What is the sexiest Mavin you've ever read?

Woops. I seem to have missed this one! Here You go and sorry!

Webcams by carpometacarpal

Summary: When ‘Gavin Free is calling’ showed up on screen, Michael wasn’t sure what to expect.

WC: 1,221

Friendum by whattheficery and flutterragequit

Summary: In which Michael is blunt, but still blind sighted by the end result of a bet Gavin had no intention of ever telling anyone. Not that he regrets letting it slip, just this once.

WC: 11,639

This is Real by orphan_account

Summary: So, it’s not like Michael wants to wax lyrical about Gavin or some girly shit like that. It’s just.. He wants to analyse the situation at hand and wonder how he could have made such a momentous fuck up as to fall in love with Gavin Free.

WC: 4,709