brandon or ben in anything?

Not a whole lot of Ben stuff, nor did I find a lot in the Brandon Department, I’m really sorry.


Snuggle Buddies by tinypeckers


Summary: Blankets.

WC: 786


One Date Can’t Hurt…Right? by PolkaAtTheDisco 

Summary: When Jordan’s ex has an art show in Austin, Jordan is fully aware he needs to go there with his new boyfriend and show the ex what he’s missing. Only problem is, Jordan doesn’t have a boyfriend. What he does have is a very enthusiastic Brandon, who is more than willing to step in as ‘fake boyfriend’ for one date.

WC: 10,254 - Complete


A Deal Is a Deal by XCabooseRTRvb 

Summary: Ben changes some stuff on the website and doesn’t expect this to happen.

WC: 404

T: Self-Harm


A list of all long angsty Mavin? (with a happy ending if possible) :) <3


I Desperately Need You by allonsymckenzie

Summary: Fate has brought best friends Michael Jones and Gavin Free together not once, but twice. But one mistake has Gavin living the lasting consequences, living with the guilt, and hoping that he can make things right.

WC: 21,073

T: Illness/Trauma

Missed Me? by CrazyMadInsane

Summary: Michael had become accustomed to hearing his British boyfriend bouncing around the flat all hours of the day, watching TV, yelling at a game, injuring himself in some way. However, when said boyfriend has been dead for two years… That’s something else entirely.

WC: 32,764

T: Character Death, Illness/Trauma

The Boy Behind The Fence by hashtagmavin

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

Summary: Michael’s family has just moved to a new home, and he quickly becomes friends with his next door neighbor through the fence in their backyard. But as he talks more and more to the young boy, he realizes that something isn’t right, and Michael’s determined to find out what it is.

WC: 22,230

T: Abuse

Michael/Gavin  + Ray/Gavin

Times To Remember by SanneARBY

Summary: Michael and Gavin have met through every different time period. Victorian time present. Their love had ended tragic every time, and they’re both afraid to lose each other. Will they end happy this time?

WC: 8,793

T: Character Death

Michael/Gavin + Ray/Joel

A Crown of Steel, A Circlet Of Glass by WithinHerHeart

Summary: The guys at Roosterteeth are all, in some way, trapped in the underworld working for Geoff Ramsey’s hugely influential gang. Some are mercenaries, while some are drug dealers- and one is a double agent for the police. Michael is an illegal boxer while Gavin dabbles in a bit of everything, and both have gradually lost sight of a life beyond the world of crime. However, when romance comes into the equation and Gavin is injured in a sale gone wrong, Michael realises the exact level of care he has developed for him. So, Michael has to convince his lover to escape the gang, somehow persuade Geoff to let them go, and not get themselves killed by a rival gang or arrested by the police in the meantime. The job was never an easy one- but it’s about to get infinitely more complicated.

WC: 108,332

T: Illness/Trauma, Substance Abuse


And in real life endings aren’t always neat, whether they’re happy endings, or whether they’re sad endings.” (Stephen King). - Tea

Do you have any PTSD fics?


Blur by achievementboyfriends

Summary: I was always screaming inside because I had all these experiences pent up from my time in Afghanistan and no one to talk about them to, in fear of scaring them away. Gavin though, he just scoots over to my side of the booth and hugs me once I’m done reminiscing, genuinely hugs me in a way that has me sobbing in the middle of this sickeningly-sweet frozen yogurt shop.

WC: 1,537

T: Mental Illness

Michael/Gavin + Dan/Gavin + Geoff/Griffon + Michael/Lindsay

Free & Jones by Pence

Summary: Free & Jones follows the letters sent between two young men separated by an ocean but joined together by a war they both can only sit by and watch. While both think little of the letters sent between each other, they don’t quite realize just how much they depend on them to continue on and get by each day.

WC: 1,225 - WIP

T: Character Death, Mental Illness


  • Path

Really sad fics with a happy ending?


He’s a Guardian by madcowedgar

Summary: They weren’t entirely sure when things got so tense between the six of them, when they became so overwhelmed with each other, when every touch was fueled with annoyance and every word had some hidden meaning behind it.

WC: 1,535

T: Gore, Illness/Trauma



hi there! So I read this fic a few months back that was GTA AU based, about a OT6 relationship that was kinda Geoff-Gavin centric in the sense that Gavin abanoned the guys, leaving Geoff in a state of perpetual drunken heartbreak. Also their was some Ryan/Ray where they make up after Ryan pulls a gun on Ray. It was def a hurt/comfort + sex fic. Does this ring any bells?


Seven Nationed Army by MelodramaticMrTails

Summary: “I wasn’t going to leave you,” Ryan insists through ground teeth.

“No,” Ray agrees. “You just took all the money and said ‘well, there doesn’t have to be two of us’.”

In the Fake AH Crew, there are dark things in everyone’s pasts, however, these things tend not to show up unexpected and try to blow them all to hell. Perhaps Ryan’s past isn’t entirely in the past after all and now he and his crew have to deal with the person he’s wronged most; Ray Narvaez Jr.

WC: 77,066WIP

T: Abuse, Substance Abuse, Suicide

I hope this is what you were looking for! -Bee

Can u find anything joelay where Ray is sad or joelay where they keep the relationship a secret


All That Matters by swagamandersabode


Summary: Ray feels insecure about his and Joel’s relationship but Joel is there to reassure him

WC: 1,152

Summer Skin by desparado

Summary: He just wishes it were summer again.

WC: 283

I Know It’s Over (And It Never Really Began) by desparado

Summary: Ray is falling in love. And then he’s crashing.

WC: 622

Brother’s on a Hotel Bed by desparado

Summary: Ray realises he actually might be friends with Joel. Friends help friends, yo.

WC: 795

- Tats and Path, eh?

Any GTA AUs?



The Great Sealand Takeover by whalehuntingboyfriends

Summary: When the mysterious and very dangerous ‘Edgar’ starts moving in on Geoff’s territory, he’s not amused. He is even less amused when Edgar targets his boyfriend, Jack - forcing him to team up with mercenaries Michael and Ray to stop him. Things do not go as planned and suddenly they’re all stuck together, on the run and working to bring him down - along with Ryan, the ‘mad mercenary’ who holds a grudge against Edgar, and Gavin, a data analyst with his own secrets.

And of course, because things aren’t already complicated as hell, they just have to start falling for each other.

WC: 72,723 - WIP

I’m Gonna Swing from The Chandelier by RyanTheTwit

Summary: No one can exactly pin point when Gavin started slipping away. Maybe it was when he kept knocking back shots after shots. Maybe it was when the best known gang was down to five, then four, then two. Maybe it was when they found him in the morning. Maybe it was when it was like it started. Together, and apart.

WC: 1,498

T: Character Death


The Desert Queen by CrystalInstinct

Summary: Ruling the northern parts of Los Santos and Blaine County with a gruesome reputation you co-exist with the Fake AH Crew. When a heist goes wrong do you reveal and risk yourself to save your rivals from certain death?

WC: 8,258 - WIP

New Mavin Au's? Or if none then a dash of some old unpopular pairing fics please :)

Mavin AU 1 Mavin AU 2

Well I found a lot of Mavin AU’s on Ao3 for you! Hope you like what I found~



A Place to Call Home by Maffasaur

Summary: Michael Jones is a lonely teenager in a world where everything had always been going wrong for him. Maybe this home would be different, especially after the British boy moves in.

WC: 8,181 - WIP

T: Abuse, Child Abuse, Cutting, Mental Illness, Self-Harm

Crowns, Not Halos by SnowCoveredObsidian

Summary: Michael had a dream once. A dream of a voice that told him his wings would grow to be magnificent, the envy of many. That it would take the words of one and the actions of another. Too bad that dream gave him the middle finger and he woke up with wings so tiny he swore they were made of cotton balls.

WC: 13,659 - WIP

Let’s Play SBURB by skys

Summary: This game isn’t what they expected.

WC: 4,073 - WIP

Are there any new trans*, genderfluid or genderqueer stories? Thanks!


Harbour My Dark Secret by stupidrtblog

Summary: An Alternate Universe where Gavin Free was born Gabrielle Free, but knows that he was always meant to be Gavin Free, a boy, not a woman. Eighteen years later, he is cleared to go to America - where he meets Geoff and Griffon Ramsey. Not long after, he meets one Michael Jones and one Ray Narvaez Jr, two people who change his life forever - one for the better, the other for worse.

WC: 17,541 - WIP

It Was a Thousand to One and a Million to Two [Time to Go Down in Flames and I’m Takin’ You] by MichaelKun

Summary: They weren’t really meant to meet in the first place, but it was difficult when Michael had a loud voice next to an open window with Gavin strolling past it. But, god, it would become their world’s most appreciated coincidence.

WC: 12,080 - WIP


It Just Doesn’t Seem Like a Night Out with No One Sizing You Up by jackwidows

Summary: Ray Narvaez Jr. has felt out of it since they were young. Nothing ever seemed right- girl, boy, none of the labels fit. Until one night, Ray stumbled upon a new word: Nonbinary. That’s when everything changed.

WC: 8,300 - Complete

-Bee <3

Any new minecraft aus without mad king?

Some of these aren’t “new”, sorry…


Creeper Boy by hastagmavin

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14


Summary: While lost in the woods outside of Achievement City, Michael stumbles upon an odd boy dressed up like a creeper.

WC: 39,646 - Complete

The Creeper’s Crush by usernamesarentcool

Part 01 02

Summary: An AU where Gavin is the creeper king.

WC: 2,482 - Discontinued

Ryan/Gavin (One-Sided)

Don’t Die by Im_so_lovin_your_stuff

Summary: Gavin has a strange connection with creeper’s, and other monsters in game. The guys don’t know this and Gavin walks up to an Enderman and Ryan gets worried, he hasnt told Gavin hoe he feels.

WC: 909


To Tame an Ocelot by thisandthensome


Summary:  In which Geoff get’s visited at night by a pretty unconventional thief.

WC: 3,140


I love this blog :) <3 and are there any new or old ot6 sads/hurt comfort or ot6 eating disorder fics


Rescue Me by collective-screaming

Summary: On their way back from the Movie Theatre, Ray and Gavin are jumped by a group of men men and assaulted, before they are left to die in a dark alley.

WC: 3,202

T: Dub/Non Con

Feeling Like an Outsider by ryanthevagabond

Summary: The second the front door closed behind Jack and the others Ray started trying to battle his thoughts. Honestly he tried to not let them bother him. He tried to ignore his mind as much as possible, but sometimes, too often, it was hard to stop it from getting to him.

WC: 1,289

Alcohol Can Dumb the Mind by purplelly

Summary: Gavin and Michael go drinking one night and walk home. Passing a bridge, Gavin drunkenly dares Michael to jump off.

WC: 1,194

A Fight of Epic Proportions by ryanthevagabond

Summary: After a fight of epic proportions, the Lads leave the house with hurt feelings. Amid the tears and feelings of worthlessness, the Lads take shelter at a park when it starts to rain. Meanwhile, the Gents, guilt-ridden and worried, go on a search for their missing boyfriends

WC: 1,155

The Steak on the Table by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: The steak was waiting for him when he came downstairs the next morning.

WC: 1,482

T: Eating Disorder



Mod Readers 1 Mod Readers 2


Excuse My Garter by jennarebeccaxx

Summary: “Actually, nothing but filth.” Geoff slammed your hips upwards and down onto the counter before you understood you’d even been lifted in the first place. Barely feeling the ice cold marble on your thighs you shivered more at the feeling of Geoff’s nails digging into your sides while Ryan moved closer to the two of you. Ryan/Reader/Geoff [F]

WC: 5,122

Super Orgasm by NARS by handsomewhitedad

Summary: After running late and leaving Geoff’s place with your makeup unfinished, you continue at the office while Geoff watches. Geoff/Reader [F]

WC: 2,502


Two Giant Teddy Bears by h-jonesy

Summary: Being between your two boys was like being hugged by two teddy bears. Ryan/Reader/Jack [N]

WC: 587

Stressed by madcowedgar

Summary: You work for rooster teeth, help out with achievement hunter, and date six guys. It’s only reasonable that you’d feel a little overwhelmed. AH/Reader [F]

WC: 1,111


I don’t read readers that much, so these are the ones that I really enjoyed.

Untitled by thewonderfulplacesmymindgoes

Summary: Recording with Geoff was always different for you. Geoff/Reader [F]

WC: 332

- The Team (That reads reader inserts)

Anything at all that will make me cry...

Sad Fics 1 Sad Fics 2

Barbara/Lindsay (One-Sided) + Michael/Lindsay

A Little Too Late by RosalinaCyra

Summary: Barbara’s a little too late.

WC: 1,610 - Complete

T: Character Death

Geoff/Jack/Ryan + RyanBurnieAshley

Hurt by somespontaneouswriting

Summary: Ryan was a lucky guy, and he knew that.

WC: 1,840


Confessions From Another Room by apeskyhedgehog

Summary: In this dim, mold consumed room Geoff can only blame himself why he and Michael are here. He just hopes the red head is a live but, when he sees him, he knows that Michael would be better off dead.

WC: 2,050

T: Character Death


Achievement Unlocked: Adopt A British Kid by Kurokatana

Summary: Geoff is driving home from work one stormy afternoon, when he notices a small figure cowering in the alley.

WC: 15,156 - WIP

Do you have any fics involving vampires? If not, any OT3 fics with freewood + 1 other AH member would be great <3

OT3 Freewood 1 OT3 Freewood 2

I don’t think there are any recent vampire fics, at least I can’t seem to find any! It’s a bit old, but you can check out our masterlist here. However, for OT3 Freewood+1 I can help you out there!


Slow Start to Making a New Friend by bloopsiedaisy

Summary: "Meg, I seriously don’t think this is such a good idea."

WC: 1,342

Charmed by lieutenantkaidanalenko

Summary: "So how did it go?"

WC: 1,484

Lured by lieutenantkaidanalenko

Summary: "Talk about hanging out with Ryan after work, huh?"

WC: 1,563

street michael? preferably longer ot6 fics? if you can't find street michael then just long ot6 fics w/ no hybrids, zombie au, etc. thank u ily all


Helter Skelter by larziepan

Part 01 

Summary: When it came to the office, Michael considered his past a “need to know” and there weren’t many people who needed to know.

WC: 822 - WIP


Switchblade by ephemeraldichotomy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Summary: AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. When he meets the AH crew, he learns that there might actually be more to life than just surviving.

WC: 35,312 - WIP

The Right Road by ragesappy

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Summary: AU where Jersey is a super dangerous place full of gangs and criminals. Michael’s lived on the streets his whole life and has learned to fend for himself and lots of people fear him. However, when the AH gang gets themselves in trouble, Michael’s life gets completely turned on its head.

WC: 22,130 - Complete


A Second Chance at Hope by letsplaytheend


Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

Summary: Once hope is dashed, it is a hard trait to recover.  Though with second chances anything is possible. Oh, and a big ol’ teddy bear named Burnie Burns helps too.

WC: 38,064 - Complete

- Ra