Anything new with Caleb or Jordan pairings?

Sadly I could not find much new stuff for you but I did find a couple that I hope you will like!


I’ll Burn You into the Constellations by Tats


Summary: The stars in the sky don’t shine as bright as you in this moment.

WC: 1,214


smooth-talker by starlight_sugar

Summary: Jordan loses his sonic screwdriver. The guy who finds it is cute. Like, really cute

WC: 993


Are there any fics involving Matt, Jeremy, or Kdin?

TATS NOTE: I recently made a post on my main account about the ship name for this (because hell yeah I’m jumping on board)and the consensus or at least the majority, are going to go for Keratt.(KdinJeremyMatt)

This fic has mentioned Kdin as the main character but it hasn’t been updated yet and, I’m looking forward to seeing Kdin in this role!


Barbara/Arryn + Burnie/Ashley + Geoff/Griffon

Whispers From the Walls by not_the_real_Vav

Summary: Kdin Jenzen, while walking home from school one day, stumbles upon a strange arch. He doesn’t understand what the strange letters engraved in the stone arch mean but he knows it something important. But it’s over a brick wall? There’s nothing beyond the arch …

or is there?

WC: 634 - WIP

T: Gore

Kdin, Matt and Jeremy should be The Three Musketeers, Path

AH OT6 coming out to the office?


Insecurities by coolasdicks

Summary: AH OT6 Prompt: “sorry I don’t want to bother you but can you make a fic where lindsay finds out about the relationship and starts fangirling and freaking out and asking about whose bottom, and michael starts freaking out super embarrassed and says nothing. lindsey freaks out and tries asking the other guys and michael freaks out and tries with all his might to keep her away from them so they can’t tell her hes a huge bottom. sorry n////n”

WC: 8,149

AH OT6 + Michael/Gavin

One Thing Leads To Another by Destielinthebunker

Summary: Telling people about your relationship can be hard, especially when you’re also coming out by doing it. Sometimes, however, doing so can lead to something even better.

WC: 878


Sorry if they don’t fit fully - Ronnie

Any Tina/ray fanfics yet? I'm like super into them as a couple and I'm dying to read anything lol like seriously it could just be Tina laughing at ray for something and is still read it PLZ they're so cute omfg (but side note, I'm totally happy for them and i don't actually know ray or Tina's opinion on fanfic so ignore this if they've expressed a wish for no fanfiction regarding them)

This is the only one I could find, sorry. :(



Saturday by hellotoysoldier

Summary: In which it’s Saturday and Tina is sleepy.

WC: 848

- Quinn

Please some odd Mavin AUs! They are my favorite! Anything with space is particularly wonderful :3 thank you!


If You’re a Mind Reader, Cough Right Now by eagererudite


Summary: AU prompt: Person A is thinking sexually graphic or generally odd thoughts and suddenly panics and thinks “If you’re a mind reader, cough right now.”

Person B coughs.

WC: 704

The Unknown by iamthatmonster 

Summary: Michael doesn’t remember when Gavin started acting strange- in fact, he hadn’t even noticed. But when Gavin spends the night one day and ends up having what looks like a stroke, Michael finds that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

WC: 1,405 WIP

La Vibora by gavinsdiary 

Summary:  sat next to each other on a roller coaster AU

WC: 478

Worth Fighting For by iamthatmonster 

Summary: The minute Michael and Gavin met, as counselors for the same camp, they hated each other. However, being forced to talk to and work with each other can change things. Water can also help.

WC: 3,833

Cycles by knobknocker 

Summary: 'Gavin had no reason to be here and it made him bitter, so bitter it was uncharacteristic of him. Of course, he didn't see a reason why he'd been shipped out to Austin's Mental Institute in the first place to be locked up with the pysco's he saw as he walked threw the hospital, guided by a nurse. As he looked around more he defiantly didn't need to be here and it made his blood boil and his knuckles itch. There was nothing wrong with him, He would go threw his cycle then be back to normal, then do it again, and again with the two of his extra personality's, which he didn't believe he had at all but he believed that he just went threw periods of different emotion.'

WC: 5,086 WIP

T: GoreIllness/TraumaMental Illness 

Grey Walls and Steel Bars by button_duck 

Summary: Michael Jones is a criminal, undercover and secret. Gavin Free is a guard at the jail, bored with his job. Nothing interesting has happened for around six months… until one day, a man is dragged in with his hands cuffed. A bag is tied around his head, and he is fighting the officers. Michael is revealed, a smirk on his face and a laugh ringing through the cell. Gavin is confused and intrigued by this criminal. When all hell breaks loose, and Michael is still tied to the cell bars, Gavin is responsible for both of them. Gavin and Michael are promptly thrown into a chaotic mess of a problem, and Michael drags Gavin into his latest crime.

WC: 434 WIP


Hey there! Not really sure what you meant by weird AUs, so I just picked some that you don’t really see often. Sorry if that wasn’t what you were looking for!


Any threesome fic please!


I Love You by tinypeckers


Summary: Gavin has had plenty of chances to say I love you.

WC: 921

T: Character Death

Plan 3G by Stinacat

Summary: It’s not exactly the first time. But it isn’t…not, either.

WC: 2,863


Chilly Swimmies by tinypeckers


Summary: Michael, Gavin, and Lindsay celebrate the last swimmy bevs of the summer.

WC: 1,300


-Jyn uvu

Any rvb reader insert or yorkalina please? :)


Carolina Loses York At The Mall by Reeberry

Summary: It only took her two seconds to notice that York was no longer telling her about the glorious history of the vintage coffee press, but two seconds was enough for him to already be gone in the mass of shoppers behind them.

WC: 512

Untitled by Agentnorthcarolina 


WC: 736

Untitled by Themumblybee

Summary: “Three hours,” said Carolina, folding her arms and staring down at York, who grinned innocently back from the little round table.

WC: 755

We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet by Themumblybee 

Summary: York argues with her for a full ten minutes before he gets in the car. It’s polite, as far as arguing goes.

WC: 1,155


  • Nova
Can u find anything joelay where Ray is sad or joelay where they keep the relationship a secret


All That Matters by swagamandersabode


Summary: Ray feels insecure about his and Joel’s relationship but Joel is there to reassure him

WC: 1,152

Summer Skin by desparado

Summary: He just wishes it were summer again.

WC: 283

I Know It’s Over (And It Never Really Began) by desparado

Summary: Ray is falling in love. And then he’s crashing.

WC: 622

Brother’s on a Hotel Bed by desparado

Summary: Ray realises he actually might be friends with Joel. Friends help friends, yo.

WC: 795

- Tats and Path, eh?

Fics with sexual tension, any pairing is fine!

These are fics I knew had some kind of tension between them, some end up in actual smut!


Real Ale Fireman’s #4 Blonde Ale by montes-carpatus

Summary: Burnie peeled off the label of his beer bottle as slowly as possible, hoping to ease his mind from his raging sexual frustration.

WC: 666


Bet On It by PAPERSK1N 

Summary: A single dumb bet revolving around one, arguably harmless comment. “Gavin, you’re not fucking seductive”

WC: 4,600 - Complete

If You Give it a Name by Jai 

Summary: “Knocking about with someone, seeing movies, having bevs? If that’s all it was, then I’d be dating Michael, wouldn’t I?”

WC: 18,795


There’s Chemistry in the Biology Department by ohcrap-itsactuallymydivision 

Summary: To begin with, Ryan had soured at the very idea of having a colleague. But then he met, and consequently fell in love with, Gavin Free, who almost quite literally turned his world upside down.

WC: 3,382


You Cocksucker by nightxpine 

Summary: Geoff and Ryan settle their differences, although not in the most…conventional of ways.

WC: 1,062

Sexual Tension makes the world go round~, Path

Anything about autism?


Excuse You by enbytree

Summary: You’ve always been a little different.

WC: 966

- Ave

Ah, ok so I haven't seen really any RT ladies x Fem/reader fics? Do you guys have a master post to all Rooster Teeth girls x readers? I need some more lady love <333 Thank you so much!

Reader Insert

I Already Know She’s a Keeper by themillionthrtimaginesblog

Summary: “Go on, open it.” Lindsay said as she moved the pizza boxes closer to you both, it was the last gift you were going to open on your birthday. Lindsay/Reader [F]

WC: 600

Untitled by jolheyman

Summary: Ever since you’d done a ‘job’ with Lindsay all those months ago, you became literal partners in crime. Lindsay/Reader [N]

WC: 2,085

Untitled by jolheyman

Summary: You’re not entirely sure why, but you’ve felt like someone, or rather something, has been watching you for a while now. Kara/Reader [N]

WC: 416

Reassurance by gussorolex

Summary: Hurt/Comfort between Barbara and the reader. Barbara/Reader  [N]

WC: 508


- Arin + Friend

any gent-centric fics with bottom!ryan? :)


Just Skin: Cold Coffee by montes-carpatus


Summary: Love was like cold coffee. It sent shivers down your spine but you welcomed it to your lips in the morning.

WC: 954

Blaze by thisandthensome


Summary: Jack finds a kitten in the most unlikely of places - but will he save it in time?

WC: 927

Bad Blood by vallahwillbemyheaven

Summary:  Jack Pattillo wasn’t honestly sure how he got here in his life.

WC: 1,168

Creating Patterns in the Air by iaveinabox

Summary: “This fucking sucks man,” Geoff hissed, pulling his blankets higher over his shoulders with one hand as the other relentlessly pummelled the lumpy travel pillow with such force Ryan wondered why it had not burst and showered them with feathers. “Whose bright idea was it to leave the tents in Achievement City?”

WC: 747

Love Each Other No Matter What by RosalinaCyra

Summary: They all love each other, even when one is picky and sick or has a small patience.

WC: 843


I’m afraid the first one is the only one where there’s smut and Ryan bottoms but I included some more non-smut Team Gents for you to read. Hope you don’t mind!


Any RWBY Ladybug fanfics? (Blake x Ruby)


Read to me? by LyricElm

Summary: Ruby Rose has always had nightmares of her mothers death, but Yang has always been there to comfort the girl…But not today, Ruby is alone with Blake.

WC: 610

The Winning Shot by KillLaKillMe 

Summary: Ruby and Weiss reward their girlfriends for winning the championship basketball game.

WC: 1,472 - WIP

-  Ave

favourite readers of the mods (anyone x reader) please <333 i would love to see which readers you guys found amazing

Mod Readers 1 Mod Readers 2


Again, anything by either  h-jonesy or kelseywritesthings !


Reader Insert

Break In by atopachievement

Part 01 02 03 04 04.5 05 06 07

Summary: Your apartment was robbed and you got clobbered in the process. Ray lives below you and is one of your good friends so he takes care of you. Ray/Reader [F]

WC: 20,095 - Complete


You Gotta Be Kitten Me by iamsunflaash

Summary: "Hey, wake up." Adam says, gently shaking you. You grumble into the pillow and burrow deeper into the covers. Adam/Reader  [F]

WC: 686

Jealousy by ladymogar

Summary: reader and adam are good friends, and they’re kinda verging on relationship and girls keep coming up and asking for pictures, and reader’s fine with it, because it’s part of the job right? but one girl steps over the line in some way, and Reader is jealous but doesn’t want to look stupid, but eventually breaks and tells how much she likes him Adam/Reader  [F]

WC: 2,421


First Date by gussorolex

Summary: The Reader goes on their first date with Adam. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 1,092

You Gotta be Kitten Me by iamsunflaash  

Summary: Adam decides to gift you a kitten. Adam/Reader [F]

WC: 686


The first fic I read in this fandom!

Is This How It Starts by gumpielittlegeck  

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Summary: Gavin meets a girl at RTX and is smitten with her. Generic, sure. But it’s cutesy. Gavin/Reader [F]

WC: 9,440  - Discontinued

OT3 Freewood 1 OT3 Freewood 2


Catch Two Tigers by achievemenhunter

Part 01 02 03 04 05 06 07


Summary: Detectives Gavin Free and Michael Jones are sure that the man they’ve just interrogated, Ryan Haywood, is responsible for the serial murder spree currently terrorising Austin. But, with insufficient evidence, and Michael’s temper getting the better of him when their suspect answers every question with a barbed taunt, they’re forced to let Ryan go. There are no prizes for guessing who the psychopath’s next victims will be.

WC: 15,409 - WIP

T: Dub/Non-Con, Gore

Can’t Take My Own Advice by ryan-lovely-haywood

Summary: It’s high time they go to bed.

WC: 715

- From Hogwarts, Ave