less then willing to do it, until Joel mentions Jack…

WC: 3,479 - WIP


How to: Blanket Forts by tinypeckers

Summary: Joel and Adam build a Blanket fort together.

WC: 1,210

Shut myself down by highseize

Summary: Joel has a new job. Geoff is his new boss, and his old friend. Matt is a coworker who he doesn’t get along with. But Adam… He can’t describe Adam quite as easily. Life is just a little complicated right now for Joel.

WC: 19,435 - WIP

How To Relationship (with Joel and Adam) by OakTreeDruid

Summary: Joel and Adam start a relationship. Everyone would be happy for them… if it wasn’t for the fact they don’t seem to be good judges of what’s workplace appropriate behaviour.

WC: 6,023


Any new sick!Gavin?

Here are a couple of new ones!


Infinity by soullessfollower98

Summary: Terminal and depressed, Gavin Free wants to be alone. He’s determined not to hurt more people than he has to. But when he meets Michael Jones, he starts to reconsider that decision.

WC: 4,041 - WIP

T: Illness/Trauma


Mondayitis by Moonlessriver

Summary: Gavin’s not feeling too great, the Achievement Hunter office is not the best environment for recovery. Luckily Ryan’s there to save the day.

WC: 1,556

- Ave

  · If Only in My Dreams

Michael/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

Author: cherryrosetart

Summary: Gavin Free just turned sixteen and is plagued with dreams that leave him wet in the pants when he wakes up.

WC: 17,081

Thank you for the submission!

  · Falling Towards The Sky


Author: ryanhaywire

Summary: “Michael, my boy!” Gavin coos, quite literally skipping over. He kicks the body on his way past without sympathy. “That was bloody top! Although, I would have liked to join you.” The brief frown on his face is dark, the bloodstained grin that follows perfectly matching Michael’s. People across the street are pointing. Jack loves his boys, he really does, but sometimes he wonders. (This time, the heist feels different. Jack has no idea what’s coming.)

WC: 1,318

T: Character Death, Gore

Thank you for the submission!

I am looking for just some really awesome Burnoel.


Burnie Is A Bottom by Feathers

Summary: There was that stupid fucking look on his face, every time Joel saw it, he kinda wanted to punch him.

WC: 4,837

Relentless by teaandotherstuff

Summary: A gentle hiss and hum filled the night air…

WC: 193

T: Character Death

Road Trip by deucalion

Summary: "You’re the most stubborn guy I’ve ever met." Joel gave an irritated sigh. "And I know Gus."

WC: 502

That Tiny Little Shop by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: "I’m telling you Burns. That’s what you have to invest in. Then you can move on to bigger things than that tiny little shop you’ve got." Joel said, his eyes bright with passion.

WC: 864

All I Ever Wanted by skree


Summary: People always told them they bickered like an old married couple, so it just made sense.

WC: 4,476

- Crying because this one of my OTPs, Laurie

There's this one spy series involving Gavin being like a triple agent and betraying everyone but I can't remember what it was called. I know it's like an ahot6 or at the very least it's Ryan/Gavin/Ray.

Michael/Gavin/Ray + AH OT6

You Put The ‘Ass’ in Assassin by iamtheoneinthehole

Summary: Ray was one of the world’s most skilled assassins, so when he’d heard that Roosterteeth were sending one of their agents to ‘take care’ of him, he’d foolishly believed he was ready for anything they could possibly throw at him… But then again, Ray could never anticipated the loveable idiot that was Gavin David Free.

WC: 7,808 - WIP


Situation by achievemenhunter

Summary: Agent Haywood was often frowned upon or critiqued for his unusual methods, but no one in the Agency could argue - he got results.

WC: 19,410 - WIP

Ryan/Ray/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon

With My Little Eye by bunceglackbooshglaowbip

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Summary: Hack the terminals. Get in and out undetected. And whatever you do, don’t run into any of those damn mercs.

WC: 58,418 - WIP

T: Character Death


So sorry that I couldn’t find the specific fic you requested, but I did find some spy!Gavin AUs!


- Tabs and Tea

Any Joel/Adam?

Joel/Adam (One-Sided)

Turn off the Lights by grayhaddock

Summary: After spending the day with Jack at the track and meeting Vettel, Joel had invited Adam back to his place.

WC: 586


Outlast the Night by teaandotherstuff 

Summary: It took far too long to get it organised. There weren’t many authentic haunted houses or asylums in Austin, surprisingly, most of them created off the back of someone wanting to earn a quick buck. Apparently people lapped up the idea of the supernatural, and getting scared shitless.

That was the real kicker.

WC: 3,334

T: Gore

Nap Buddies by micoolandvav 

Summary:  Joel and Adam aren’t so prepared for the lack of sleep that their horror game Let’s Play’s bring them, so they solve it with naps.

WC: 1,341

The Fort by mlchaeijones 

Summary:  Joel and Adam build a pillow fort together. Total fluff. I’ll link to the tweets later. Real creative title, I know.

WC: 992

- Jyn

Any new mental disorder fics? If not, any highschool bully fics?

Mental 1 Mental 2


Of Monsters and Madness by xspiritofthemapleleaf

Summary: There was a condition Ryan had, that he never really considered an ailment. He simply heard voices, that was all. But in the end, they never affected his actions, so he had nothing to worry about; that is, until he started listening to them.

WC: 3,517


Recover by riffraffit

Summary: Michael Jones is sent to the Austin mental hospital for his uncontrollable bouts of anger that begin to scare his mother. When he arrives, he’s predictably angry and upset— but when he meets other people stuck here in the same predicament, his stubborn mindset is the only thing keeping him from getting better.

WC: 8,864 - WIP

Release by lovemichael

Summary: Michael has always been insecure, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his relationship. But maybe recently he’s started looking in the mirror a lot more… maybe he’s started to take his boyfriends’ teasing words more seriously… maybe he starts to let negative thoughts slowly creep in and consume his mind… and maybe his way of coping isn’t very healthy at all.

WC: 8,663

T: Self-Harm


This Side Of Paradise by astrognosy

Summary: Ray Narvaez Jr. had always been a strange child. He didn’t have friends, and his tendency for longer sleeves in his tween years had begun to worry his mother. Of course, his constant denials of anything being wrong seemed like the truth to her; that was, until she found him half unconscious in a pool of his own blood. There had to be a change, and it seemed that Paradise High School for the Mentally Unstable was the perfect solution. But Ray always finds a complication, and it seems that this time around it was going to be a young boy named Gavin Free.

WC: 4,130 - WIP

T: Self-Harm

Miles fic that ISNT lunacross?

Miles 1 Miles 2

Here you go!


Maybe, Just Maybe (Okay Definitely) by OakTreeDruid

Summary: Between work on RWBY and RVB Miles can’t afford being unable to focus. So maybe, just maybe (okay definitely) he takes more Adderall than is recommended. But it’s okay because he needs it to focus.

WC: 2,477

T: Substance Abuse


Bane of my Existence by jazzy03

Summary: Miles wears his Bane mask and Gavin thinks he’s a big dork.

WC: 468


One for the Books by SparklesWrites

Summary: Jones? Miles never called Michael, Jones unless it was something serious.

WC: 1,620

Have you got many new abuse/manipulation fics? Any paring :D thank you

Abuse 1 Abuse 2


Wednesdays by writingcanbehard

Summary: Wednesdays were never good days.

WC: 3,007


Train Rides to Nowhere by abitdim

Summary: Ray is a druggie bum and Joel likes adventure. Everyone has something to run from, right?

WC: 932 - WIP

T: Substance Abuse

Got any sad stuff, AH OT6 or freewood, doesn't have to be or have a happy ending

Such Sads 1 Such Sads 2


In Case of Emergencies by collective-screaming

Summary: It had started as such a normal Saturday, though it quickly takes a turn for the worst, leaving a burning pile of debris between Gavin, Ray and their only exit.

WC: 2,757

Ink Isn’t the Only Thing That Bleeds by dashofscarlet


Part 01

Summary: 'Soul mates'.

The person who’s very being mirrored another’s in every way. That completed theirs in a way that nobody else’s could.

WC: 5,550 -  WIP

T: Abuse, Cutting, Self-Harm, Substance Abuse  

Ouch by learntonevertrustnanners


Summary: Gavin and Burnie were driving back from the airport after another convention that didn’t really require too many people to go, so it was just those two.

WC: 1,836

Whisper To The Flowers (And I Will Hear You) by Isaac_Kran

Summary: It really was something Ray wanted to do.

WC: 2,166

T: Character Death