Got any fics where Jack gets angry? If not, any Jack-centric ship fics would be nice <3

I sadly couldn’t find a lot - if not any - angry Jack.



Steak In The Fridge by jackinthatpattillo

Summary: He’s not obese. Jack knows that, and he knows that having the fat he does is perfectly healthy.

WC: 1,047

T: Eating Disorder

Playing an Instrument Can Be Sexy by caffineassassian

Summary: Jack loves playing Jazz with his tenor sax, but a comment from one of his boys makes him keep it a secret from them.

WC: 1,079

Sorry I Couldn’t Be There by tower-of-gents

Summary: Jack wasn’t lounging in his regular spot, in between Ryan and Ray. He wasn’t bringing Gavin off the floor and onto his lap. He wasn’t adding his laughter at the jokes that were said. And it seemed to be a bit more chaotic without Jack’s calming tone.

WC: 1,104

Smegpot Boyfriends by madcowedgar

Summary: Jack didn’t want to complain, he didn’t want to be an annoyance and he certainly didn’t want to rock the already slightly overcrowded, slightly unstable, boat they were on.

WC: 1,830


Your Arms Are My Castle by tinypeckers

Summary: Jack’s had a really bad day and Ryan is there to remedy it.

WC: 955